Is the Reachout Trust about to fold its tent for good?

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  • slimboyfat

    As for a few others here, I know the Reachout Trust in the UK played a part in my mental journey away from the JWs. I get the Reachout newsletter by email and the last few mentioned that they are scaling back their operations because of financial shortfall and that Doug is no longer taking a wage. I also wonder whether Mike and Ann Thomas are no longer associated with the Reachout Trust because I can't find mention of them anywhere of the website. Previous they had their own section and short biographies. (They are former Mormons)

    Although Reachout deals with many groups they call "Christian cults", they have always directed largely toward JWs and former JWs in their activities and support. I wonder if simply the time has passed when JWs tended to look to Christian outreach groups when exiting from the Watchtower, and the withering of the Reachout Trust is simply a result of that trend.

  • blondie

    I remember reading that website a few times when I first stopped going to the KH ten years ago. I hope things are well with the Thomases. I spent part of my life in a strongly Mormon area. I resisted being converted but I realized that they also held back information until after you were making a permanent commitment.

  • slimboyfat

    Has no one else here from the UK been touched by the noodly appendages of the Reachout Trust?

  • Phizzy

    I read some of their offerings, and probably it helped me , but they had a religious agenda which was not for me.

    Perhaps the Holy Spirit will move some cash in their direction.

  • slimboyfat

    Similar to me Phizzy, but I spent quite a while on their forum and went to one of their conventions. At one time it seems people needed the gentle landing of a Christian community when exiting then Witnesses. Now people don't need that as much.

    Blondie I met Mike Thomas, he was a friendly guy. I wonder what they are doing now if not Reachout.

  • dozy

    I was always a bit wary of groups like this as I have seen too many ex-JWs just rebound into evangelical born-again Christianity which didn't really appeal to me . None the less , I did watch a few of their programs on the TV & the videos with interviews of Peter Price ( a former JW elder ) resonated with me.

    I guess the problem with groups like this is that they have such a narrow focus - trying to "rescue" JWs etc. Finance is always going to be an issue as well , if they are broadcasting on tv - airtime , production etc doesn't come cheap.

    I recall watching a program with Doug Harris where he spoke about his belief in a literal 6 day creation & other fundamental beliefs & it just felt too unreasonable to me. The same sort of dogma , albeit not centrally enforced , that led me to leave the JWs.

    Having said that , I think there will always be a market for JWs who have a strong belief in the bible , God etc & who are disillusioned with the SOciety but are wishing to retain those beliefs.

  • jookbeard

    they helped me with their stock and newsletter all those years ago as ther old base was very close to me, in South West London, and also put me in contact with Noel Cantwell who used to supply me with Free Minds and Comments from the Friends, shame if they are folding, didn't subscribe to Doug's Evangelical style but he never had a problem with that.

  • reachout

    I would just like to assure you that we are not "about to fold our tent for good" unless the Lord tells us to.

    We like many other organisations have had difficult times financially but we have made some savings and God has been providing for us.

    We still get 1000s of hits on our webiste and help many people from around the world.

    I know there are many that would rejoice in our demise but by the Grace of God that will not happen.

    Doug Harris

    Reachout Trust

  • reachout

    By the way - just looking at some of the other comments.

    1. I am not religious but do believe in a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

    2. Not sure which programme you refer to about literal 6 day creation etc - that doesn't seem to be me.

    3. We would never force anyone to believe or tell them that they MUST believe before we will help them. However we would clearly say that He is the only way to truly be free from any false group but as someone said - we do not make this a problem!

  • slimboyfat

    Hi Doug this is Donald here, remember me? Do you ever make it up to Scotland these days? Is Mike Thomas no longer at Reachout? All the best to you Doug.

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