UFO's may be a way of understanding Jesus.....(what did he just say???)

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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    It's true that there are hoaxes and nutty people but that doesn't mean that everthing unusual is a hoax by virtue of being unusual.

    I think that there are many mysteries and thousands of years of unexplained human history and i'm not sure who jesus really was or what that was all about it's a strange story for sure.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    There are numerous personal testimonies of seeing UFOS's that you cannot say are embellished or embroidered or conflated or anything like that. They are just testimonies directly recorded by the observer. For example, many air force pilots and other pilots where what they observed and swear is true was officially recorded and documented.

    Same with ghosts, seances, ouija boards, stigmata, remote viewing, faith healing etc. Some of these have been examined by the most sceptical minds who have done rigorous independent testing and concluded there is nothing in our current scientific knowledge to explain it.

    None of the arguments on this thread proves that UFO's or gospels are real or false. It just proves there is a lot of room for doubt, and that a sceptical position on highly unusual, miraculous events in ancient history is entirely reasonable, but that there are also some reasons to restrain that scepticism, because of the existence of unexplained phenomena. Being thus entirely sceptical or choosing to limit your scepticism, you can then choose to reject it all out of hand or allow some room for belief in the possiblity of 'events' in the ancient past and present for which we have no possible explanation but no way of proving either way. There's no need to put religious or other definitions on it. Just call it unexplained phenomena or events.

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl
    Just call it unexplained phenomena or events.



  • MrFreeze

    People WANT to believe. If you want to believe something, you will fit every little thing into your narrow view.

  • Terry

    I was born into the era of UFO preoccupation! I was there from the beginning and watched the urban mythology grow by bounds and leaps.

    Interesting to observe human nature.

    Given a choice between an unprovable but exciting mystery and a mere puzzle w/o a plausible story--humans will seize the exciting mystery and build it up

    into a really amazingly rich urban legend.

    It can be fun......or...a path for those of unstable mind or too much time on their hands to over-indulge in (like chocolate syrup on waffles:)

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