The Perfect Jehovah Witness Couple, Should I Envy Them?

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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Is ignorance really bliss? May I share the qualities of the perfect JW couple with all you here? I mean no ill will towards these decent people, they are kind, but ignore everything evil that is happening around them.

    We had a brother move into our Congregation, he was removed for being "X" the truth was a different story, a letter was attached to his information, he was a "Pedo". Sister "Bliss" approached me "Brother B., when will the "good brother" be reappointed to elder?"

    Brother "Ignorant" along with "Sister Bliss" can't accept that Jehovah would allow a pedophile to roam freely in our congregation. This cute couple is right out of "Strawberry Shortcake Land", and will not believe "Brother Chester" was a pedophile, another way to explain these two silly kids, is how they think, "Jehovah keeps blessing us, allowing us to buy a new Toyota Van, he knows we will use it only in Field Service".

    They have the perfect lives, "everyone in the Kingdom Hall loves them (they really hold this as fact)", their worldview is distorted, they behave like fifteen year old children, with three kids themselves! Recently Brother Ignorant was telling the car group "Jehovah has revealed such magnificient light to the Faithful Slave, the "Generation" doctrine now makes sense!" each member in this car group had their own interpretation, what the "magnificient new light" translated into, and rejoiced how lucky they truly were (Oops, not allowed to use "Lucky", Bless)!!!!!

    My question to you, has life not slapped this couple upside the head yet, have they not been burned by "good brothers" and "evil elderettes"? How can you remain so dumb and happy?

  • mrsjones5

    For some ignorance is bliss.

  • exwhyzee

    All in good time....all in good time but the disillusionment is a sad thing to see when it finally occurs.

    I remember different ones over the years who were like this. When reality strikes, it really takes a toll on them compared to those who saw certain flaws and dealt with things realistically all along. It's sort of like a case of arrested development. They stop progressing once the magical thinking takes hold.

    I remember a sister who was absolutely floored when she got into a fender bender while out in the door to door work. She had the notion that Jehovah wouldn't allow anything bad to happen to her while she was in service, especially since she was pioneering that month. This woman became a JW as an adult, is a college grad and an RN who's husband is an unbelieving Medical Dr. It was quite a blow to her to face the fact that Jehovah wasn't providing a force field around her while out in service.

  • jemba

    There are lots of couples that try and make themselves out to be in the perfect marraige, have perfect children and are as happy as you could possibly be. But so many of them are getting divorced and their kids are going astray big time!!

    Its all an extension of the 'happiest people on earth' act that they try and present. Being a born in I have seen so many of these families for what they really are. Realistically, how can they be happy at all? you can never do enough for Jeh... preaching, meetings, study, assemblies, fear of armaggedon, guilt for not doing as much as Bro Zealous, secular work, household duties and the pressures of being a freak on the outside of society, missing out on so much of the good stuff in life.

    I truly believe so many of them are deeply unhappy and you see it with all the mental illness like depression in the congs.

    The cracks eventually appear, they cant hide their true selves forever.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    You are all correct, some expect a force field around their lives, others wilt if they lose their job. Some of the nicest ones at the Kindom Hall turned out to be "hot heads" at home, "spouse abusers", heavy drinkers. Their poor kids are left in Limbo!

    There is nothing stranger, than finding stupid elders or ministerial servants posting their "drunken adventures" on Facebook "real story" (how stupid can you be? A photo of you and brother Dunce playing poker in Atlantic City!), only to have other members of the BOE come to defend these "fine brothers" who made a modest mistake. The splitting of hairs on what "beyond reproach" means, demonstrates how desperate the situation truly is, trying to keep men in positions who otherwise should be tossed out!

    I do hope this couple I spoke of is able to keep their magical thinking, if it disappears, I will be there to help them.

  • EmptyInside

    Actually,since you mentioned they have children,and don't believe a brother in their own congregation is a "pedo". Then they could put their children at risk by allowing this man around their kids. What a wake-up call that would sadly be.

  • blondie

    Perfect witness couples I have known:

    Wife ran off with young (enough to be her son) black man studying with an elder; she was df'd for 8 years, married young man and is miserable supporting the lazy so and so (not because he is black)

    Husband ran off with married sister in same congregation, both df'd one year and reinstated, he made elder again after 3 years; all in a small congregation of 50

    Husband left under cover of night to live with his male lover; elders felt she was at fault, not a good wife

    The one where the husband beats his wife and the knowing elders brought him into their special group as an elder

    The one where the husband has been arrested and convicted for 4 DUIs but still qualified to be an elder; comes to the meetings drunk, wife won't ride with him

    and on and on; of my contemporaries from the early 70's during the jw marriage rush, only one out of 25 couples a re still married to each other and only half are still in

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Maybe they do know and put on plastic smiles just to fool everyone? Maybe they’re overcompensating for the fact that they're really miserable, but they’re too afraid of what would happen if anyone found out?

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