jw's who are reluctant to wittness

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    I've noted the same thing in train and bus terminals in New York and Philadelpia. Growing up, I was very shy. I so much wanted to please Jehovah but I was also embarassed. There was no youth program. No encouragement. Just do it. The Ministerial School was a total joke.

    I can feel for Witnessses who are phobic about speaking in KH, giving talks, and bothering people door to door. I found door to door much easier b/c fewer numbers were involved. The worldly people took my age into account. When I went with my mom, no one was ever rude. One of my major life traumas was that I memorized my Ministry School female set ups. My parents did not get me a "householder" so that I could practice. I recall begging my mom not to go work but come to the KH to be my householder. As I started my spiel, my voice broke from a cold. The whole KH laughed so hard for about five minutes. My father grabbed a sister two minutes before my time. I was thirteen. The brother was scathing.

    My brother, the lucky male, could just give a lecture. All the way home I heard from my father how bad I was. That the brother put me in my place. I had my teachers and principal wrapped around my finger but I could not fool the WT. They knew how inherently bad I was. It was so vicious that my JW grandmother interceded. He screamed at her that she could not speak b/c he was a man. Laugh. To my utter shock, she said a line had to be drawn and defended me. Next, I felt guilty b/c they were fighting.

    And they wonder why anyone with sensitivity leaves or has a breakdown.

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