Latest WT: "Facebook = a powerful medicine"??

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  • sir82
    "For decades, the faithful slave class has warned us about such sites.

    I'm beginning to wonder if they even proofread this stuff any more. Between this, and "we don't know what Jehovah wants, but we're building Warwick anyway", and "you'll harm yourself if you ignore our warnings"'s just flat-out sloppy.

  • sd-7

    Well, I guess they can argue that "decades" means "parts of two different decades". You know, like "generation" means "parts of two different generations"... They may need to prepare a dictionary just to cover their usage of even standard words, at this rate.

    This is what we call INFORMATION CONTROL. Don't visit this website without reading what we have published about it?? Wow. I mean, really? It really is like, ask your [spiritual] parents to log on, kids! It's too dangerous for people to judge for themselves, they have to be told how to think about a website they haven't even seen. I seriously doubt the kind of folks who haven't done social networking yet are planning to get on there anytime soon. I can just hear the JW senior citizen comments now, about "Flipbook" and "Facepage".... Ah, I see--they're trying to head off the younger folk who might be starting to become of age where they'll get interested in it. Clever bastards.

    But the Society has put themselves in the position of being a sort of intellectual Food and Drug Administration. But then, the tone of their articles in this issue--the one about being "Kingdom citizens"--it basically says to me that the Governing Body considers themselves as already being a government to which Jehovah's Witnesses owe citizenship.

    Want to know the scariest thing? Some of the stuff in that article sounded a little too much like a satire I did recently...about what would happen if the WT actually did have governmental authority.... And they're being serious. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I did give them too many ideas, after all...


  • Finkelstein

    I can see the warning about social net working concerning child predators, looking for young girls to have sex with or

    vis a versa. Thats a warning that all parents should be aware of and has been talked about in the media many times over the years.

    Quite frankly I don't see the danger in FaceBook in as much due to its already in place security features of that software.

    But as usual the WTS leaders have to exert their power and control overtly in any way they can.

    Remember they've got the power of god in their hands and they want to exercise that the power no matter how stupidly redundant.

  • LostGeneration

    I think a lot of this has to do with people associating with DFd family on Facebook.

    Way to easy to send messages, swap pictures, and have at least a partial relationship over the internet behind the "faithful slave's" back. They HATE IT when they can't control shit going on behind their back.

  • sir82
    I think a lot of this has to do with people associating with DFd family on Facebook.

    I guarantee you, that is 99% of it.

    The other 1% is fear of "apostates".

    There are virtually monthly reminders about not associating with DF relatives now, It used to be once every 2 or 3 years.

    Facebook is absolutely driving them bonkers.

  • slimboyfat

    We once had a local needs that focused on not using too much toilet paper in the Kingdom Hall toilet.

  • LostGeneration

    We once had a local needs that focused on not using too much toilet paper in the Kingdom Hall toilet.

    Probably one of the better "local needs" parts in the grand scheme of things...

  • cedars

    We once had a local needs that focused on not using too much toilet paper in the Kingdom Hall toilet.

    Did you get any judgmental looks during that talk slim?!!


  • Blind_Of_Lies

    The anti-social networking thing is nothing new. My old hall and several others had an unofficial ban on MySpace back when it was popular. Anytime you bring the internet, worldly people, pictures, music, videos and personality together in one place that tends to be counterproductive for their isolationist stance. I had a MySpace account and loved it, mostly because only the “cool” witnesses were on there and it had tighter security settings than Facebook. Anyway one of the “cool” kids was a married 20 something pioneer I knew from another congregation, she and her husband were on there all the time posting pictures and music and all that jazz. Anyway, one day her account was suddenly shut down. It seemed weird. I texted her husband and asked why and he told me it was BS but to ask the wife for the story, so I did. Turns out her CO had created a fake account under a false name and then prior to the visit and then checked up on every “young person”. So his visit comes along and he pulls her aside and told her if she wanted to continue being a Pioneer the Myspace had to go, apparently and this is a direct quote “the CO was very concerned with pedophiles on the internet”. We stopped talking when I asked her to define the term pedophile and how that in anyway was a threat to a married adult woman.

    The point here is that WTBTS wants to control how you use the internet. 16 years ago they printed an article (quoted above) that basically said the internet had the most vile things about humanity just seeping out. They made it sound like if you were on the internet then naked children would fall out of your computer screen all on their own. In 2009 when most people had a pretty good idea of what the internet was and how to use it they tried saying it was a portal for the devil. Now in 2012 they have not only completely failed in keeping followers away from the internet but they have also moved the majority of their propaganda distribution online. Never before in history have I been MORE sure that pure evil is in fact on the net and invading my home.

    So along comes Facebook, 800 million users, 24/7 assess at home work and on the go. How long do you suppose before study articles are made available via Facebook? How long before you can “share a link” on the wall of someone who has just lost a loved one, follow the link learn about the imaginary new system… I would guess this is closer than any of us think. Weeks, months certainly inside of a couple years. But first… they must train people to use their Facebook accounts the way the WTBTS wants them too, more control and more influence into every single aspect of your life.

  • Paralipomenon

    I'm fairly certain this article is about MySpace and I have canceled my account.

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