The ECHO of broadcast emotions..........the empty chair where "god" sits

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  • clarity

    I missed Moira terribly ... she went missing you see

    I wept and wailed ... but still no Moira. My dolly. I was 5.


    Two years ago ...I wept and wailed and my heart was broken again.

    My god went missing you see.


    Oh yes, I still think of Moira .... and my god. I depended on both of them.


    I wish I could look into those blinking unseeing blue eyes again,(the doll) and find comfort.

    I wish I could look into the sky with my blue eyes, and see an almighty power,(god) and find comfort.

    Oh the conversations we had ... the 3 of us ... truly amazing!


    Terry, love it when you get these brainstorms!


  • d

    I agree,God is symbolic of our deepest insecurities.

  • Terry

    We deeply and profoundly invest ourselves with HOPE so that we can keep going when everything is against us.

    Whatever that thing is that fills us with possibility for success is the focus point of HOPE.

    I once wrote a story about hope that, I think, fully explains it. But, I won't go into that now.

    Suffice to say---it doesn't matter if the thing which gives us hope is real or imaginary UNLESS we believe it is real and discover it is imaginary.

    LOSING THAT imaginary thing is different from Hope itself. But, it takes years....and learn the difference.

  • Finkelstein

    Of whom and what should we point to that instigated this play and exploitation upon are insecurities and imaginations ?

    Organizations that lure people to them and then take control of their thinking capabilities, lending them venerable to exploitation .

    I know of one .............WTS.

  • Twitch


  • smiddy

    You sure have a way with words terry ,I`ll say that much


  • Terry

    I find it very interesting how totally wound up we can get just thinking about something like a song, or a movie or even a character in a book to where

    we might laugh or cry or just fixate for a long time.

    We sort of pledge ourselves to a figment, and imaginatively evoked fiction and treat it for real.


    We'll invest in our hero and heroine and root for them, thrill with them and mourn them if they die. Yet, it's all in our head!!

    Why would we expect God to be any different (as a character?)

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