It must be God's organization because ...

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  • biometrics

    How many times have you heard a JW say something along the lines of "This must be God's organization because of [INSERT REASON HERE]". Most of those reasons could equally apply to almost any organization on earth, including secular businesses.

    The most recent one I heard was from an elder trying to convince someone why the Watchtower is God's organization. His reason was because "It [the Watchtower] wouldn't have lasted this long without God's backing". That same reason could be used on the Catholic church, IBM ... etc. I heard this same line of reasoning at an assembly. The story was the Watchtower got an unbelievable deal on printing presses. Another example from the podium was because of the love between brothers.

    Have you heard this type of reasoning being used?

  • ilikecheese

    My JW boyfriend said one time that they must have God backing them, otherwise why would they win all these court cases? Then I told him to google "theocratic warfare" and I told him about the stuff in Australia. He looked like this for a few minutes when I told him stuff:

    If I keep it up with him, he'll either never get baptized or his mom will kill me for teaching her son all these "lies!"

  • MrFreeze

    Just one of the many JW-isms that make me want to punch them in the face out of anger.

  • ldrnomo

    It's just as unbelievable as he is

  • linuxbob

    I agree with MrFreeze.

  • talesin


    Take a look at Rick Ross' site --- here's a link to the Jehovah's Witnesses section. There's a listing there, showing how many out-of-court settlements they have recently made re sexual child abuse cases, if you want specific information on how badly they are faring in court nowadays.



  • ilikecheese

    Hey, thanks for the link, talesin! I'm sure some of the info will come in handy.

  • WTWizard

    And what about Satanism? In some form, that religion has been around long before the Jews appeared. Satanism has been around ever since the dawn of mankind himself--and has thrived since then (until Jehovah's religions came around and ruined it), and benefited its followers. Ever wonder why ancient people had so much wisdom?

    And now, even with all the attacks from Jehovah, Satanism is still alive. And I mean spiritual Satanism, not the LaVeyan Satanism that is drawing more attention to it (which is good) or the form where people are actually only worshiping evil, vandalizing and torturing animals and people. There are still people that worship Satan and His Demons--in fact, as people get pxxxed at Christi-SCAM-ity and Islam, they will turn to spiritual Satanism. The fact that it has been around more than 10,000 years should be a sign that it must be God's organization?

    Hardly--Satanism is the enemy of Jehovah. Yet it survived more than 10,000 years without harassing people and hijacking whole nations to recruit them. And the Washtowel, which has only been around in some form since 1872, claims to be God's organization for longevity while Satanism, blatantly not God's organization, has been around since 8000 BCE or earlier.

  • moshe

    JWs isolate themselves from logical people, so they are ignorant of just how wacked out the WT teachings are!

  • InterestedOne

    In the [INSERT REASON HERE] space, my JW study conductor would put [CHANGED DOCTRINES]. Yes, that's right, when I brought up the changed doctrines with him, he said it is a sign that the JW's are being led by God. This is because it shows they are open-minded enough to alter their stance on a matter if they realize their understanding was incorrect or needed modifying. He contrasted this behavior with that of the other Christian denominations who will never alter their stance on doctrines, like the trinity for example.

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