The THIRST for the Totalitarian......for ALL

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  • Terry

    Total anything is everything.

    Total control of YOU is Totalitarianism. It controls everything about you.

    Why do some crave to be thus controlled? Worse still, why do they insist you and I must ALSO be controlled??

    There is a large and uncrossable leap between the Deist and the Theist.

    The Deist feels rather emotionally that there must be some kind of Intelligent Prime Mover who started things off.

    Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine were such men.

    However, Theists they were not!

    A Theist believes this Supernatural entity (God) also has the perfect right to control what everybody thinks and does.

    The history of religions demonstrates the fraud of men posing as agents of such a Theocracy.

    Religious "leaders" time and again become moral despots or TOTALITARIANs.

    These men fake the costume of Divine Authority, of course, so that sheep-like persons may be controlled.

    You see it everywhere. God mysteriously whispers TRUTH absolute--not in your ears or mine--but ONLY theirs!

    The only verification offered for their special chosen status? Subjective personal experience! God "came to them" their heart "felt" something.

    Now they are empowered by "word of faith" directly delivered to THEM!

    The consequence is we are gullible toys put through our silly paces jumping through imaginary hoops to their delight and satifaction.

    "Here--take this stupid magazine and peddle it door to door. It will tell people Jesus is an invisible CEO of my corporation and they have to listen to me."

    Oh certainly! Who wouldn't obey such a behest at the promptings of such august, specially chosen ones!?

    You and I were part of a Totalitarian regime as its dupes.

    We were instructed how to think, act, dress, behave in our own bedroom as well as how much education we could posses and what kind! After all, if we got smart enough to ask sticky questions we might peek behind the curtain!

    Why do certain "spiritually-minded" people not stop at the emotional comfort of their own belief? Rather, they cram it with relish down the throat's of others while barely concealing contempt for any who refuse!

    The dupes of despots cannot bear that anyone challenge a single sentence from their Leaders!

    The impulse to shut you down, villify you, marginalize you and demonize your protestation is absolute.

    No fair debate may be staged.

    No fair hearing may be allowed.

    Unchallengeable, tyrannical authority who can convict YOU of "thought crime" and compel you to undergo constant surveillance to judge your every move hunger and thirst to CONTROL everything about you from BEFORE you are born (controlling your parents) until the real fun begins---after your death!!

    We once lived under the auspices of Jehovah's Governing Body; a veritible celestial North Korea!

    Who but a slave desires such a ghastly fate for themselves----let alone--for ALL OTHERS??

    You and I must constantly ask ourselves such questions vigilant of our precarious standing in this world, surrounded as we are, by many such varieties of Religious Despots.

    Remember, if you lived under the tyranny of North Korea the only escape would come when you die.

    As a Jehovah's Witness or any christian, for that matter, there is no escape EVEN AFTER DEATH!!

    Relgious totalitarianism wants every second of your gratitude, worship, effort and belief in an all-encompassing absorption with endless details of control!!

    Neither the Koran nor the Bible offers escape from eternal control!

    So, we must bow our head and submit, obey, feign abject delight in our lowly state and send skyward the awkward and endless praises as empty as the promises

    of eternity.


  • Terry

    Stand there and submit to being belittled, insulted, minimized and brought down.................but--LIKE IT!

    Make certain you actually sign on and approve of thinking of your own personal worth as: WRETCHED (worthless!)

    Admit you can't do even one small act of goodness without it being doled out to you from an old book.

    Shrug your worthless shoulders and embrace the yoke! You mindless ox! Abolish your own integrity. Shut up and listen. Then, rinse and repeat. Verbatim!

    Look up--you can't see God--ohhh noooo, but--you can see the imperious Governing Body sniffing your backside. Assume the position! Better get to like it because it's coming at you 24/7 from now on!

    Feel their enthusiasm pounding into your backside as they fill you with their own stagnant seed of Truth? Grin and bear it....grin and bear it.

    Thank you sir, may I please have another?

    This is the fate offered at the doorsteps by eager Jehovah's Witnesses come as ravenous wolves in the garments of peaceful sheep. Go on---reach out---take your poison pellet and be done with thinking, asking, questioning, curiousity and skeptical inquiry!

    It will all be over soon. Armageddon is the coup de grace.

  • Finkelstein

    Man has always sought power, control, elevated personal positional status and perhaps wealth within their social

    group, embellished fear and ignorance of the super natural (Spiritualism) availed this power and control toward them.

    Of virtue of this The JWS have always been duped to be subservient sales Representatives for the WTS.

    publishing house and to support the power structure placed within this organization.

    The JWS have been mentally indoctrinated to think they are serving the want and direction of god, when in reality they

    are serving the wants and desires of men who've been running the WTS. Corporation.

    Religion really is a game of power it all depends upon who wants to be a participant in the game or not.

  • Terry

    When men who know no humility demand that YOU be humble before them the problem begins.

    When men who claim ownership of absolue Truth are forced by circumstance to change that Truth and reframe it the problem expands.

    When men who judge you cannot be judged the problem consumes all.

    The only thing separating the Body who "Governs" from those governed is the passive acceptance of that fate by defeated non-thinking sheep.

    A burglar breaks into your home and carries away your treasures by cutting of the Alarm system.

    How much easier if the burglar can convince you to turn off your own alarm and enlist your aid in helping them carry away your treasures!

    Such is the role of Faith in the short-circuited rational mind!

    Who is the greatest Man of Faith but Abraham who was willing to place a sharp knife to the throat of his beloved son?

    The willingness to murder the innocent by surrendering our will is THE GREATEST VIRTUE???

    Go away and think about that......will you?

    I once asked my former best (JW) friend a question.

    "If you were out on your lawn one day picking up the newspaper and suddenly a clear voice from heaven rang out telling you to walk next door and kill

    your neighbor--and you were absolutely convinced it was the voice and will of Jehovah himself--would you do it, however reluctantly?"

    He tried to dodge the question for awhile and finally admitted that he WOULD indeed be forced by his own faith to carry out such an order.

    I then asked him, "Then, you must excuse those terrorists who fly airplanes into buildings--mustn't you?"

  • LV101

    Terry - Love this/thanks for sharing another great post.

  • Dogpatch

    Terry says,

    When men who know no humility demand that YOU be humble before them the problem begins.

    When men who claim ownership of absolue Truth are forced by circumstance to change that Truth and reframe it the problem expands.

    When men who judge you cannot be judged the problem consumes all.

    AMEN! Preach it!


  • mostlydead

    Excellent post Terry. "When men who judge you cannot be judged the problem consumes all." This is one reason many of us feel a sense of exhileration when the legal system investigates any part of the organization. It's the one entity that they still must answer to, and hope springs eternal that they'll finally be judged as they themselves judge.

  • Terry

    We may not be able to set fire to the shabby false religion that holds sway, but, we can keep the fire going close enough to make it damned uncomfortable so that

    we can watch them SWEAT!

  • WTWizard

    Why? Because Jehovah is a tyrant. Right in the LIE-ble, he blurts out his secret quite early. When he threatens mankind that if they eat from the tree of knowledge of good and bad (hence, taking in knowledge) that they would die, this is a blatant attempt on Jehovah's part to enslave the whole human race. And then Savior Satan comes right in and opens his big mouth, at great personal cost, warning man of Jehovah's tyranny and trying to bust it up.

    The sore loser Jehovah is, he now resorts to force to impose his tyranny. And, Satan does all he can to fight for freedom. Jehovah uses that to mislead people that Satan is evil, that he is against the human race. Satan is fighting evil, fighting tyranny, and fighting for your freedom. And Jehovah uses this death threat to enslave most of us--so many are in religions that are homophobic, frown heavily on sex, denigrade women, and encourage slavery and torture.

  • Terry

    Were a genuine article GOD inhabit our Universe for real, can there be any doubt these pathetically naive and primitive stories about the lazy plan of salvation

    contained in myths would quickly be dispelled?

    Mankind has, in spite of bible's pathetic estimate, been around for over 100,000.

    The early humans had no actual science at all to explain the earthquakes, volcanic activity, microbes of viral deadliness, contagion by germs, etc.

    So they did the best they could do and made a GUESS about it all.

    Those guesses were way off, but, it was a start.

    The Bible reflects the primitive nature of man's thinking about why life was so complicated and deadly.

    Scripture was a way of projecting HOPE for escape from certain extinction.

    But, there is no real excuse to prefer that kind of primitive thinking as a replacement for modern knowledge how the universe works!

    Religion and superstition were man's first efforts. Philosophy soon followed. Then science and technology and medical advancement.

    Why go back to Metaphysics when Physics is the more accurate?

    Why throw out Astronomy and saturate your thinking with Astrology, its predecessor?

    Why postulate a rather peckish and convoluted deity indulging in Bronze Age blood sacrifice as the hope of mankind?

    The kinds of leaders, educators and thinkers we place above us in positions of influence determine whether or not we fall backward or lurch forward toward an incrementally better and better life on Earth.

    The Totalitarians want NO SERIOUS DISCUSSION on these matters! Ancient "truth" is what they are peddling. Modern anything is sneered at and belittled.

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