Are we Gods cruel little joke?!

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  • nicolaou

    So God shares the gift of life and creates his son and myriads of other powerful angels. They share eternity with Him. These are rational, intelligent self-aware individuals with awesome capabilities. They can travel the universe in moments and are blessed by the literal presence of Almighty God.

    Then he makes us and sticks us on a rock. Worse, he makes sure we know how great heaven is and gives us a mind of incredible power knowing that we can dream of travelling the universe but never actually do it. Instead of powerful spirit podies our flesh and bones wear out. We ache, we hurt, we hunger and get ill. A few of us are even blessed with the genius of Einstein or the ability of Mozart but only for a little while before we fall into a spiral of decline that leads to an inevitable death. The end of existence. Why put the incredible human potential of our minds inside the finite limited capabilities of our frail construction?

    Why create the angels and then move on to make something inferior?

  • Dagney

    Exactly. And then after passing "the test" become angels; but then angels want to be humans. Huh?

  • Ucantnome

    Exactly. And then after passing "the test" become angels; but then angels want to be humans. Huh?

    i dont think you become angels.

  • cofty


    This apparently is god's great incredulity test. If you can bring yourself to believe really incredible things in spite of all the evidence to the contrary you will spend eternity in bliss.

    If you insist on using your god-given ability to reason and therefore reject fantastic metaphysical claims you will be deemed to have failed the test and suffer an eternity of anguish.

    The believer's shorthand for all of the above is "FAITH".

  • designs

    I have faith we are on a little planet

  • LostGeneration

    Instead of powerful spirit podies our flesh and bones wear out. We ache, we hurt, we hunger and get ill.

    And those are the lucky ones...image if you are born into a war ravaged third-world country. You get to go to bed hungry, or suffer from a curable disease. Maybe if things go your way you get to join in some sort of tribal army, so you at least get to eat, but on the downside you have to go kill other 12 year olds.

  • Knowsnothing

    Nicolau, you fail to understand that amidst all that crap we have to face, we get to have sex. Sex is even envied by angels.

    Genesis 6:1,2 6 When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

    Also, remember that fall made us sickly, we aren't inherently that way. Yes, death only exists because an angel turned snake made a dumb-butt eat a fruit. No, forget animals naturally dying. Forget evolution. The Bible provides all the answers. If you cease to question it, and simply accept it, you will grow to love the provision given to us.

    The angels envy us and our incredible bodies because they cannot materialize. Woe to you angels, and your passing through matter!

  • OldGenerationDude

    But of course, first you need to get the claim straight before one starts blaming God for making them a joke (which can't be true if there is no God...for if there is no God, it isn't his fault if you are a joke).

    According to theists, as written in their holy book, the promise is that God intends humans to be greater and more powerful than angels. Unlike angels, humans get to prove their loyalty and have the freedom to choose to do evil or good, even define for themselves what is evil and good (and some people, even when the definition of evil is purely secular, still choose that path).

    As the Christian writer of Hebrews quotes the liturgical prayer:

    What are human beings that you spare a thought for them,
    or the child of Adam that you care for him?
    For a short while you have made him less than the angels;
    you have crowned him with glory and honour,
    put all things under his feet.
    --Hebrews 2:6-9.

    The condition of humanity that is less than angels is (according to believers) temporary, like it was for Jesus of Nazareth, the first person of an entire congregation of people to whom this text from the Psalms is supposed to apply to. Sharing the very nature of God is one of the basic tenets of the Christian hope, at least those who have studied that faith thoroughly enough.--1 Peter 5:10

    And sure, a lot of people who are religious don't do a very good job of learning why they believe. And too many of them parrot off the excuse: "You just have to have faith." That's neither reasonable, nor Scriptural.

    Even James wrote to Christians who used the "faith" explanation as a crutch: "Even the demons have the same belief, and they tremble with fear. Fool!" (James 2:19, 20) Even the Bible is witness to the fact that some people get to have empirical evidence of God and reject it. It states that even God's chosen people, the children of Abraham, witnessed for themselves God at work, saving them from slavery through wonders and miracles, even seeing the Red Sea part. And did seeing God in this sense help them?

    No. Faith that God exists and seeing that God exists does not guarantee a better tomorrow, and remember James called those foolish who believed and taught otherwise.

    The statements about "faith" in the Christian texts are not in regard to the atheism/theism debate. They are only in regard to the believer's question: "How could God justify humans to the point of raising them to glory?"

    Faith is about justification, not salvation. Paul stated that while "believing with the heart justifies" only "making a declaration from your lips saves."-Romans 10:10.

    So even most theists have this wrong, otherwise by their own belief system even the demons are guaranteed salvation. And again, it's not that Paul was declaring a single declaration as a guarantee of salvation either, for he also wrote: "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling."-Philippians 2:12.

    While true, some will find fault with the atheist about their conclusions because they are based on a misunderstanding. But then again who can blame someone for misunderstanding when most believers don't have it right to begin with?

  • nicolaou

    - I choose to ignore the nonsense psychobabble -

    I'm not really angry at god - how could I be? I've been a bit frustrated lately at the care my Father-in-Law has been receiving, pushed from one care home to the third in as many months because of his dementia (vascular). He was the P.O/CoBE at his cong' for almost thirty years and until as recently as 2010 everything was just fine. Then BAM!

    My wife, her sister and their Mother are all doing the best they can for him but the rapidity of his decline was, and still is, shocking.

    "I shall laud you because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, As my soul is very well aware." Psalm 139:14


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