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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Sexual Harrassment suits were running wild in American Businesses throughout the 1990s, the end result was "Sensitivity Training" and forcing mangers to sign contracts that revealed "We Understand Sexual Harrassment Is Bad! If I touch a girl, I get sued and the Company is free!"

    Elder's are now trained to handle every situation that can possibly come up, if a lawsuit emerges, the elders are sued and the Watchtower, at their discretion can defend their elders if they feel it is to their best interest.

    The Menlo Park Kingdom Hall reveals this simple fact, the Watchtower wishes to remain invisible to lawsuits, yet poke's their head out to dig their teeth into "deeds", "monies" "donations" "life insurance" .........

    The Watchtower want's elders to be "exclusive", their creation of mazes of corperations, to reduce, avoid, shrug off liabity, from their "hand picked exclusive elder boyfriends".

  • irondork

    Jehovah's holy spirit is lovingly maneuvering things so that his spiritual sons are protected from the ever increasing attacks by Satan and his band of apostate warriors who would like nothing more than to keep the Governing Body tied up in litigation rather than focus on providing the flock with food at the proper time.

    Brothers, isn't it marvelous to be part of this dynamic, forward-moving organization?

    (applause!, applause! applause!)

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    Friends, as we enter these last days, Satan and his minions are ever increasingly trying to take those very possessions that Jesus entrusted to his faithful slave. It is their intent to rob that slave so that when their master comes to inspect they have nothing to show him. Although Satan knows this will not work he will try anything out of despraration since the end is so close.

    So then faithful brothers and sisters now is the time to help that faithful slave fight these evil forces not by physical means but with our valuable things. Every effort has been made to pool our resources into this battle front. Yet more is needed. We know that you will answer the call to battle.

    Jehovah will not forget you and your efforts. Take for example Rita, a sister who has been faithful since 1968. She was in a laundry mat and picked up a Watchtower entitled "Is It Later Than You Think." That was a day that changed her life. As soon as possible she entered the pioneer ranks and has done so ever since.

    She lives in the same home she received in the divorce from her husband when he left her because of her faith. Last year after a Service Meeting part on honoring God with our valuable things she felt that she had a choice to make, use the $8,000, all the money she had, to do some needed repairs on her home or donate the money toward a life saving work. Our sister made her decision and after she had made this heartfelt donation to Jehovah's Organization an application arrived in the mail for people with special needs regarding major repair issues with their homes.

    She filled out the application and long story short Jehovah provided over $16,000 in repairs to her home, double the amount she had the ability to make. Truly, a magnificient reward for honoring Jehovah with her valuable things.

    So Brothers and Sisiters what can you do to help further this great work that will never be repeated in history? What can you do today in an effort to promote true worship?

    Pray to Jehovah about using your time, energy, and treasure and talk to the elders in your area about doing more in his service.

    See even an apostate can write this stuff. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    Irondork, you inspired me to write the above, not trying to steal your thunder.


  • moshe
    provided over $16,000 in repairs to her home-

    and all she had to do was deed the house to the WT org and they in turn gave her a life estate to stay in her home for as long as she was alive- or went into a nursing home.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Moshe - that type of miracle barely registers a tick on the WTF Miracle Scale TM.

    The Watchtower has much to learn from the professionals...


  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Are you honoring the Faithful Slave with every penny you have? If No, why not? The Slave has provide the Bible for you to read, their wise counsel to live a life of self deprevation, their vow of poverty illustrates how selfless these men serve you.

    Jesus Christ has delegated his role as Mediator to Jehovah to his faithful Governing Body Class. When apostates speak against the Governing Body, it's blasphey against the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ said; "any blasphemy spoken against men or Jesus Christ himself would be forgiven" the Slave inserted "If you speak against the Mediator between Jesus Christ and his "Great Crowd", it's blasphey against the Jehovah's Holy Spirit!

    To remove this horrible sin from your conscience, why not ask the Watchtower Society to send you the forms, that will allow you to donate all your money, homes, boats, vaction and rental properties, life insurance, stocks, bonds, and all assets you have!

    "Money is the root of all evil" Watchtower Version So donate these evil resource and allow the Slave to bring "seasons of refreshment and forgiveness of your sins!"

    "Money Cover's A Multitude Of Sins" A Possible New World Translation Passage Update!

    @Juan Viejo, thank you and God Bless you for bringing the Menlo Park Kingdom Hall updates, these issues are helping me decide to walk away from the Organization, I thought I could change things, but it's too far gone. Men are becoming more radical, distorted by their titles and power they rob from our Lord Jesus Christ. I can't allow them to rob my Christian Freedom, and I am preaching more about Jesus Christ and Jehovah, than I have in my whole life. I enjoy sharing the Gospel, helping work at the Food Bank and am thinking of other charities and help to offer. I owe this to JWN and all the nice brothers and sisters who stood up to this unapproachable and self-appointed Apostle of Jesus Christ!

  • minimus

    My question: What are they going to do with all this $$$? Go on lavish vacations, buy more mansions? I don't see why they strive after $$$ and they still look like they all are wearing KMart clothes.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    @minimus, send speakers, (let me preface this better), THE GREATEST BIBLE SPEAKERS in the world, to your local Circuit Assembly, District Assembly, Internation Assembly" via a Lear Jet? The Watchtower should buy some company jets to fly these self-appointed Apostles of Jesus Christ, throughout the world!

    The money could be spent to purchase "Presidential Suites", hard earned vacations, but absolutely not, should it be squandered on missionaries in Third World Countries, let them eat "Rice, Cassava and Slime Fish" like "Andre the Missionary"!

    If Jesus Christ came back to Earth, don't you think he would want a Cadilliac like Brother Rutherford, travel in planes like Knorr, spend his time alone, thinking of Bible explanations like Frantz?

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Bubblegum A -

    I'm glad that my efforts have encouraged you to make a decision to find your way out of the Borg.

    One caution: You must remember that the Menlo Park articles have proven that the Watchtower is no different than any other so-called Christian churches that mislead and fleece their flocks. So don't be too quick about jumping into other "Christian" faiths, even those that actually do good works with their money on behalf of the poor, the sick, and the forgotten among us. Feel free to donate your time and even your money, but don't give them your soul.

    Every week I get emails that thank me for the work I do with my websites and Many of these writers tell me that something I've published by one of my many contributors (many JWN members), or one of my own stories I've shared about growing up as a JW, finally opened their eyes to the truth about the Watchtower. Many have told me that they've decided to leave - or will at least take a hard second look at their JW lives and beliefs. The fact that something I published may have helped these people break free brings me great joy.

    Unfortunately, too many of these emails also indicate that the writers have "found the true Jesus," or they've "finally been born again in the Holy Spirit," or someother clue that they have may have transferred control of their free will from one false religion (WT) to another (any one of hundreds).

    That possibility breaks my heart. Here I am hoping that these newly freed Witnesses will get out in the world and enjoy their freedom and take time to explore all the choices and life experiences ahead of them - only to find that so many can't do that. They simply can't break the chains. They think they have to be under the control of some religious organization or else they can't find personal fulfillment.

    It's never been my goal to have my JW readers leave their Kingdom Hall behind - only to move over to some wacko Independent Baptist church or the "St. Ignatius the Holy Beekeeper" Catholic Church. That's not freedom. That's just moving from one prison to another.

    So please, Bubblegum A, continue to do your charitable good works. At the same time, don't lock yourself in to another controlling religion. Give yourself some time for research, introspection, and an opportunity to enjoy life on your own terms.


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