Counting Field Circus Time

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  • wizardca

    The other day someone posted the latest OKM. It mentioned counting Field Circus hours and mentioned something about publishers who are allowed to count their time in 15 minute increments. I've been away from it all for years, but had never heard of this before? Anyone know what the requirements to do this are? How long has this been going along for? Not that it matters but kinda curious.

  • St George of England
  • OnTheWayOut

    In a nutshell, they approve the elderly or otherwise limited people who cannot get a whole hour in a month. That way, their "publisher" number stays up and the hounded elders can stop hounding old people to get out in the circus.

  • whathehadas

    If I was still in. I would put down 730.5 hours a month on that time sheet. Hey you are praising Jehovah every minute to hour of the day by being in his organization. Why would the Great God Almighty want you to clock how many hours a day you praise him? such a fallacious system

  • Frozenout

    Thats what Dunkin Doughnuts is for.

  • Zordino

    Whats wrong with Handing in a monthly Sales Reports with fluffed up hours on it. Jesus and his 12 buddies used to do it.. and so can you!

    Its so stupid, Even the Brain Dead/Washed R & F are starting to see it.

  • biometrics

    One brother I knew used to come around and drink beer with me while counting the time. We need more brothers like this.

  • WTWizard

    Nice to keep the hounders away.

    There is just one major problem, and it has to do with the a$$emblies. You get someone with a major disability and working 2 full time jobs, yet still manages to turn in 50 hours a week of fake time. The problem begins when this person gets up on the stage during a Grand Boasting Session and relates this. Never mind that not a peep is said about the fact that the time is fake. You start hearing more of "If this person can do 200 hours a month, there is no reason you can't do 70." Hounders use that to guilt publishers into pious-sneering, while parents guilt their children into pious-sneering. And, when it doesn't work, they mention that it worked for that handicapped person with 2 full time jobs, so there is no reason it can't work for you.

    That is why I would never advocate giving any of these experiences at a$$emblies. You sign up to pious-sneer without thinking, fine. You want to not be hounded, and dropping off the pious-sneer ranks will bring Brother Hounder down on you. Turn in the fake time slip, or inflate it all you want. But, I recommend not accepting the hounder-hounder asking you to boast about it at the a$$embly, because it might guilt others into pious-sneering for real. All he really needs is "I don't feel that it would be humble enough if I boast about my activity in front of the whole a$$embly, and for that reason I am declining."

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