While GB Cry Apostate Persecution ,,,,,,

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  • wasblind

    The actions of Jehovah's witnesses, are taught by the WTS

    that make both their actions and teachin's wrong

    aint' nothin' right 'bout this cult

  • JWdaughter

    Wha happened: You said that they act in a provocative manner and then claim persecution. Isn't this justifying the persececutor in a way that a woman who dresses provocatively is said to be "asking for it"? In other words, does this mean that our actions CAN bring on undesired behavior that we should be wise enough to avoid or shut up about it undesired-since we are seeking it out by our action?

    I would like to say that while I don't support persecutors or abusers (of any kind), your post points out that we often act in ways that are DESIGNED to bring about behavior that we often then see being decried as abusive. Indeed it is! However, anyone who is trying to get a reaction out of another can't really play the victim game too much or they lose personal credibility. Abusers (of all sorts) have no excuse, but 'victims' need to use wisdom to avoid victimization.

  • wasblind

    So true JWdaughter

    If there are any wrong actions on the part of the Witnesses

    such as shunning and the like, it is because it is being taught

    by the society to do so

    when members start to question the WTS they are treated wrong

    questioning something is not acting in a manner that should bring on abuse

    or persecution from anyone

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