Are the JWs of today really Russelites?Yes,and here's why!

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  • witchtowerwitch

    If any witness today desided to go back in time to about 25 years ago,and teach what the witchtower taught back then,then they would be disfellowshiped.But the witchtower is not consistant with it's own pracitices okay!....................1914 is a false date,now that all of the 1914 generation is dead,and everything that Charles Taze Russel taught was a lie and false,especially 1914,since he copied this false 7 prophetic times from John A. Brown from about the year 1800,but Russel jazzed it up some more by putting his own spin on the calulation of the 1914 date, by using measurements of Egyptian pyramids in inches of there door ways to equal years of time,so he came up with some wierd shit that only a wacko like Russel could, to sucker in followers to believe all of his bull shit about the end times/1914,,,hehehe, lol, what and idiot he was folks!The occult part about this too,is the fact that the witchtower up until 1943, taught that 1874 was the beginning of the end times,not 1914 as they have written in throught their books and magazines for over 50 years now,but how many witnesses know about this today?Not very many i bet?Never the less,,,,,,,,,,,if the witchtower hangs onto Russels main lie about the 1914 date,are they not fools and corrupt people?Hell yes,and they are the real Apostates not us!If the light gets brighter every year,then why do they still hold onto lies from Russels past?You all know that answer,,,,,,it is to keep the pressure of preaching on all of the rank and file so to speak,,,,as the END is right around the corner,,,hehehe what idiots!Russel was a fool people,and so is anyone who still teaches his ancient false shit today~!And Russel was a false prophet people,and so are the ones that still hold onto his false dates = 1914 and a few more of his nonsense dates from back then!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    actually it would be interesting to go back 25 years and list all the no longer true teachings and present them to JWs now...


  • cantleave
    Russel was a fool people,and so is anyone who still teaches his ancient false shit today..

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