Existential Crisis

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  • d

    I know that certian times when leaving the Jw's one experiences a crisis of meaning and purpose. I know I did and I am in a sense still getting over it.But I am doing much better.

    Tell me some of your stories about an existential crisis.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    It was a huge blow to my outlook on life and the world when I dropped all things JW. The thoughts and feelings involved in being special are pretty addictive. Without that, I felt really blah for a while. I shared with my husband my feelings (wondering if he had them too. He didn't).

    He said, "The problem is that it's hard to compete with everlasting life." That gave me perspective. Sometimes I still work on bringing myself back to now and appreciating that. It's worth it considering the alternative of staying on fantasy island.

    Good thread title. I hope more share.

  • Fernando

    First SHOCK and HORROR to discover everything I'd known for 4 decades was illegitimate since built on a deeply flawed foundation (humans) and within a horrendously corrupt hidden framework (legalism, moralism, ethnocentrism and Gnosticism).

    Then GRIEF over losing something very familiar, addictive and bad from my life!?!?

  • JWOP

    Yeah, I felt pretty stripped too. Everything I every believed and knew blew away in the wind in a blink -- NOW what was I supposed to do???? My identity was demolished, and it took several days before I could even begin to start thinking of a direction to go in. THANK GOD I had a supportive husband to help me through the wreckage of faith!

  • transhuman68

    I guess it's something that everyone has to face at some point in their lives unless they decend into senility. Change is really the only constant in this life, and unless you keep looking for the answers, you tend to end up as part of the problem somehow. Thank God for the internet!

  • maccauk11

    I think the feelings of isolation are very powerful as you have been conditioned to think everyone who is not a witness is evil. You cna get over it by coming to Jesus he is waiting for you to go to him. You will find refreshment for your soul. He will show you real Truth. You need nothing else except him

  • d

    I just feel for those who have left and end up going into a deep depression.

  • transhuman68

    Don't know if this is any help, but maybe worth a look....


  • man oh man
    man oh man

    I felt happy, relieved, and just plain stupid!

  • cedars

    I'm happy to say I've never had one of those. I've always viewed existing as better than not existing, no matter how bad things get.

    Having said that, I've had darker moments where I've wanted to not exist for a while, or be unconscious so as not to have to think about things.


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