The Beast-Tower #5: The Apostates--Earth's Vilest Liars!

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  • sd-7
    Plus they changed the race of Nick Fury!!!! He is WHITE! How come no movie ever comes out like Malcom X and they change it to a white guy?

    Dear Brother,

    Evidently you are not the first to notice this adjustment. According to our research, Nick Fury's physical appearance was altered several years ago to resemble that of actor Samuel L. Jackson. Thus 'The Avengers' merely uses his current appearance as reflected in the comics of today. Interesting to note, too, is the fact that the animated series, 'The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!' seems to combine the previous version of Nick Fury's hair with the skin tone of the current Nick Fury of the comics. Nevertheless, he remains an individual used merely in our article to prove a specific, spiritual point. We would advise that you refrain from speculating or complaining about Nick Fury's appearance in the congregation, as this might cause harmful divisions in Jehovah's organization. (Gal. 5:19-21)

    We hope this has addressed your concerns fully.

    Your Brother,


  • sd-7

    Oh, and uh...Malcolm X was a real person. Nick Fury is not. That might explain why would it make very little sense to cast a white man as Malcolm X. Fictional characters would generate controversy only amongst avid comic readers. A white Malcolm were joking, right? Is joke, yes? Ha ha ha ha....


  • okage

    The current lineup of Marvel heroes is that of the Ultimate Marvel lineup. Nick Fury was made a black man in the new wave to reflect the modern demographic from reality in the comic book universe. He originally looked like a persian pimp in his first apprearance in Ultimate Marvel, including hair, but they decided to revamp him to look like Samuel L. Jackson, a man who sweats badassery.

  • Tessy


    and why?

  • Botzwana

    SD, Hilarious! Love your posts! I am just an old school comic fan. I am sticking with Marvel Essential volumes. That is the REAL Marvel. How about doing a Black Panther movie with a white guy in it? Same thing. I do not think changing races of an established character is right nor good. Invent a NEW character if ya have to! Oh well. Wifey and I are planning on seeing tomorrow and if I squint really hard maybe Fury will be like he was in the original comics.

  • sd-7

    Excellent. Every time I read this article, I get something new out of it! Can't wait for 'The Avengers' DVD on September 25th!


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