A Gary Busselman mind fart (WARNING, R-rated)

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  • james_woods

    I miss Gary from here.

    Does anybody remember that hilarious story he wrote about the attendants at the circuit assembly shutting down the candy machine, and he had to walk past them, push aside their sign, and put in a coin to get some gum for his kids?

    I think that was him, anyway...

  • clarity

    "Here's a little tribute to my dear old dad"

    Randy, it is very clear that you loved your Dad and miss him so very much.

    Hugs ...............


  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Lol, that is well-written.

  • 3Mozzies

    Excellent! Made me laugh out loud.

  • WinstonSmith

    @Dogpatch, that was hilarious, thanks for sharing! We should print some off in smaller font and slip them into random books and magazines in the literature cupboard at the Hall....

  • ziddina
    "Besides, who can relate to South Dakotans? LOL..." Dogpatch

    ME, dammit!!!

    I may be stuck in Colorado, but I was born in South Dakota - and most of my family on BOTH sides are from there - or still there - too...!!

  • sizemik

    The line between truth and satire can be a fine one . . . sometimes disappearing altogether.

    Great read . . .

  • Dogpatch

    LOL Ziddina,

    I'm just saying, if you ask the general public if they know any peculiar characteristics of a South Dakotan, you'll likely come up blank. Now Okies and Arkies are a different story... (My family now lives in Arkansas right below the Ozarks).



  • ziddina

    I'm getting a double-whammy here...

    My maternal grandfather was from the Ozarks of Arkansas...

  • Dogpatch

    LOL well I ain't livin' there. They all sit around watching FOX TV all day. :-))

    BTW Gary just posted on my Facebook:

    Gary Busselman We're all real excited about the new Kingdom Hall. It has an indoor toilet and seats from the old movie theater. The last two Halls were downstairs and this one even has a window. All this growth is exciting. It's easy to see the end is near. Last week they started a new thing Sunday, it's called a speaker. He talks about things in the Society's books and now we don't play the Judge's records as much.



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