Will you send a thank you card to Dr. Joy Fridey on behalf of AJWRB and the ex-JW community?

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  • Shawn10538

    Dr. Joy Fridey and Martketing CEO Nick Samaniego both have comtributed much time in educating us. I know that the videos aren't up yet, so no one has seen them. But I think it would be awesome for them to receive thank you cards from not just myself but many JWs and ex-JWs who appreciate what they do. Dr. Fridey is the Medical Director for the Red Cross of So Cal. her job is to oversee Blood Services for the entire region. If a large earthquake were to happen in LA, and we all know we are overdue, that would be her nightmare because she is the "buck stops here" person to supply blood for every single person ion So Cal. That is over 20 million people. In a large disaster she will have to come up with blood for possibly hundreds of thousands of peopl. Who knows. So she is not a person who can just spend time on trifles. if she didn't believe in what AJWRB is doing she would not, I am sure, have allowed us to interview her. Even just the time it took to do the interview was extremely precious time. so we all owe her a big thanks. She is saving all our lives, JWs and nonJWs alike.

    Nick Samaniego as the Marketing CEO and media Liaison for the Red Cross has to be very careful who he associates with. so if he didn't think our message was positive, he would not have allowed the whole thing to go down so to speak. he is in charge of all media exposure the Red Cross gets. He can't afford to allow the reputation of the Red Cross to be sullied, let's say, because that would undermine the public trust of the blood supply, and that could cost lives. So even though he is not on the medical side of the issue, his job is also crucial to the saving of lives with blood transfusions.

    A warm letter to them both would be great. You can put down that you are a supporter of AJWRB if you want.

    The address for both of them is:

    100 Red Cross Cir.

    Pamona, CA 91768

  • Shawn10538
  • Shawn10538

    Just a tiny little note. That's all I'm asking.

  • james_woods

    Could you tell us what AJWRB is?

  • Shawn10538
  • Shawn10538
  • Dogpatch

    Excellent job Shawn. No one has ever taken the opportunity to hit the streets and get the real facts right from the mouths of those in charge, from both sides, and videotaping it, making it pretty hard to question. I look forward to seeing the video.


  • jgnat

    Gotcha, I'm on it. Randy, I have a sketch ready to go for you, too.

  • Shawn10538

    back up

  • chinedu_330

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