1914 Commemorative T-shirts Available Now!!!

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  • 00DAD

    JWN Member cedars is fast approaching his 1,914th post. As of this posting, he is on his 1,909th post!!!

    In honor and recognition of this momentous event, we are very excited to be offering to all JWN members your very own 1914 Commemorative T-shirt!

    1914 Commemorative T-shirt

    1914 T-Shirt

    Sizes: S - M - L - XL

    Colors: Theocratic Black & White, Heavenly Blue (show above), New Earth Green, Kingdom Hall Beige

    - Most definitely NOT available in any shades of Gray! -

    Styles: Modest cut deliberately designed to not flatter anyone

    Price: $20.12 plus S&H

    Hurry - order your 1914 Commemorative T-shirt now while supplies last!

    Order now during this special campaign and you can get your very own 1914 T customized with any of the following Special Theocratic Messages:

    • 1914 - The End of the Beginning, er no ...
    • 1914 - The Beginning of the End, no, that's not right either!
    • 1914 - The Beginning of Something, not sure what!?!
    • 1914 - Millions Then Living Are All Now Dead (Oh, sorry, that was 1925)
    • 1914 - The Beginning of the Two Groups Separated by 99 years But (Evidently According to Jesus) They Are Still Really Only One Generation!

    - - - - - - - - -

    Armageddon is coming soon - how happifying!!!

  • moshe


    Jehovah's Witnesses, heavily brainwashed for your entertainment!

  • NewChapter

    I'll take 3!

  • darthfader

    If they were 98 cents cheaper... I might be interested...

  • Goshawk


    Just knock off $0.37

    For the next 10 minutes & 7 seconds.

  • Diest

    I like kingdom hall beige.

  • Sofi

    hi, i'll get mine in theocratic black and white, and with the message " 1914 - Millions Then Living Are All Now Dead " so i can go to the memorial this year. two please, one S (medium is probably too unflattering) and one onesie for my daughter that says: I was sleeping but now i'm AWAKE!

  • undercover

    Could you add the 'crown & cross' logo? That old logo is so 1914, it just seems fitting to add it...

  • sir82

    How about this:

    1914 - 2014: Did Jesus prophesy about the last days or the last centuries?

  • exwhyzee

    Does it come in Assembly Hall Mauve ?

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