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  • Kristina1972

    What is the procedure for requesting to be on the Do Not Call list

    What happens when someone requests to be on the Do Not Call list?

    Does a letter need to be sent each year?

    Is the information shared with elders at neighboring congregations?

    How do the elders view such requests?

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    It's just put in the teritory card. and they are supost to go once a year and make sure you still want to be on it. But, they hardly do the teritory once a year so at least were I am it's every few years....

  • alanv

    Since I left 15 years ago, I had not been called on, even though I did not formally ask to be put on the do not call list. This year someone did call as they new my JWQ son and wanted to meet his dad. We had a good chat, but very soon she was trying to get away when she realized there was no chance of a conversion.

  • cantleave

    Just request not to be called on, it goes onto the territory card. Some stupid idiot will call by accident though, it's not fool proof, and the congregations are full of fools.

  • Kristina1972

    Does anyone know how territories are broken down in the U.S.? Is it by neighborhoods or cities?

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Depends on how big the area is. There is one hall to my county, so it is broken up by area, streets, depends on how populated it is. It's a big map of the county broken up in managable pieces. Some halls get all high teck maps....


    When I lived in the City I had a sign on my door..

    "No religious representatives"..

    I would watch JW`s read it,discuss it,then knock on my door..

    I would ask "Did you read the sign?"..

    Everyone of them lied and said "No"..

    So much for JW`s coming to your door with the Truth..


  • Phizzy

    Easiest thing to do is put a sign up that says :

    "Jehovahs' Witnesses DO NOT CALL or Leave any Publications.

    Please see"

    You might have to whip it down a bit smartish if your Dubbie relatives are going to visit and you are a fader, but the rest of the time that should work.

    No reason why you should not write a letter every year if you prefer, but the information about your so doing would not be viewed as confidential, nothing is in Dubbie Land.

  • cantleave

    Of course getting DF'd for apostasy stops them coming too. They could get infected by Demunz,

  • steve2

    Nowadays, I hardly ever see them out going door-to-door. I recall the frequency and fervor with which car loads of keen young JWs traversed the territory in the 1960s and 1970s, especially in the lead-up to 1975.

    In the more than 7 years I have lived at my present address, they have called once: they did not know me, nor I them. They left without knowing me after I simply and politely told them I was not interested. I doubt very much the absence of calls to my residence are because they know who I am - I live in a new district and, although there is a kingdom hall in a neighbouring town, I have seen them out door-knocking infrequently - and then it is noticeable that they are invariably older women. Where are all the children raised in the religion??

  • 3dogs1husband

    so many people are trying to find away to bring attention to the Org...what about a do not call campaign? Something to put in a local paper....

    Tired of your door bell ringing on Saturday Morning? Jehovahs Wittness bring much more then just annoyance GET on your LOCAL DO NOT CALL LIST! simply write DO NOT CALL HERE with your address and mail it to: #### Visit (a website) to learn how this is a protection for your family.

    just a thought!

  • diamondiiz

    Best way to become do not call, is to either tell JWs who call on you that you don't want them EVER calling back on you or better yet is that you tell them you are an apostate.

    Any other weaker response to JWs just doesn't work. Not interested, just means you might be interested some other time. Busy, means you might have more free time later for accept their trash."Fuck off", means you're just not interested right now......... No soliciting - they feel their not soliciting. No religious reps, doesn't apply to them because they represent Jehovah not a religion.....

    One needs to be VERY specific with them otherwise they will be back.

  • Chariklo
    One needs to be VERY specific with them otherwise they will be back.

    Oh good grief, a new take on Arnie's Terminator?

  • biometrics

    And don't forget of all those experiences (urban legends) where JWs accidentally called on a "do not call" and that person ended up becoming a Jehovah's Witness.

  • Conan The Barbarian
    Conan The Barbarian

    Q: What is the procedure for requesting to be on the Do Not Call list

    A: Write a letter to the local congregation. Send it Certified mail.

    Q: What happens when someone requests to be on the Do Not Call list?

    A: Nothing. They just list it on the territory card.

    Q: Does a letter need to be sent each year?

    A: Yes. Send it each year, and make it certified mail. If you don't they will come to your house "to verify whether you still want someone not to call".

    Q:Is the information shared with elders at neighboring congregations?

    A: No. It stays only in the Local Congregation and put in the territory card. They may contact another congregation if they had reason to do so.

    Q: How do the elders view such requests?

    A: How do you think? It's really no big deal. They will just put the note in the territory card and leave it at that unless you give them a reason to think/do something. They still have to honor your request.

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