As an ex near witness I have a voracious capacity for reading

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  • Star tiger
    Star tiger


    Since nearly being consumed by witness mentality as an almost baptised member but thankfully due to my fantastic wifes scepticism toward it, I have now embarked on a voracious capacity for reading all the books that were once excluded from my list to get a total rounded out experience of life from the Communist manifesto to Atlas Shrugged, wealth of nations, the age of reason, Robert Anton Wilson, the Koran and dare I say it Mein Kamf, the Vedas, but I am still a bit frightened of the Golden Bough due to the residue of the Jw's. All knowledge must be good, I've read the Bible and but it seem a bit meh!, All books have some interesting points, except the Nazi one but it's good to read anything you can!

    Anybody else obssesed with reading!!

    Best Regards,

    Star Tiger

  • Star tiger
    Star tiger


    I know you are intellectual people somebody must read something!!!


    Star Tiger

  • Fernando

    My mind was captive to the Watchtower until awakened by the gospel. This led to some amazing big picture discoveries through connecting the dots during voracious searching-reading. I never imagined in my wildest dreams this would be possible for me. Now I know it is available to anyone who wants it.

    I have come to conclude that with powerful search tools like Google (and even the Watchtower search engine) it is possible to do 10,000 years of old style manual research in just 1 year. This resourcing, awakening and empowering of ordinary folk will be the end of hegemonies like the Watchtower as evidenced by the Arab Revolution/Spring.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm a naturally voracious reader, even if I wasn't born-in.

  • scary21

    Totally, got to have a book at all times !!!!!

  • Phizzy

    I have always been a reader, but since leaving the JW's and realising my abysmal ignorance in many areas, I have started to read a wide range of stuff that will round out my education, philosophy is a fovourite,ancient and modern, I am reading a lot about science ,evolution being the first thing I wanted to get a proper grasp of.

    I am not afraid of ghosties and ghoulies, apart from being kicked in the latter, so will read Magick or any of that stuff (mostly fanciful nonsense IMHO) but I have had to learn to use critical thinking skills with a number of things I have read, many writers are not above using dodgy argumentation or worse.

    Just as an example, I was reading a scientific paper and it had not been presented for peer review, which put up a warning flag, I checked the references and all the supporting research that was quoted was from others who supported the theory being expounded, which meant that no opposing evidence was presented, a W.T type method.

    So Good Reading ! you will find others on here willing to recommend books, look back at some not so old threads on the subject, lots of good stuff.

  • Phizzy

    Sorry, double post, the next thing I must learn is to control my fat finger !

  • mP

    inwould recommend jospeh atwills caesars messiah.

    - did you know nazareth was discoverd by constantines mum queen helena and that nazareth sis notb exist beforehand?

    - did you know the apostle paulsmtrip to rome macthes jsoephus ownntrip, sea'wreck, malta etc, google for it --josephus paul rome--

    -did you know only titus does everything jesusnpredicts?

    - did you know comparing titus campaign and location of battles matches jesus wondering aeound judea.

    - did you ever wonder why everyone women in the gospels just about is called mary? im serious make a mental list.

    - did younknow mesada was destroyed exactly fortynyears to donthe day of christsbdeath?

    - did you know titus two majormadvesroeis in his campaign were called simon and john, like jesus favorite disciples?

    - did you know jospeh of arimathea is a play on josephus hebrew name, joseph ben matthais, and there is no arimathea?


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    Some of your factoids are very interesting. Would you mine telling us where you learned this information? They may very well be true but I also feel they are a bit odd.

  • Adiva

    I am never without a book. I read 2 - 3 at a time and will read up to 200 pages a day, especially if it's particularly riveting. Novels, short stories, history, self-help, meditation . . . whatever strikes my fancy.

    Reading is fun and knowledge is power.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I have always been addicted to reading. For some reason, reading came very naturally to me and I was able to read quickly many grade levels above my actual grade. My family had no money for books. All we had at home was all the WT lit (from the beginning) and a children's set of encyclopedias. I kept reading it over and over bored out of my mind. My mom took us to preschool library every weekday for special programs. Half my life was spent at the library. I cried when I had to go home.

    School was constriciting b/c I was such an advanced reader. I voraciously read young adult lit for those going to college. College was euphoric with reading materials. High school had sappy reading. An entire new world opened up. I spend vast sums on books which is so counter to my early training. The wide open world vs. the closet set of JWs triggers me to this day. When I read a book so well-written, a classic, sometimes I still tear up b/c I realize that this joy could easily be not a part of my life.

    I no longer have the deep concentration I once had when reading. Books allowed me to escape the WT while I resided at home and my activities were strictly regimented. My family would screech at me to get my attention. My mom always said an atomic bomb would not get my attention. I love other voracious readers, discussing books with them, and getting suggestions for reading from them. How I wish I had such concentration now.

    Reading was once my only link with the outside world. Now I frequently read books about events in which I participated in real life. It is nice to have a blend.

  • d

    Yes I reading a whole lot more since leaving in 2008. I read Aldous Huxley ,George Orwell ,Kafka and Tolstoy and the Prince . I am reading more science books.

  • dyakoub

    I have also become an avid reader. I got my degree in Literautre. I know how pretencious that sound- sorry. BTW, you have a PM.

  • mP


    ive found a lot of interesting mythology books by reading a few books.'as always wiki is always a good start to gtrab a few histocial background. the more i look, the more'i learn of the con that'is the bible and jesus.

    most of the gospel facts are from what i learnt by reading 'caesars messiah' an interesting book. its not hard us to do an elementary comparison of titus and jesus and notice the srtriking parallels, visits to the same towns in the same order. ive of course given a very short summary, the book shows how each and ever detail in the gospel is matched by titus. another interestingnconjexture is that josephus was the author of the original gospel, which is why i mentioned the joseph of arimathea pun. another point of note is that judas iscariot probably means judas the sicarii - check wiki. there is no place called iscariot. thats right the sicarii were another mob of rebels, just like zealots and peaceful peter who carries a sword, dagger or sicar. if your interested search youtube or buy the book. probably the most imoortant point, is at the time there were many messiahs all who were causing a lot of trouble and war. its bexause of this caesar sent vespasian and titus to cure judea of these can also verify for yourself that joaephus himaelf wrote that he believed titus to be the promiaed messiah. the point of tyhe gospels is to replace the jewish wish for a liberating messiah with a peaxeful'one who obeys rome and pays taxes. no roman is ever cruel, wrong, dishonourable in the gospels. in fact we are left with the odd outcome that eceryone blames the jews for jesus seath when he was executed by romans.

    a last note the passover / last supper is axtually a joke on the battle for jerusalem. durimg the battle many jews became cannabels, eattimgnthe flesh and blood. the gospel'attempts to paint jews as evil,'stupid and vile.


    remember all believers are alqays servants never free followers'of god, allah etc. the basic summary ofmthis is that we are slaves of god and his establishment on earth.

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