You have never heard of anyone have a bad day in field service, Right!

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I grew up hearing that over and over. I used to think about those bumper stickers that say I would rather be golfing or fishing. JW's should have bumper stickers that say I would rather be going door to door.

    Once I got old enough to understand it, I used to beat myself up all the time because some of the most hellish days of my life have been out in service.

    For so many reasons even more then I will list!

    First: being smashed into a car that should truly only hold four people but there are five if not six people in the car and I was always stuck in the middle of the back seat between two of the heavy sets feeling like I could not breath for hours on end.

    Second: I was in a car with people who truly hated me and made no qualms of letting me know that they hated me.

    Third: I was going to strangers doors uninvited and bugging the hell of people who did not want me there, trying to tell them that the religion and beliefs that they hold dear are wrong and that soon God is going to kill them unless they repent of their sins and become Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Yep no one has ever had a bad day doing Jehovah's work of field service!


  • sabastious

    Getting bit by a dog would turn any day into a bad one. Good thing there aren't many in the field service...


  • simon17

    I have to say, I often had a decently good time in service. If you manage to be with people you like you're in pretty good shape. There were some crazy stories that came out of service so I'm happy about those. I was never with people that were gung-ho, so we basically just said hello-goodbye to householders--nothing too stressful. That was the last thing I stopped doing actually. Sitting silently in meetings or pretending to believe things was that are clearly not true was the brutal part. Of course, a good amount of the time I did NOT want to go out in service Saturday mornings but its not like THursday night or Sunday afternoon when I'd be missing out on big games or school parties and stuff. If service was, say, once or twice a month, I really wouldn't have much negative to say about it.

  • NVR2L8

    For the last six months I attended meetings, I would go out in service with my wife only. I can't remember ever going to my new service group after they eliminated the traditional book study groups. I conducted the book study at my house and when that was over I asked to not have a field service arrangement at my house. So my wife and I would do a couple of return visits - most of them social - with an old couple who took the literature and I had a few calls a long way out in the country...This would allow me to put in a service report...

    I always hated service and I still clearly remember when my mother would "vacation" pioneer in April and she would have me stand on a street corner every morning holding up magazines right across from my grade school. All the teachers and students would see me and I felt so embarassed.

  • OnTheWayOut
    bumper stickers that say I would rather be going door to door.

    I love the idea of "selling" those bumper stickers through Stoops or maybe even inserting them into their next release at the conventions.

    The dubs would look down on anyone who refused to put one on their bumper.

    I think Smurfs were demonized so that kids in the 80's would be pressured to leave Saturday morning cartoons behind (a Unites States television thing very strong at that time) and knock on doors.

    Cars were crowded for recruiting so that they didn't have to do as much. After the door-to-door and the coffee shop break, a crowded car meant that only a couple of people had to come up with "return visits" and everyone else could just sit in the car.

    A coworker commented about JW's on his street the other weekend. He noticed that they went as slow as molasses as if they were not enjoying themselves. I told him that even they had a name for that pace- the pioneer stroll. No point in burning yourself out to do the job faster when the important thing is that your time is rolling.

  • BluesBrother

    no one has ever had a bad day doing Jehovah's work of field service!

    I had plenty of them!!..........It was the longest hour or so of the week. The watch hands refused to move on, it would seem.

    I guess anything is a bad time if your heart is not in it, and I knew that mine was not. I did want to be a part of the Organisation and I liked the rest of the life (all the time I believed it), but Field Circus? NO, you could stick it!

    Wife used to say that I had "no love of people"...but perhaps I knew deep down that something was wrong with what I was asked to do

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    The pioneers where I live call walking slowly the pioneer shuffle. To me that even makes it sound worse then the word stroll. In all the years I pioneered I had never heard that term until we came back from Bethel. Then it was all over the place, I was applied when I first heard it. I guess I was in the dark in some ways. I clearly remember asking the pioneer how she could say such a thing and she said well you know us pioneers have to be careful not to get burned out. She was only 19 years old at the time but she is still going strong now 15 years latter doing the pioneer shuffle.

    What a truly waste of life.

    I would love to make those bumper stickers also, I think it would be a riot if someone the dubs would actually put them on their cars.


  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Yeah every day spent in the ministry is a good day. Spending hours on end as a young child listening to middle-aged underachievers talking about all that is wrong in the world. Complaining about congregation politics and gossiping about those getting reproved and disfellowshipped. Hearing about how Satan and the demons will try to tempt you away from Jehovah as you grow up. Listening over and over again to those recycled recorded talks given by WT heavies.

    This elder gave an experience of a longtime pioneer who died while in field service. The question he posed to the congregation?

    "What better way to die?"


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I know cult classic I have heard that experience. Unbelievable


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm much more hard pressed to find a good day out in service. I really hated that routine

  • Azazel

    Im with BluesBrother i never enjoyed it because my heart really was never in it. We had it drummed into us that FS was a sacrifice of praise to God but the whole sacrifice thingy went out the door the day JC died as a ransom sacrifice. So why turn "sacrifice of paraise" into burdensome FS? WTS just wants to control and distribute their literature. ergh.



    If your a JW Kid and you don`t want to go in the FS..

    Thats a Bad Day..

    You`ll go out in the Field Service and Like It!

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • mercedes_29

    The worst days in FS for me happened to be when an elder in my cong wanted women to go out in service with him so we could babysit his young children. He never took them to the door, the bathroom or even sat in the back with them. If I wanted to take car of a baby I would have had my own.

  • WTWizard

    So I will mention some of the horrible days I had in field circus:

    1. Once, I got stuck on a call with this ugly guy that looked like he had chicken legs. He had to have been around 98 years old. And, I could see something like 12 different prescription drugs on his table--not even put away.

    2. Another time, I got stuck on a call where this ugly guy was spitting blood into a mayonnaise jar at regular intervals. Gross.

    3. Another time, I thought our field circus was going to be a nice short day. The pig I was with insisted on dragging a call out, trying to run it several hours to force me to stay out long after hoping for a short day. After some 15 minutes, I saw it was going in circles, wasting time--but the pig I was with didn't have the sense to limit the initial discussion to around 15-20 minutes before leaving something and returning another time.

    4. Another time, it was around 35 o C out, and muggy. I had a cold at the time, and they insisted I stay out the whole morning.

    5. Another hot muggy day, the pig I was out with insisted that I keep that top button done up regardless of how hot it was.

    6. On numerous occasions, I informed the group that I had to go in at 12 noon, because I had to work that evening. Instead, they tried to keep me out as long as possible, claiming that I shouldn't need to be in until it was almost time to go to work. I also lost track of the number of days when they tried that "Just one more call won't hurt", only to have yet another "just one more call" after that.

    You never heard of anyone having a bad day in field circus for a reason. They are afraid that, if they honestly reported it, they would win a trip to Guantanamo Bay the back room. This is similar to other missionaries, where they are afraid to post the rubbish the churches themselves put them through or that recruiting Christians is not worth what they have to do to get them. They can only post "Sure, it's hard. Nigeria is hot and muggy, there are shortages, you have to watch for endemic crime, animals, and diseases" with "But it was worth it to recruit a group of Christians and plant that church". The big difference is the churches reserve this for missionaries, while the witlesses treat everyone like that.

  • ViridianSoul

    The worst day I ever had in FS was when I was somewhere around eight years old. I went with my dad to the homeowner, who was outside in a hat and overalls chopping wood. It was fall but still warm; I imagine he was getting wood ready for the woodstove for the coming winter.

    Anyways, as we walked up, this guy PULLS A SHOTGUN OUT ON US. As it turns out, he was a southern baptist preacher, and he was mighty pissed we were there. It about scared me s***less when my dad ever so calmly told me to turn around and go back to the car while he stayed to talk to the man. I ran back to the car sobbing all the way, thinking for sure that my daddy was going to be shot dead right in front of us all.

    ...he wasn't, of course, but I was severely traumatized by the whole ordeal.

  • Finally-Free

    The worst day I had in FS was when I slipped on some ice in someone's driveway. I injured my knee, so the other JWs packed me into a station wagon and drove me home. Then they went back out in service.

    It would have been nice if someone at least helped me get my boots off and get up the stairs once I was home.


  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    I'm with wha happened.

    I can't think of a good day in field circus cause they were all bad.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I think when people say they had a good day out in field service, it's really cognitive dissonance at play. Obviously they can't say to another JW for fear of ending up in front of a judicial committee on charges of apostasy, "Man I'm really glad that shit is over! I didn't think it'd ever end! What time does the Harry Potter marathon start?!?!?" Heck, many a JW cannot even admit to themself that they really hate field service, so the best recourse is express satisfaction by saying they had a great time, but in reality what they mean is, they're glad it's over. They're happy they satisfied the WT's version of Molech Jehovah, and can now go on with the rest of their day.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    This thread made me think about times I've mentioned I don't enjoy field circus and get the canned response, "you don't go out enough to get joy from the work". Seriously?

    What Kind of logic is that? If you don't like it do it more, whaaaa?

    I don't like oysters, but according to witless logic if I just ate them more I would looooove them. Well guess what? I've had the nasty little buggers cooked dozens of ways and, SUPRISE! I still don't like them.

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