"Ooooohhhh I just CANT WAIT for Armageddon!"

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  • TimothyT

    In my congregation I could name at least 10 brothers, and likely more, who just couldnt WAIT for Armageddon to come. The way they spoke about it clearly showed that they were just so excited. You could just see their eyes light up at the prospect of the wicked being destroyed and removed from this earth. One brother LOVED talking about it on the ministry. It was highly embarassing and quite wrong inb my opinion. What happened to the good news of the Kingdom?

    It always reminded me of this scripture in Proverbs 17:5: "He that is holding the one of little means in derision has reproached his Maker. He that is joyful at [another’s] disaster will not be free from punishment."

    I cant imagine why anyone would be happy at the deaths and calamities of others! In my opinion some of the JWs have some very wierd and almost sadistic views!

  • truthseeker1969

    They could nullify that in a second. The fact they go door to door to them is evidence they do not look down on anyone and the fact they teach in their opinion of impending doom means they are free from the blood of all men. After all the big A is the work of Jehovah not man in their opinion.

    Yes some are happy the big A is coming and look forward to the life they always looked for and some go way over the top.


    I used to find those make-believe conversations so wierd. Luckily most of the younger dubs I spent time with were focused very much on the here and now. In fact most would change the subject if raised - I think they were uncomfortable talking about it because it was simply too unreal - showed they didn't actualy believe it.


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I looked forward to Armageddon because it meant the pain of my life would stop. Either in death or because God was going to make it better. I didn't even really care which way it went either. I just wanted some-one to stop the pain.

    I never truly believed there was going to be a mass killing of innocents, just the rapists, murderers and those who would terrorise and torture others. Plus people who were just plain nasty like my own non JW parents. No way did they deserve to live in Paradise after the way they have treated me.

    It was a conversation I had with myself often but other dubs always told me to leave it in Jehovah's hands.

    I reasoned that some really wicked people from history could be resurrected because "the wages sin pays is death" and along with the ransom, as long as they submitted to Christ's rule they would live forever. This seemed reasonable to me, but only as long as my non JW parents did NOT die before the big A. I think I was looking forward to God killing them. Now it is time will do the job as they are in their 80s. (Last I heard Mother was incontinent and dribbling after a stroke but not expected to die. Suffer bitch!)

    But if really nice kind people who had not converted to JW were living at the time of Armageddon they would die? This I reasoned in my head would not happen as it was not fair that it was your date of birth in history that determined whether you got a second chance or not.

    An all loving, powerful creater would never do anything "unfair", would he?

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    Some of the people at my former hall used to talk about whether everyone would go naked in the new system.

  • wannabefree

    finally awake, funny, I didn't know we went to the same hall

    An all loving, powerful creater would never do anything "unfair", would he?

    I suppose not, certainly everyone in Noah's time deserved to die, not one single good neighbor or child ... and the genocide of folks in the promised land, no better than vermin I guess

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    We had an elderly sister who said no-one would be allowed to sit on her sofa with a naked bottom!

    If there are sofas to sit on there will be clothes to wear and armitage shanks will still be producing porcelain, yes?

    edited to add: armitage shanks make baths and toilets etc

  • aquagirl

    I remember my dad telling me that in "Paradise"we could probably ride a zebra to the store!!!!Or ride a lion like a pony!!!I asked,"Dad,how about a big bird?Could I ride a really big bird"?he replied,"No!!!! Dont be ridiculous!".....This has never ceased to crack me up everytime I remember it...

  • shamus100

    Remember going out in service and having people drool over who's houses they were going to take over once the current occupants were murdered?

    What in the **** were we thinking?

  • oldflame

    I think we are at the front steps of the Tribulation but not the way they say it is going to happen and that bothers me because they will be confused when the crap hits the fan . They will be looking one way while God is going another and they will miss the boat . My mother is a witness and it worries me that after just a few years from now I may never see her again . I do not welcome that reality at all !

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