Kelly Jarka Case

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  • Kenneson

    Did anybody see 20/20 Investigation Discovery earlier this evening? It was all about Kelly Jarka who is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife. Took place in Murietta, California. He was an elder at the Kingdom Hall and the program referred to him as a "fallen minister." His mother-in-law immediately thought that he did it. But, his family members are all supportive of him. He was convicted on circumstantial evidence. The program included his interview by the police when he was taken down to the station; he seemed to me to be so unemotional for someone who claimed he had just found his house burgalarized and his wife killed. The jury did too; the judge sentenced him to life. But, he is going to appeal.

  • arko_n9ne

    in 5 years there wont be a single loyal witness who will acknowledge he ever attended a meeting with them. and in six years if the appeal is successful they will welcome him back with that christian love they have in abundance.

    i think russia has the right idea with how to treat cults.

  • thetrueone

    so unemotional for someone who claimed he had just found his house burglarized and his wife killed.

    Yes quite disturbing, it appears he thought he was so cleaver and so intelligent to make it look like a burglary, that he played it out not very convincingly.

    He reminds of guy who thought he could exploit his self righteous character being a JWS to cover a very devious plot to kill his wife and collect the life

    insurance policy. He was almost in foreclosure on the home and he was starting to develop some serious marital problems all at the same time.

    It may have been his wife sugestion to leave him that might have helped in triggering his actions.

    It was quickly apparent to homicide detectives that there appeared to be a cover up going at the crime scene.

    Two important factors that showed probable cause was the many searches on Google on how to kill someone and 3 life insurance policies

    taken out on his wife just 3 weeks before the murder. There were other mitigating circumstances as well.

    If he got away with it, he could have gotten completely out of debt as well people would have felt extremely sorry for him at his congregation

    and probably would have introduced to him some faithful sisters, being a respected elder and all.

    I guess he wasn't as bright as he thought.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    There was a poster here who is a cousin of Jarka.

  • scary21

    Yea, how about the search he did on HOW LONG SHOULD YOU WAIT TO REMARRY after your spouse dies ??? Wouldn't want to stumble anyone at the kingdom hall now.

  • Dagney

    There is a lot to the case. Drugs, failing business, money from criminal means, I think infidelity. His house of cards started to crash.

  • steve2
    i think russia has the right idea with how to treat cults.

    Yeah Russia has a shocking record with human rights so it should have lots of practise at picking on small fry religious groups. Imagine using a shockingly tragic event in the USA to smear the JWs and then invoking the image of Russia having the right idea on how to treat cults. You sound like a nice balanced thinker.Not.

  • thetrueone

    Drugs, failing business, money from criminal means, I think infidelity.

    What not from a fine brother like elder Kelly Jarka....... impossible ! are elders are never crooked businessmen, adulterers, drug takers and alcoholics.

    Are organization which is Jehovah's , is perfectly clean from these kind of people.

    You may find though these kinds of individuals inside Christendom's group of religions because they don't have god's guidance and blessing.

  • ChakkaConned

    I saw that piece last week. To be honest, I was somewhat torn about his guilt/innocense. He told the interviewer, "how stupid would I have be to take out an insurance policy 3 weeks before I planned to kill my wife?" as if to say, "I'm smarter than that". Plus, he made the point about having a 6 month old in the house, no way could he do such a thing. But, who else would have motive and commit such an empassioned killing. And, his demeanor was definitely suspect plus all those net lookups so I am leaning toward the jury got it right on this one.

  • james_woods

    I saw it last night.

    One thing that struck me was that nothing about this guy seemed to me to be like a typical JW elder. For one thing, he did not even talk like one - most JW elders would say "Jehovah" rather than "God". And, he did not say much of anything about the religion.

    For another - he was way, way, into the worldly material life: House he could not afford, two new SUVs, new pickup for business, 36' boat kept in a rental pier.

    Added to the circumstantial evidence: Computer searches on every way to kill someone (and make it look like an accident) known to man...$1.5 million dollar insurance taken out on the wife two weeks before she was murdered, weird nonsensical interviews with the police, etc.

    What I was wondering was how on earth this guy was still an elder? Maybe he was a great PR guy...

    The guy himself looked as guilty as hell - but I could not really see anything to blame the JWs for in this case.

  • thetrueone

    If he would have gotten away with it he would have collected $1.3 million US.

    This would have clean off all his debts. and left a pretty sum to live off perhaps for the rest of his life.

    Thankfully he has a personal redeemer in Jesus Christ and after a period of expressive repentance will be welcomed back to the congregation,

    perhaps one day return to his position of elder.

  • james_woods

    Thankfully he has a personal redeemer in Jesus Christ and after time period of expressive repentance will be welcomed back to the congregation,

    perhaps one day return to his position of elder.

    Except that they gave him life without parole. I don't see his appeals going anywhere.

  • truthseekeriam

    Oh he did it!!

    Witness testimony in the trial of a Murrieta man accused of murdering his wife ended Wednesday with the victim's mother returning to the stand at Southwest Justice Center in French Valley.

    Tina Canchola responded to questions from Deputy District Attorney Burke Strunsky by saying her daughter, Isabelle Jarka, had approached her in early 2008 with a request she would later repeat twice before her death on April 28 of that year.

    Her daughter asked whether she and the Jarkas' two children could stay with Canchola, across the street from the family home they shared with her husband, Kelle Jarka, who is the children's father.

    "She said, 'Mother, if I need to, can I go live with you with my two kids, because my life is not good anymore with Kelle?'" Canchola said.

    The mother, however, was asked by Kelle Jarka's defense attorney, Erin Kirkpatrick, whether she had revealed those conversations when previously interviewed by investigators.

    "They didn't ask me," the woman said.

    On Aug. 19, after Canchola had been called as the prosecution's first witness, she said under questioning by Kirkpatrick that she had told a detective immediately after the murder that the couple were having problems, as all couples do.

    In Kelle Jarka's defense, his attorneys have sought to undermine the prosecution's case that the foundation of the defendant's life was crumbling as his relationship with his wife became increasingly strained and, as the family's only breadwinner, he was burdened with mounting debts.

    The district attorney had Jarka arrested May 22 and charged him with killing his wife, with the goal of collecting life insurance money. Prosecutors allege he staged the murder scene at the family's home to look like a burglary.

    Isabelle Jarka, 40, was found dead upstairs. An autopsy concluded she suffered 11 blows to the head, one of which crushed the back of her skull. Kelle Jarka had called 911 that morning and said he had returned from an errand to find the home ransacked and his wife unconscious.

    A detective and computer expert testified earlier for the prosecution that documents found in a desk and a computer hard drive showed inquiries about life insurance and policies taken out on Isabelle Jarka worth more than $1 million. Also, the hard drive of the laptop computer found under a seat in Kelle Jarka's Lexus sport utility vehicle contained dozens of searches on methods for causing death, the expert testified.

    The defense has challenged the ability of the prosecution to verify that the husband obtained the policies without his wife's knowledge and that he was the source of the Internet searches. The attorneys also have attacked details cited as evidence of a faked burglary.

    Jarka's attorneys called several witnesses to rebut the prosecution's depiction of the marriage as troubled, concluding Wednesday with the defendant's older sister, Aquilla Shafer, who visited the Jarkas at length on two separate occasions before the slaying.

    Shafer said she had never known her brother to be violent or argumentative. As lifelong Jehovah's Witnesses, she said, they were taught to be calm when confronted with anger. That testimony could also be seen as shedding some light on a videotape shown to jurors of a detective's interview immediately after the slaying. Detectives testified he seemed unusually calm.

    "His demeanor is controlled and peaceful," Shafer said of her brother. "We were raised with the idea that you would always give a mild answer."

    She testified she had seen no signs of a troubled marriage during her stays, prompted in part by her experience as a doula, someone trained to provide support for mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth. Isabella gave birth prematurely in October 2007 to a son.

    Isabelle suffered some depression, but nothing abnormal under the circumstances, Shafer said.

    Also, Kirkpatrick brought up the issue of a Harajuku handbag with Isabelle Jarka's blood on it that detectives said Kelle Jarka gave them in the days after the incident, saying he found it in a pile of clothes in the master bedroom where the attack on Isabelle Jarka started. Murrieta detective Andrew Dorcas testified there was no way he and other investigators could have missed the purse during their probe on April 28, 2008.

    Shafer, however, testified she and her husband had found the purse among clothes in the room as they were helping her brother sort out belongings in the days after the slaying.

    Strunsky brought Dorcas back to the stand Wednesday to reiterate that the purse had not turned up anywhere in the room despite a thorough search.

    The trial resumes Friday with closing statements scheduled and the jury expected to begin deliberations.

    The case is attracting some national attention, as a reporter with ABC's "20/20" program asked Judge Timothy Freer on Wednesday to allow Friday's proceedings to be videotaped.

    Call staff writer Michael J. Williams at 951-676-4315, ext. 2635.

    Read more:

  • thetrueone

    And, he did not say much of anything about the religion.

    Actually he quoted a couple of Scriptures during an interview by a journalist.

    but I could not really see anything to blame the JWs for in this case.

    Other than to create an outward character of righteousness and innocence.

    Something he was obviously trying to exploit for his own means.

  • truthseekeriam

    It was quite the scandal!! Simental had just been convicted for molesting little girls the year before Jarka was convicted of murdering his wife same prosecutor same courthouse. In both cases the elders tried to get out of testifying.

  • Stealth

    It was a rage killing after an all night elder visit to talk about marital issues. He was probably planning on doing it sometime in the future, however after being confronted by his wife in front of another elder, up all night and probably got into a fight once the elder left, he most likely lost it and snapped.

    There may not have been any physical evidence, however the circumstantial evidence was to massive for him to over come.

    Kelle (not Kelly) was a blue blood witness. Mother & Father in the missionary work when younger. Father gave talks at conventions, dramas, headed up quick build committee, etc. Uncle who was a CO.

    I think his family is in denial.

  • thetrueone

    Another interesting point to realize is why did he take 3 life insurance policies when he was in so much debt, to almost have his house foreclosed on.

    Your right though Stealth , he may have had this devious attack already perking in his mind, the elder visit the night prior to the murder may have

    just pushed him into taking action upon those retaining thoughts. An argument pursued after the elder left and all hell got started,

    the early morning hours were spent thinking how to make it all look like a burglary.

    I also think its laughable and all assuming that his follow brothers and sisters inside his own family and at his congregation

    think he's all innocent, a very typical stance taken by JWs trying subjectively support the outward image of Jehovah's organization.

    The question remains how did Satan the Devil over come Kelle when he was so close and inside the protection of Jehovah's earthly organization ?

  • truthseekeriam

    It looks like that elder was there until 3 in the morning??

  • ChakkaConned

    Is the elder visit the night before substantiated? I don't recall that being mentioned in the 20/20 piece. If that's true, that would have added even more motive and made for an even weightier circumstantial case. Was the elder who visited them called to the stand to testify?

  • ChakkaConned

    Thanks truthseekeriam. Didn't see that before I posted. Wow!

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