Febuary 21 2012 We could make a difference,if we want to. A World Wide Campaign sending letters to Govt. officials,newspapers, to Victoria Australia

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  • smiddy

    This is a sugestion I have to all members of this board ,members from all over the world, to let the Victorian Government in Australia know that the world is concerned about protecting the children of Victoria ,and theirby setting a precedent for the rest of the world, who are interested in the outcome of the criminal charges against the religion of Jehovah`s Witnesses in refusing to abide by the legislation to get "Working With Children Checks"when required to do so.Correct me if i`m wrong but I think if all of us sent letters to the newspapers here in australia ,the different members of parliment here,we would demonstate that the victorian judicial system here is under scrutiny to do the right thing in the eyes of the world.

    We all complain that the WTB&TS/Jehovahs Witnesses is a cult religion that sucks,destroying family relationships,here is a chance to do something about it

    Whether you agree with Steven Unthank or not,here is an opportunity to stick up for the children of Jehovah`s Witnesses and every other child that a witness calls on in their door to door ministry.

    What do you think ?


  • cedars

    I would certainly be up for this if it would have a positive impact on the case. Wouldn't the defence argue that the proceedings were being unduly influenced by "apostates" if we did this? I'm just trying to look at this from all perspectives. If it's appropriate and advantageous for us all to write in, I would definitely be up for taking part.


  • wobble

    I think this is a splendid idea, we would need to restrain the impulse to have a pop at every aspect of the WT's problems.

    We would need to be conscious of the need not to interfere in any way with the Judicial process, so perhaps we could produce suggested template letters, but I do agree that this needs to be seen by those in positions of responsibility in Victoria that this is not just a parochial problem, and that the repercussions if the case is handled well, will benefit children and the vulnerable around the globe.

  • Azazel

    I could supply you with lots of names and addresses of "people" you /we could write on behalf off just to stir the pot a bit.

    But yes we should write every Vic politician we can find

    Im in


  • smiddy

    cedars: I appreciate your point,we would have to be carefull how we word our concern so as not to give the impression we are trying to influence the courts decision.

    wobble: Well said

    Azazel:That would be very helpful


  • Azazel

    Here's a start , this link is to the Parliment of Victoria and has the postal address of every member of Parliment.


    Now we need to draft a letter, not that we all send word for word because that wont count with them. Just if we could draft the key points of why we have written then we can word it our own way individually.Yes it will take alot of writing but the poor little children who have suffered deserve us to do what we can to protect the next victims.


    PS i have a pdf of all their names and postal address just PM me and i will send to you or if someone more tech savy can post it here.sorry

  • Azazel

    PLEASE eveyone this is a serious matter and if you make one new years resolution then make it to write every Victorian gov member so they are all aware of the pending case in Feb12 and that you applaud the child protection laws that have been passed in Victoria. Praise them as a model for other states/countries.

    Every ocean is made up of drops.

    If some one would like to draft a few points that our letters could express that would be great.

    If anyone can tell me how to post a pdf here then i have the mailing list for every member of parliment in Victoria.

    Please support this if you can.


  • Azazel

    as above

  • Azazel

    i will keep this current

  • Alfred

    What's their mailing address or email?

  • Azazel

    i have a pdf of all their names n address. dont know how to post pdf? or Pm better to be able to post it here so everyone can get involved

  • smiddy


    Click on the link Azazel provided then click on the name of who you want to send an email to and all the information is provided


  • Azazel

    Thxs Smiddy i went to that site and extracted all the names and mailing addresses into one pdf to make it easier for all,just dont know how to load the pdf here?

  • smiddy

    ABible Student posted a link a month ago of the newspapers in Aust./Victoria where you could send letters to the editor or e-mails to.

    I think whatever we write needs to be polite,respectful,non confrontational,just letting all in sundry know we are closely looking at this court case with interest

    "The more letters/e-mails they receive from all parts of the world would be a great witness" Pun intended.


  • MrMonroe

    Victorian news media are aware of the case and I'm sure they'll report on anything newsworthy that eventuates. At the moment the case is still in the formative stages.

  • Azazel

    Correct Mr Monroe thats why we need to write each individual member of parliment so they as a body are aware of the breach of their own law and the interest within and outside Australia there is in their law

    . Just in case no-one reads my post




  • ABibleStudent

    The following is a simple message from Steven Unthank on www.jwNews.net, which I thought was very appropriate to this thread.

    “Unless…” a simple message from JW News

    December 27, 2011
    Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and support, emotionally, financially and spiritually during 2011.
    Let’s care enough during 2012 to try that little bit extra to make the world safer for the sake of our children.
    “Unless one person stands up no one can join them.”
    From Steven Unthank and JW News.

    If you would like to make this world safer for JW children, family, and friends, I hope that everyone gets involved in 2012 by sending emails and/or letters to politicians, prosecutors, news organizations, and JW friends and family. I believe in a multi-prong approach such as writing to news organizations, politicians, prosecutors, and anonymously to JW friends and families via emails like I wrote in http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/beliefs/211893/1/Youe28099ve-Got-Mail-TM. If it helps, here are some links to threads that I have written about contacting news organizations, politicians, and prosecutors:

    On the right-hand side of www.jwNews.net, Steven Unthank lists several very useful links to contact appropriate persons and access media information. According to the Press Releases of the Attorney-General of Victoria (http://www.premier.vic.gov.au/component/labels/portfolio-attorney-general.), on Sept 27, 2011 Attorney-General Robert Clark announced the appointment of John Champion SC as Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). It might help to send emails/letters to both the Attorney-General and Director of Public Prosecutions of Victoria using the following contact information:

    Contact Us

    John Champion SC is Director of Public Prosecutions

    Office of Public Prosecutions: enquiries@opp.vic.gov.au
    Director of Public Prosecutions: director@opp.vic.gov.au
    FOI enquiries: foi@opp.vic.gov.au
    Compliments or complaints about the OPP: communityliaison@opp.vic.gov.au
    Briefings enquiries: opp.briefings@opp.vic.gov.au

    Aus Doc address: DX 210290

    Office of Public Prosecutions
    565 Lonsdale St
    Melbourne VIC 3000
    Tel: 03 9603 7666
    Fax: 03 9603 7430

    Hon Robert William Clark is the Attorney General of Victoria and appointed the Director of Public Prosecutions of Victoria

    Email Addressrobert.clark@parliament.vic.gov.au
    Web Sitewww.robertclark.net/

    Email Address: robert.clark@parliament.vic.gov.au

    Web Site: www.robertclark.net/

    Phone: (03) 8684 1101

    Address: Level 26, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    I will be posting additional contact information in the future to try to keep this thread near the top of the most active threads.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love and Happy New Year 2012,


  • Azazel

    Just so you can see here is a list of all the sitting members of the Victorian Parliment.If you go to the web link i have posted earlier you can get their email address.But an actual letter holds more sway with a poly than just an email.Their staffers read them for them so easy to just delete.

    Good luck

    Hon Jacinta Allan
    PO Box 399
    Bendigo 3552

    Hon Daniel Andrews
    517A Princes Highway
    Noble Park 3174

    Mr Neil Angus
    4 Lawrence Street
    Blackburn South 3130

    Hon Louise Asher
    Ground Floor
    228-230 Bay Street
    Brighton 3186

    Hon Mr Bruce Atkinson
    PO Box 280
    Nunawading 3131

    Hon Ted Baillieu
    325 Camberwell Road
    Camberwell 3124

    Mr Greg Barber
    Suite G-01, 60 Leicester Street
    Carlton 3053

    Ms Ann Barker
    19 Station Street
    Oakleigh 3166

    Mr Brad Battin
    Suite 5, 6-8 Langmore Lane
    Berwick 3806

    Mrs Donna Bauer
    374 Nepean Highway
    Chelsea 3196

    Ms Liz Beattie
    PO Box 132
    Craigieburn 3064

    Mr Gary Blackwood
    3/24 Mason Street
    Warragul 3820

    Ms Candy Broad
    Suite 4, 33-35 Macedon Street
    Sunbury 3429

    Mr Colin Brooks
    PO Box 79
    Bundoora 3083

    Mr Tim Bull
    143 Main Street
    Bairnsdale 3875

    Mr Neale Burgess
    PO Box 909
    Somerville 3912

    Hon Christine Campbell
    416a Bell Street
    Pascoe Vale 3044

    Mr Anthony Carbines
    PO Box 314
    Heidelberg West

    Hon Robert Clark
    24 Rutland Road
    Box Hill 3128

    Mrs Andrea Coote
    306 Bay Street
    Port Melbourne 3207

    Mr Peter Crisp
    P.O Box 3225

    Ms Georgie Crozier
    Shops 1 & 2, 667-669 Glenhuntly
    Caulfield 3162

    Ms Lily D'Ambrosio
    6 May Road
    Lalor 3075

    Hon Richard Dalla-Riva
    Suite 10, 477 Burwood Highway
    Vermont South 3133

    Ms Kaye Darveniza
    PO Box 1838
    VIC 3630

    Hon David Davis
    Suite 4
    976 Riversdale Road
    Surrey Hills 3127

    Mr Philip Davis
    PO Box 9210
    Sale 3853

    Hon Hugh Delahunty
    PO Box 41
    Horsham 3402

    Hon Martin Dixon
    P.O Box 250

    Mr Luke Donnellan
    PO Box 126
    Endeavour Hills 3802

    Mr Damian Drum
    239 Barnard Street
    Bendigo 3550

    Ms Jo Duncan
    PO Box 39
    Gisborne 3437

    Ms Maree Edwards
    PO Box 155
    Golden Square

    Mr Khalil Eideh
    Suite 2
    80 Carmody Drive
    Cairnlea 3023

    Mr Nazih Elasmar
    Shop 5
    101 Burgundy Street
    Heidelberg 3084

    Mr Andrew Elsbury
    Shop 1, 662 Old Calder Highway

    Mr John Eren
    1st Floor, Corio Village Centre
    Bacchus Marsh Road
    Corio 3214

    Mr Bernie Finn
    277 Hampshire Road
    Sunshine 3020

    Mr Martin Foley
    46 Rouse Street
    Port Melbourne 3207

    Ms Christine Fyffe
    143 Main Street
    Lilydale 3140

    Ms Jane Garrett
    Suite 1
    31 Nicholson Street
    Brunswick East 3057

    Mr Michael Gidley
    Suite 1, 40 Montclair Avenue
    Glen Waverley 3150

    Ms Judith Graley
    PO Box 4180
    Narre Warren South 3805

    Ms Danielle Green
    PO Box 376
    Diamond Creek 3089

    Hon Matthew Guy
    56 Beetham Parade
    Rosanna 3084

    Ms Bronwyn Halfpenny
    PO Box 219

    Hon Peter Hall ← Especially this one!
    PO Box 1506
    Traralgon 3844

    Ms Colleen Hartland
    PO Box 318
    Seddon West 3011

    Mr Joe Helper
    PO Box 175
    Maryborough 3465

    Ms Jill Hennessy
    PO Box 6519,
    Point Cook Town Centre,
    Point Cook 3030

    Mr Steve Herbert
    718 Main Road
    Eltham 3095

    Mr David Hodgett
    60 Main Street
    Croydon 3136

    Hon Tim Holding
    Suite 3, 387-389 Springvale Road
    Springvale 3171

    Mr Geoff Howard
    15 Main Road
    Ballarat 3350

    Hon Rob Hulls
    PO Box 554
    Niddrie 3042

    Ms Natalie Hutchins
    Shop 11, Aquagardens Shopping
    28A Hume Drive
    Sydenham 3037

    Mr Gavin Jennings
    517A Princes Highway
    Noble Park 3174

    Ms Marlene Kairouz
    Shop T54, Brimbank Shopping
    Cnr Neale and Station Roads
    Deer Park 3023

    Mr Andrew Katos
    152 High Street
    Belmont 3216

    Ms Sharon Knight
    Ground Floor, 17 Lydiard Street
    Ballarat 3350

    Mr David Koch
    PO Box 2273
    Geelong BC
    VIC 3220

    Hon Nicholas Kotsiras
    Shop 30D, Bulleen Plaza
    101 Manningham Road
    Bulleen 3105

    Mrs Jan Kronberg
    PO Box 331
    Eastland Shopping Centre
    Ringwood 3134

    Mr Telmo Languiller
    PO Box 1046
    Glengala Road
    Sunshine West 3020

    Mr Shaun Leane
    Suite 3, Level 2
    420 Burwood Highway
    Wantirna 3152

    Mr John Lenders
    Level 2, 55 St Andrews Place
    Melbourne 3002

    Mr Hong Lim
    Level 1, 1312 Centre Road
    Clayton South 3169

    Hon Wendy Lovell
    138 Welsford Street
    Shepparton 3630

    Hon Justin Madden
    PO Box 699
    Moonee Ponds

    Mr Tim McCurdy
    15 Murphy Street
    Wangaratta 3677

    Mr Frank McGuire
    145A Wheatsheaf Road
    Glenroy 3046

    Hon Andrew McIntosh
    Suite 1, 400 High Street
    Kew 3101

    Ms Cindy McLeish
    PO Box 575

    Mr James Merlino
    1635 Burwood Hwy
    Belgrave 3160

    Ms Jenny Mikakos
    319 Spring Street
    Reservoir 3073

    Ms Elizabeth Miller
    723 Centre Road
    Bentleigh East 3165

    Mr David Morris
    Shop 1, 321 Main Street
    Mornington 3931

    Hon Terry Mulder
    115A Bromfield Street
    Colac 3250

    Hon Dr Denis Napthine
    PO Box 5075
    Warrnambool 3280

    Mr Don Nardella
    3 Alexandra Street
    Melton 3337

    Hon Lisa Neville
    Shop 1, Newcomb Central
    71 Bellarine Highway
    Newcomb 3219

    Mr Clem Newton-Brown
    94 Chapel Street
    Windsor 3181

    Mr Wade Noonan
    PO Box 524
    Williamstown 3016

    Mr Russell Northe
    PO Box 214
    Morwell 3840

    Hon Michael O'Brien
    313-315 Waverley Road
    Malvern East 3145

    Mr David O'Brien
    2nd Floor 1 Yarra Street
    "La Cabine"
    Geelong 3220

    Mr Edward O'Donohue
    PO Box 817
    Pakenham 3810

    Mr Craig Ondarchie
    464 High Street
    Northcote 3070

    Hon Martin Pakula
    231 Hyde Street
    Yarraville 3013

    Mr Tim Pallas
    36 Station Place
    Werribee 3030

    Hon John Pandazopoulos
    Suite 5, 50 Robinson Street
    Dandenong 3175

    Ms Sue Pennicuik
    206 Bay Street
    Brighton 3186

    Mr Jude Perera
    PO Box 5433
    Cranbourne 3977

    Mrs Donna Petrovich
    84-86 Sydney Street
    Kilmore 3764

    Mrs Inga Peulich
    376 Nepean Highway
    Chelsea 3196

    Hon Bronwyn Pike
    P.O Box 267
    North Melbourne

    Hon Jeanette Powell
    5 Vaughan Street
    Shepparton 3630

    Ms Jaala Pulford
    15 Main Road
    Ballarat 3350

    Mr Simon Ramsay
    124 Koroit Street
    Warrnambool 3280

    Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips
    1/31 Princes Highway
    Dandenong 3175

    Ms Fiona Richardson
    404 High Street
    Northcote 3070

    Ms Dee Ryall
    PO Box 428
    Vic 3130

    Hon Peter Ryan
    PO Box 145
    Sale 3850

    Mr Johan Scheffer
    PO Box 876
    Pakenham 3810

    Mr Robin Scott
    PO Box 166
    Preston 3072

    Mr Geoff Shaw
    140 Young Street
    Frankston 3199

    Hon Ken Smith
    PO Box 448
    Wonthaggi 3995

    Hon Ryan Smith
    44 New Street
    Ringwood 3134

    Mr Adem Somyurek
    Unit 2, 24 Langhorne Street
    Dandenong 3175

    Mr David Southwick
    Suite 1, 193 Balaclava Road
    Caulfield North 3161

    Dr Bill Sykes
    Shop 2, 55 Carrier Street
    Benalla 3672

    Mr Lee Tarlamis
    157a Sladen Street

    Mr Brian Tee
    128 Ayr Street
    Doncaster 3108

    Mr Murray Thompson
    PO Box 139
    Sandringham 3191

    Hon Marsha Thomson
    204 Nicholson Street
    Footscray 3011

    Ms Gayle Tierney
    Ground Floor, 1 Yarra Street
    Geelong 3220

    Mr Bill Tilley
    Po Box 1719

    Mr Ian Trezise
    69A Pakington Street
    Geelong West 3218

    Mrs Heidi Victoria
    2/40 Station Street
    Bayswater 3153

    Mr Matt Viney
    Unit 1, 9 Napier Street
    Warragul 3820

    Mr Nick Wakeling
    PO Box 551
    Ferntree Gully 3156

    Hon Peter Walsh
    274 Campbell Street
    Swan Hill 3585

    Mr Graham Watt
    PO Box 409

    Mr Paul Weller
    26 Percy Street
    Echuca 3564

    Hon Kim Wells
    PO Box 4255
    Knox City Centre

    Hon Mary Wooldridge
    Suite 2, 1020 Doncaster Road
    Doncaster East 3109

    Ms Lorraine Wreford
    PO Box 233
    Southland Centre

    Hon Richard Wynne
    PO Box 1474
    Collingwood VIC 3066

    Collective voices makes for a loud shout!


  • Vanderhoven7


  • Azazel

    I really hope as many of you as can support this effort to raise awarness of the coming court case in Feb 2012.

    Ive written my own letter to send and have gotten ready to post 60 out of the 128.

    The WTS deserves to be scrutinized by the Government and the law over child protection.

    Please do what you can even if its just email.

    Theres so much effort intellectualy to squabble over definitions of bible verse.How about chanelling that energy into protecting the innocent children who may be saved molestation if the law in Victoria is enforced.

    Please consider helping.

    I can carry alot of shit into the wilderness for you as Azazel but it would be nice to have company too.



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