A BIG change the Watchtower will have to face up to . . .

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  • diamondiiz

    I agree that next 20 years will see major changes within wts.

    Anyone with a brain will start to question the end being soon as they watch 2014 come and go, 2020 come and go as they're getting older.....

    GB isn't as charismatic as Franz, Russell or Rutherford. New theology just gets dumber while the uneducated JWs have harder time making ends meet.

    Technology already brought information closer to home than GB would like, we just need some laws that restrict unlimited recruitment going on, something along the lines of Australia would be a wonderful welcome everywhere. Get recruiters to get background checks everywhere and this will cause major problems for wts especially in developed countries.

    Positions of dead GB members are still vacant and aren't being replaced, maybe there is a fear of new one(s) making changes that the present leaders wouldn't know how to handle. Maybe there is growing mistrust within the top leadership.

    I only hope that within my lifetime I see GB members and their legal team thrown in prison for a long long time - chair would be fine by me as well.

  • nicolaou

    I only hope that within my lifetime I see GB members and their legal team thrown in prison for a long long time

    Actually I hope that doesn't happen, remember the spin after the last time WT leaders were incarcerated? All we need is a steady feed of good quality research presented honestly, simply and without sensationalism.

    Are you listening Rick?

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    "thousands of the post-1995 generation of tech savvy, independently minded born-ins will be doing the same thing - and leaving!"

    Thankfully and proudly I count myself among the above group of older (60 years young) JWs who are tech savvy and not scared to pursue the real truth. I came "in" at 10 years of age, so I have 50 years of JW "experiences" to draw from. And I saw firsthand the lead up to 1975.

    Now it's funny how we tend to be stereotyped as I will never forget the young elder who thought he was talking to a dumb stupid older one when he admonished me that the Society strongly warns us about looking at only its approved web site and to avoid any other website having to do with JWs. And, he said in such a manner that he seemed convinced that his words of wisdom to this "old" guy would be just wise enough for me to immediately obey and not look.

    That could not be futher from the truth, as I immediately wondered to myself what is it I am not supposed to see, went home from the KH, found this site and the rest is, as they say, history. Since then I've always had this desire to go back and personally thank this elder for his help in getting me to leave.


  • diamondiiz

    nic - remember last time wts boys were incarcerated, it was for very very short time. If they get a life without a parole I'll drink to that, jws can spin it all they want, I would care less for they would have no leaders and no wts because if the top were to go, they would go down with all their assets not just persecution style like someone didn't like GB but it would be for something big.

    steady feed of good quality research presented honestly

    you realize that doesn't affect the general cult population but helps only few members who sense there is something wrong with their "religion". As for Rick, he does more harm than good.

  • cedars

    nicolaou and diamondiiz - which Rick are you talking about?

    PM me if you don't want to say in public.


  • diamondiiz

    cedars - koolaidman is the only Rick that comes to mind when it comes to sensationalizing and stretching the truth

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