What is Knorr's legacy?

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  • drewcoul

    So, then Freddie took care of prophecy and Knorr took care of the business and growing the organization. I see. It just seems that theologically he wasn't very insightful and didn't really look into deep scriptural things (true or not) like the other three (Russell, Rutherford, and Franz). Am I right about that?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Oh, could I start about Rutherford and Franz and theology. Is it true that Rutherford left the Witnesses in bad shape (perhaps financially) and Knorr acted as a sort of business manager. I was young but I recall Franz's talks as very important but the key speaker was Knorr. After all the brothers talked and talked, I used to get revved up to hear KNorr at Yankee Stadium. We were a crummy, embarassing religious cult in a bad neighbohood in terms of the KH but every year we met at a sacred space, Yankee Stadium, a place where normal people went to worship. The place was full. OUtsite the stadium they sold Daily News and NY Post papers that carried banner headlines about the convention. Poor me, thought the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, broadcast news stopped all normal coverage b/c Knorr was so impressive. Finally, the world would see. I would have a status religion.

    I still have press clippings from the newspaper that showed me at three, my bro. at two, entering to worship Jehhovah and to eat that great JW food. (the food the NY Health Dept inspected and immediately shut down. It was a true miracle that 3/4 of the stadium did not end up in ers with severe food posioning. Now I realize they were just special souvenirs designed to look like newspapers.

    Honestly, Franz bored me.Complex calculations when I wanted to watch Soul Train and American Bandstand. Knorr would get up and explain all the building plans. He discussed international issues. One convention had delegates dressed in their native garb. Still have those photos. Armageddon or my forced religion taking over the world. Knorr was going to be even bigger than JFK in my deluded kid brain.

    Seriously, if anyone knows the formation of the org/theo split, I am interested in hearing it.

  • MrMonroe

    Drewcoul, I think you're right. Franz was the theologian and Knorr the organiser. The Watchtowers placed a great deal of emphasis on how the numerical growth of the religion, as well as the expansion of real etate, were proof that Jehovah was blessing the org. Rutherford, by contrast, seemed to care much less about how many were in the org: he was right and that was that. Maybe Knorr needed the numbers to prove him right.

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