Is being a JW that serious?

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  • Skratch

    Before i decided to post my thread i went through this most of this site and tried to see everyone elses experiences and childhoods, unlike some ppl i never told my friends i was a jw because i just knew that would make me uncool to everyone and i wasnt brainwashed like the rest of the jw's i saw and really followed there life by the jw principles. Its sad how some parents have there kids so brainwashed by this stuff its so pathetic i feel sad for some of them, they probably have no friends in school. Growing up in a jw household i always thought alot of there rules are intense and dont allow humans to have any fun i mean come on i can't play pokemon? I remember my parents took my Harry potter book away when i was about 8? i was so in to that book too all because they say it has witchcraft but its just a book lord how mercy lol. I had this other jw friend but his parents wont like mines i remeber he had shooting games over his house but my parents wouldnt let me have them so when i turned 17 i had to sneak buy those M rated shooters. I think everybody ca agree, halo, cod, GTA those are some fun games, yeah your killing people but its not like im getting bad thoughts in FUN! its competitive its a video game, yes i understand jw's dont like violence etc but gosh lighten up i honestly can careless there messin up childrens childhood. You mean to tell me you want miss out on all this fun in this current world to have allengely "Everlasting life" in a new world? GTFO, everyday they say the same old thing "this is the end of times","this is the last days" SMFH! yeah ok and when WWI, WWII, and segregation, & the Holocaust arent worst then what goes on today? I wasnt alive during those times but based off what i studied through school and etc those times are worst then what goes on today, facts can back this up because it was more killing and stuff going on back then, than today, im pretty sure those same slaves were saying the same thing were saying today. So to think im a be some dude who never has fun, never party, never drink(i dont drink now im underage i respect the law), never sleep with all the fine women(lol) then you must be crazy lol. I respect the jw religion to a certain exinct alot of there rules are good intentions, there good people, there probably some of the best ppl on earth honestly(or am i saying that because of what the jw taught me), you dont hear about them shooting up ppl or nothing and if they did they probably wont a real jw in the first place. i disagree with the blood transfusions, there entertainment morals(even though i know most of them will watch a movie with guns in it) i dont think no jw is perfect they all bend the rules in some way except the fully brainwashed ones you cant help, they'll forever be sick & fooled. Jesus or whoever may not have been born on xmas but i dont totally hate the day since i was born into the jw i've been programmed not to celebrate it and hate it. I think its kinda sad how i could never experience it fully when i was a kid but hey its w/e im not real upset over it, i honestly think its a nice time of the year, everybodys happy, shopping, stuff is on sale, decorations are pretty and i always loved xmas songs there decent, but i cant imagine puttin up the decorations in my house or a tree maybe because i was a jw idk... but if i have kids in the future id most likely give them presents because i want to see the there faces light up. I really don't believe nobody was born on xmas because i've became alittle agnostic/atheist just by reading about religion as a whole and how it brainwashes ppl in general not just jw. Also the whole "prayer" thing makes no sense, you mean to tell me ppl are in the positions they are in today because of prayer? And i hate when something good happens to me and somebody wants to say "jehovah" did that when clearly i did it myself i dont need somebody else thats not there to take my credit, i believe you have 100% of where you want your life to go but you can depend on prayer if you want if it builds your "hope" up. Also, growing up in a jw household my ppl didnt want me to go to NY for college because they felt it was to "worldly" and its alot of stuff up there, honestly i do want to go there to party, partying =fun i dont know why jw hold themselves back so much. I'm not worldly at all because like i siad i grew up a jw so once your under that type of control its hard to do bad, all my friends are not jw, maybe 2or3 are but i dont really talk to them, really i never triend talking to alot of jw kids because there just not cool people and at the congregation i noticed its mostly adults not kids. Theres alot of kids out there who arent jw and there good people. I dont smoke or none of my close friends do either all i wanted to do is have fun, jw messed up alot of that but not no more since im older, if i wasnt a jw at the time i probably could of loss my virginity at 14 instead of 18(im 19) feel bad for the rest of the jw's they'll forever have a small circle and pathetic life

  • Heaven

    Hi Skratch and welcome to the board. I awakened in my teen years too but it took 'til just a couple of years ago to learn the real truth about 'Da Troof'.

    Don't worry about whether to do Christmas decorations or not. If you want to, go ahead. Maybe this scripture will help you:

    Colossians 2:16: Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day.

  • N.drew

    Hi Skratch! Welcome to the forum!

  • Gayle

    Scratch,,welcome to the site,,it is wonderful you figured out so much at your young age,,you'll learn so much more without the JW "blockage."

    The Governing Body have robbed so much from the JW youth. They basically try to make the youth just skipped their youthful joys and accomplishments. Can't do organized sports and holiday parties, extracurriculars in school, college, etc. No wonder most youth leave JWdom at least into their adult years.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Skratch. Welcome to our nightmare.

    Being a JW is seriously bad for your sanity. I'd like to say they are just a bunch of harmless loons, but they will wreck their family relationships with the likes of you and me and think they are better people for it.

    If you want any sort of half decent relationship with your family after you leave home, you either have to pretend you're a good little Dubby for the rest of your life, or gently nudge them out of the church before you leave. Once you have left home and are wearing that Apostate hat, it's goddam near impossible to have a sensible conversation with them.

    The doctrine that holds your family captive is that Jesus selected the WT in 1919 to be god's sole channel. Once you fully understand that that doctrine is crap it is difficult (but not impossible) to keep up the JW facade. While you are still at home and they are not treating you as an apostate, you should carefully and gently question them on anything shonky that they use to support that doctrine.

    You must not tell them you have doubts, or the the religion is crap/whatever. You need them to tell you that.

    Ask questions. Keep them honest. If they try to fool you, lie, change the subject, bully, use double standards/whatever, act offended that they would do that to their own flesh and blood. If they use a technique that you have heard them trash some other religionist or politician for using, remind them of that occasion, quote their exact words, and ask them to explain why they think it is OK to do whatever they did.

    Speak calmly and keep the volume down. Do not be the one to escalate the conversation into an argument.

    Keep several copies of the February 1, 2012 Watchtower in places where they can be quickly found if you need one. Read the article 'When Your Adolescent Questions Your Faith'. Learn what the expected script is, so that you don't follow it. If your parents get stroppy, quickly pull this magazine out, turn to page 19, and ask them to read the relevent parts to you (don't read it to them).

    If it gets out of control, don't hesitate to call the cops and the Elders.


  • spanteach

    "As long as you live under our roof, you’re going with us—whether you like it or not!"

    Wow, that's my youth in a nutshell.

  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome Skratch to JWN and I hope that you post often to help you understand your feelings and thoughts. Most JWs are good, spiritual people, who want to worship Our Father in Heaven by following the teachings of Jesus Christ, but then get waylaid by the WTBTS indoctrination and rules just like the Pharisees did to the Jews 2000 years ago. The WTBTS is not a religion. It is a cult which uses thought reform to enslave JWs to serve the WTBTS leadership. In my experience, many Worldly people are just as kind, honest, loving, and spiritual as JWs, if not more so than JWs.

    I hope that you will strive for a great education, live life to its fullest, and share your life with friends and family, who show each other unconditional love, instead of Con-Love.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Welcom Scratch!!!

    I'd say all born ins were effected but to different degrees. If i tally all the good it did for me and all the bad.... I'd say for me it was serious. I'm out 4 years now and still see things in me I need to weed out do to my ou bringing

    Sounds like you kept your brain through it! I hope you stay and post more!!!


  • exwhyzee

    Hi Scratch,

    Sounds like you are really thinking and figuring things out for yourself. If I had to do it all over again, No, I wouldn't have taken this religion or these people so seriously. As a Dad can I just say that I hope you are careful with your new found awareness and don't throw the baby out with the bath water. By that I mean, much of what your parents taught you regarding morals and such matters, was done out of love, responsibility and as a means of protecting you from harm. Although many well intentioned JW's carry things a bit too far, some of what you have been taught and have been living will be beneficial to you. It's easy when you are young, to be hasty and all or nothing about things. Just because you are discovering that some of what your parents have taught you doesn't always add up in the real world, much of it will. The nit pickey details (Harry Potter, video games etc) can be very annoying and make you want to toss it all aside. Be wise as you move along toward adulthood and sort things out for yourself, keep some room for the "Big Chunks"... the old principals and morals that you have aquired and have proven to be useful to so many.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Hi and welcome,

    You can read my stories on here too. I woke up too late. I had the same feelings as you at the same age but girls and family and fear for the new century made me stay in... now it's a decade later and I just got out with a baby in my life and two ex wives (one of them is out, lucky for them) which makes it extremely much harder to leave and justify my actions.

    If you want out, get out now if you're not already. Your parents and family, especially if they are good parents that love you, will find a way to communicate with you especially if you're not baptized yet (don't know if you are).

    Your life has just started, tell your parents what you want if you still live at home and if they say you got to move out, well there's a lot of kids that have gone through it me included (even though I was a JW). It's scary but it's well worth it, you can probably get a cheap room somewhere and a job to support yourself. You'll do dumb stuff but that's life, not a sign that a deity doesn't protect you anymore. I would definitely recommend you get a college education even if it's just a community college.

    Please next time, take your time to break up your string of words into sentences and paragraphs, makes it much easier to read.

    As far as your dating life and stuff goes, all that "fun" stuff, you're at the right age, girls will LOVE that you are still innocent and have much to learn. I'm 28 and I've been seriously dating and have a girlfriend now too as of 2 weeks and every girl I've dated just LOVES that I'm an educated, life experienced with the enthusiasm of a 17 year old, they say I'm charming and well mannered and they love they can just try new things out and direct a little bit how they like it because I'm open to it and have never done it (in bed and otherwise). JW education is at least good for something ;-)

    I decorated my first x-mas tree at my girlfriends house which was a lot of fun because her husband has a special ornament for every year of his life with a story behind it. Yeah, you read that correctly, my girlfriend (the women I have sex with) has a husband who's ok with me and we're hanging out together a lot, went bowling and to an arcade yesterday, it's called polyamory and something I have always felt was right (just as being gay feels right to others) but in the JW organization was taboo even without the sex, just having multiple girlfriends (which I did have at some points in life within the JW org) is bad enough.

    Life is freaking exciting outside the organization, still be careful, having unprotected sex is not something I would recommend, don't do drugs or get drunk outside your/a home. But now you can set your own limits, goals and see what you want out of life.

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