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  • cantleave
    Since when has delusion emoted from the pulpits of charlatans been "truth"?
  • Clambake

    Evangelical Christians and churches are harmless. I even attend the odd time. I find the bible interesting and have a little African baby that costs me 24 dollars a month. I even volunteer at the Salvation Army once and awhile. Its good for soul.

    It sad when people leave the WTS how they miss being pricks to people. That whole sense of moral superiority . It funny how they replace it with “ look at me, I read a Richard Dawkins book…blah blah blah, me smart “ .

    Ha ha ha


  • cantleave
    Evangelical churches are far from harmless. They promulgate hatred and ignorance and divide society.
  • cofty

    TTWSYF - The evidence that we descended from a common ancestor of every other living thing is in every cell in your body. We even have Neanderthal DNA.

    The first video in the OP is posited on a literal interpretation of Adam and Eve.

    Faith must learn to take account of reality...

  • Bonsai


    It's funny, your post reeks of the same prickish moral superiority that you are criticizing. I do this. I do that. I special!

    Let's lower the antagonism please.

  • redvip2000

    Adam never existed. How does anyone really know? What I do know is that there is no link [genetically,] with modern man to any of the known 'cavemen'. By cavemen I mean a progression of advancements and or physical/mental improvements that DO have genetic links of progression through the eons. Hence, pigmies to cromagnum to neaderthal , etc etc can be genetically linked through fossils and skeletal remains, there is no such link to our modern species that has been discovered [or admitted to anyway]. This is my understanding of it anyway.

    Yes there are genetic links between humans and our ancestors. DNA has been extracted from bones belonging to what you call "cavemen" and compared with human DNA to show there are many links.

    And if ADAM existed he was not the first human, probably just another middle eastern goat herder.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Nicola: I looked at the first video ,Stephen Bohr. Question for you,

    he open up his sermon "The book of Genesis is the pre history of

    mankind, the origin of mankind, the begaining of human history.

    Mankind began 6 thousand years ago, so did all the animals.

    OK, do you believe that?? He did mention we won't go back to the millions

    of years he created this earth only six thousand years ago when all living things

    were created. Sorry I could not go any further..

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    TTWSF, The Bible is an old collection of texts. First collated in the fourth century CE and therefore it might be said to be “historical” in its appearance in time. This does not make it historical in the sense that it is a ”history”, far from it! It is a collection of texts much doctored and edited to suit the propaganda of the users of the books even before their inclusion into the Bible by the Catholic Church. The source documents and stories for the Bible are mainly pagan and do not qualify to make a historian’s account of what is a proper historical record. This is because they are derivative and are not first-hand records by reliable witnesses. Much of the OT Bible content is ancient folk myth dressed up in Jewish costume to make it appear historical.

    There is no uncontested evidence that Jesus existed as a historical figure. The most compelling is the mention of Jesus by Josephus which a long time ago was discredited as a later Christian forgery. There is evidence that Adam is a myth. Firstly that the story in Genesis reads precisely as a creation myth would read. Secondly that archaeology has indeed a record of the evolution of Homo sapiens embedded in the datable geological column. I have hands on experience of this and might add that genetics only confirms our close kinship with the earlier hominins such as Neanderthals. As Cofty says most of us (outside of Africa) have a small component of Neanderthal genes. New light is genuinely possible in science when a new species and new evidence is discovered and time will no doubt refine the understanding of the human pedigree.

    Adam however remains in the myth category. How on earth could Jesus buy back the "perfect life" which Adam lost? Christianity is pointless if perfect Adam did not exist and yet evidential science precludes the possibility of Homo sapiens being descendents of one such man. If you then say that there was such a man because the Bible says so, what about all the unredeemable men and women who we know lived before “Adam’s time”? At what moment in humanity’s evolutionary chain of life does the ransom sacrifice begin to work?

    If no first Adam then certainly no second. The first perfect paradise was a myth and so is the foretold one.

  • Clambake

    Why come every time someone starts a thread about any issue of “ Faith “ this place turns into Cosmos with Neil Tyson Degrassi.

    Seriously , find something better to do with your time. Get a degree, learn how to play guitar, Volunteer at the SPCA. Next time you place a lot of time and effort into an answer, you have to realize this isn’t a NASA message board. The general audience doesn’t care.

  • cofty

    You don't care Clambake.

    Don't judge everybody by your own intellectual laziness.

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