Your most DISTURBING WATCHTOWER Bethel/Branch experience? (No full names please)

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  • Balaamsass

    OK.. you 70 plus Bethelite members.... this is your chance to share stories! Inquiring minds want to know ! ( Watchtower Bible and Tract Society legal/service/and IT departments are closed for the weekend..but no full names please..follow T.O.S. to avoid BORG libel lawsuits).

    I will start the ball rolling with week ONE.

    My first DAY at Bethel, I go to vist a family friend, a Bethel Elder. He tells me his wife just left him and Bethel that week... with another married Bethel overseer.

    My second DAY at Bethel sitting down half asleep at breakfast and hearing how 30+ got disfellowshipped for "Homosexuality" at massage parties that week. My new-boy response: "Whaaaaat"???

    My third Day at Bethel and first meeting in the "Projects", when I voiced my concern about gunshots and the wisdom of 3 white kids in cheap suits walking through that neighborhood at night, and being told: "Brother, our hope is in the resurrection". My thought,..Oh, my, my,..KrAzY talk.

  • seenitall

    Listening to new boy talk by N.H. Knorr my first day (after Mon. night WT study) at Brooklyn (don't touch it except to pee).

    Watching old-timers shuffle around and fight (argue, yell, cuss) with other old-timers.

    Parties that had so much booze, acid rock music, fighting - dismissals the next day.

    A new-boy who got sick, wasn't treated right and died of pneumonia - his family came out and were treated like royalty (avoided lawsuits).

    Bethel housekeepers snooping around in your room, busting you are out of line.

  • exwhyzee

    It was a hot New York afternoon and I walked in to my room and saw my new room mate (who I hadn't met yet) laying on his bed in only his boxers. From what I could tell, he was having an erotic dream because his "little Bethelite " was out and having a look around and seemed to like what it was seeing. I quietly backed out of the room and shut the door softly. I waited a minute then knocked loudly and waited a tic so he would have a chance to wake up and put things away.

    Another time I was at the Bethel pool. (more like a very large hot tub) I was by myself until Bro. Sydlik came and got in the pool as well. (old guy in a bathing suit ewww) I knew him from sitting at the GB table so we sort of just nodded to eachother and didn't say anyting. (awkward) Then the door to the mens changing room opened and a guy walked out stark naked. He looked completly exhausted as if he was sleep walking. He climbed in the water but as he lowered himself into the water he suddenly realized he didn't have anything on. He quickly went back in the changing room and Bro. Sydlik followed him. I could hear Sydlik giving him a lecture in a raised tone. Sydlik came back but the other guy never returned. I didn't know where to look or what to say (even more awkward)

    One evening at dinner time a guy suddenly burst through the double swinging doors into the dining room swinging his arms and bookbag in the air shouting " I'M GOING OUT IN SERVICE IN HARLEM....ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME...COME ON !!" A couple of brothers grabbed him under the arms and dragged him kicking and screaming out of there backwards....he was never seen again. By the time I had been there a few weeks, the Bethel laundry had shrunk all of my clothes and underear. (hot water and industrial dryers) I replaced what I could afford to replace and was determined this wouldn't happen again. I started doing my own laundry in the regular washing machine and dryer they had in the basement. I had my stuff on washing and was sitting there reading and waiting when a middle aged "sister" came in to the laundry room with her basket of clothes and was pissed that the machine was in use. She opened up the washer and just took my soapy wet stuff out an threw it in a laundry cart and put her things in the machine. I protested, but I was a lowly "newboy" so she completly ignored me as if I wasn't there. Being new and young, I didn't know if she was the wife of somebody important and I didn't want to make waves....boy I'd love to have that happen now !

  • Balaamsass

    seenitall- the parties!! Lol. I got a great brownstone to live in because everyone at a Cigar/hooker party got kicked out of Bethel pronto. VACANCY!!

    EXWHYZEE- was Dan wearing a speedo? LOL!!!! Now Chitty in a Speedo in his 70s on the roof...THAT.. could blind you..and lead to nightmares!!

    Dan, lived a few doors away at first. We shared a bathroom.Sharing a bathroom with a GB member. Weird. Dan, was worse than any house keeper. Before locks he would just wander into my room and look around and start up a conversation. No knocking. STRANGE.

  • 3rdgen

    XYZ, hahahahaha "little Bethelite" hahahah shrunken underwear....sounds painful! LOL

  • Balaamsass


    eeeww LOL!!!

    Mocha Java, Wow.. I remember your post on the first time this thread went up. How horrific. No down or quiet time to lick your wounds. The intense sense of betrayal by your husband and the Governing body. So sorry.

    One of the WEIRDEST things I could not talk about before at Bethel or after because of the 2-3 Witnesses to an "Incident" rule. One sunny afternoon I was off work due to having to work a night shift my first few months. I had heard some weights were on the roof of the Squib building, so I went up on the roof to check it out. The roof was empty except for one old guy(70s) in a speedo getting a tan. (eeww..old dude in speedo- I was about 20 ). That old guy was one of the Governing body. No names here..(but his nick name was Bam Bam).

    He "perks up" and starts a conversation..are you new? Where are YOU from ? I said "San Francisco"..whooo I think backgroud music must have suddenly started ("The Look of Love")..he gets all moony eyed and asks me to spread suntan oil all over his back side! Since I grew up in S.F. I was used to old "Queens" so I said "Sorry..I got to go" and simply left. Wow-WTF. Latter some whispered about not going up on the roof alone.. it took years for more stories to "comeout". Eventually he was quietly invited to leave N.Y.C. and the G.B. and serve in a less sunny location..but in "good standing". :)

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    That rooftop incident would certainly have had to be "disturbing". Ewww...

  • Balaamsass

    Broken Promises.:) Yes that just about blinded me!! eeeeoww... Talk about a mixed message from the "Faithful Slave" !!

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I never was a Bethelite but on a visit there I'll never forget getting on an elevator in the Executive Offices and an older brother (whose first name was Lyman ) also got on. Two floors down, the elevator stops and a very attractive 30ish sister gets on. Lyman was checking her out all the way down to the lobby.

    I guess that wasn't so disturbing but, for me, who had Lyman on a bit of a demi-god pedestal, it was certainly memorable.


  • ziddina
    "Two floors down, the elevator stops and a very attractive 30ish sister gets on. Lyman was checking her out all the way down to the lobby. ..."

    Rutherford's spirit lives on....

  • Farkel

    open mind,

    I knew "Lyman" personally. In fact, I know his entire family, including his dad "Doc" and his brothers and sister. I played the piano at his sister's (now deceased) wedding when Lyman came to his home town and performed his sister's marriage ceremony. I dined with him. I'm still good friends with his younger brother's son, having hooked up with him in the last two years, or so. We went skiing together a million years ago, and we used to play games together, and we are still friends all these many years later. I went out on a date with Lyman's nephew's sister. I adored Lyman's brother's family. They were what one would call "liberal" dubs.

    Lyman was the salt of the earth kind of guy. As evil as any GB member can be, he was probably one of the best evil "good guys" there was on the GB. Ray Franz thought of him that way and said so in his first book.

    I'll see if I can dig up the thread written by my friend who was Lyman's nephew and post it, ok?

    Wait a minute, "M"! Didn't I already give you that story after we had lunch together?

    Farkel, Alzheimer's CLASS

  • dm6

    Wow this is really interesting stuff... are you guys serious about all of this? Or is this a joke? sorry.. i am not trolling im being sincere... i only studied for a short while and dont know a whole lot of stuff about bethel....

  • biff mcfly
    biff mcfly

    The cleaning crew went through me albums while I was working...damn snoops..turned me in to the home overseer..i believe they were most upset over the images on my Pink Floyd Album..The Wall..they asked my what I planned to do with them. I asked them what they wanted me to do with them since I never listed to them (my record player was broken). They said I had to decide what to do to with them and then let them know. It was clearly implied that if I didn't throw them out, I was in big trouble. I had already turned in my notice to leave within the I hid them and told them I threw them out. They found them again right before I left and wrote a letter to my congregation telling them how evil I was.hahha..i hate those bastards.

  • Balaamsass

    When I was at Bethel they had two libraries. I had access to the library used by the writting staff. My second or third time there I was just browsing the shelves when I came across all these old Witchcraft books. A LOT of them. Like HOW TO DO IT STUFF with some pentagrams and goats heads on the covers. For me it was like WHAAAAAAAT??? Dan Sydlick and another Brother looked up from the tables and watched me looking at them. I was shocked, growing up JW we would have burned those they were at headquarters...

    Dan must have seen my expression so he asks some 'if there was a problem". And he said something to the effect of "you can't write about something unless you read about it."........

  • Balaamsass

    Yes DM6, This stuff is real. People are people. Everyone has hormones and drives. It is like the Wizard of OZ though..people are looking for the great OZ, but behind the curtain are just some frail humans. The evil part is when they pretend they are devine and want to bump Jesus to be your mediator.

  • Joepublisher1

    I think what is often forgotten is that JWs are constantly reminded that this is God's organization! So, you expect much from the so-called House of God (Bethel). Also, when someone is studying with JWs and making progress (to the point of baptism) they are pumped - by the so-called friends -with all these wonderful stories of how wonderful Jehovah's Witnesses are and how demonized everyone else is. (I mean, Jehovah's Witnesses and this religion is elevated to a very high pedestal!) It is no surprise that when reality hits, it can be difficult for many JWs to appreciate the chasm between what they were taught [in the beginning] and the true realities of this religion! While they hang on to the teaching that man is imperfect and so are all JWs, many eventually learn that this excuse could be used by ALL religions! Thus, the religion of JWs - in so many ways - is just like every other religion. A hoax! Just another man-made religion "claiming" to be something it is NOT.

  • ziddina
    "My second or third time there I was just browsing the shelves when I came across all these old Witchcraft books. A LOT of them. Like HOW TO DO IT STUFF with some pentagrams and goats heads on the covers. ..." [Balaamsass]


    No wonder I can't find those wonderful old books online, anymore!!


  • ziddina

    Hey, JoePublisher1!!

    Welcome to the board!!!

    If you feel like it, you might want to skip over to this thread:

    And make a "hello" post!


  • MochaLatte

    Balaamsass, here's what I posted on your original thread:

    My most disturbing Bethel experience was when my husband hooked up with someone else’s wife and I was not allowed to sit in on the judicial meetings to hear what he had to say or to keep him honest about the nature of our relationship. And then how he wasn’t disfellowshipped, although he never asked me to take him back and clearly told me of his intention to be with her. And how when I spoke with others like Brother Sydlik and one of the brothers in the Service Dept who was a family friend it was implied that I had been frigid in my relationship. And how every Bethel elder seemed to know what had been said by my husband but I could not be privy to it as a sister. All of that (and more) was very disturbing, but in retrospect I’m glad it happened because it helped to nudge me out. Eventually. To use one of their illustrations, I was like a fan that was unplugged; I was still spinning, but more and more slowly until I finally stopped.


  • 3rdgen

    To MochaL, I really feel for you.You suffered a terrible experience.(((((((mochaLatte)))))))) I too was slandered by my unfaithful ex who pulled the "she didnt render her marital due" excuse.Those lying horndogs get sympathy b/c some woman do beg off. However, even if it were true , the Bible says adultry is a sin and gives no free passes for real or imagined inadequte sex. After all, single people are expected to be TOTALLY celebate. Glad you're out. Just curious, is there someone new in your life?

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