a jw drug rehab place???

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  • carla

    Ever hear of this? does NY approve?

    Jehovah’s Witness Drug Rehab

    A Jehovah’s Witness drug rehab through faith-based recovery is based on the foundations of the Jehovah’s Witness Church with followers that are trained in helping you to find your way out of addiction. Have you battled drug addiction for so long that you see no way out? Have you tried the advice of doctors, medications, and therapists on an outpatient basis? Do you feel like you are at the end of your rope? There is an alternative and it does not mean going to a doctor and being medicated to get off drugs only to find you’re the victim of a new addiction.

    Get Help At A Jehovah’s Witness Drug Rehab

    You need an inpatient rehab center that will help you get control of your life once again. You need to turn to a higher power and place your life in the hands of the One who cares. You need Jehovah’s Witness drug rehab. It is time to surrender to Jehovah. Don’t try to run your own life any more because you are not capable when you are in the grips of addiction. It is a tumultuous time, a desperate time when you are lost in addiction, but Jehovah will help you find your way if you will let him.

    Find Hope, Life, and Light Through the Jehovah’s Witness Drug Rehab

    Commit yourself to recovery when you join a Jehovah’s Witness drug rehab center. Set the rest of the world aside for a while, heal, and rest in the arms of Jehovah as well as skilled professionals who care. They will lead you on the path of discovery and well being at a Jehovah’s Witness drug rehab center. Find hope, life, and light again when you choose to take that first step by entering a Jehovah’s Witness drug rehab center. It is your choice and we’ll help you.

  • designs

    Looks like a broad based Drug Rehab clinic advertising to several religious groups. Their wording is all wrong if they were trying to be a Witness run clinic.

  • rebel8

    They call it a Church so that's a red flag it's really not made by jws. It's just a "track" which usually means it's a rehab with small separate groups that meet ~once a week to discuss the unique issues that come with being an addicted jw (or religion du jour). The rest of the time they're in program with the Great Unwashed.

    Sounds like one of many snake-oil-style treatment programs--which means it's probably a good fit for dubs. Doctors and medications are bad! Especially in a health care facility where I am going to treat a serious medical condition!

    There is an alternative and it does not mean going to a doctor and being medicated to get off drugs only to find you’re the victim of a new addiction.

  • AGuest

    Oh, shoot... I was gonna say "Perhaps it's a 'sign of the times'", dear carla (peace to you!). Pun intended, of course!


    SA, on her own...

  • JeffT

    It's probably none of the above. I 've been working online recently on search engine opitimization and evaluation. My guess is that you did a search for "JW Rehab" or something similar and this poped up. If you typed in "Mormon rehab" or "Islamic rehab" or whatever you would get the same, or very similar ocntent at what looks like the same website. There's a script that takes your search query and throws the query deail into the content and displays it.

    In other words there isn't such a clinic anywhere, the website is designed to suck you into whatever it is they are selling.

  • designs

    The Society should have Rehabs for the high Perentage of addicts within the ranks but that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

  • carla

    I was on a health site not drug related at all and this ad popped up. I figured it was some sort of affiliate or just trying to hit all the religions they could think of. Why don't the jw lawyers go after this though?

  • trueblue

    I was going to say the WTS or JW's do not rehabilatate they only shun anyone that needs help.

  • satinka

    I'd say it is not a JW approved site.

    JW elders would deny that drug rehabilitation is needed. They would quote the scripture in Timothy that states "All scriptures inspired of gawd and beneficial for setting things straight." Anyone who has got in the "wrong" company and got involved with drugs would be "encouraged" to talk to an elder about the "secret sin."

    Then the drug user would promptly be disfellowshipped.

    Elders' first concern is keeping the congregation "clean" rather than actually helping someone in need.

    Can you feel the love?


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