Is There A Nice Way To Say, 'It's Dying?'?

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  • d

    This religion is slowing in view of advancing internet technology. Also people are questioning more, which is not good for the Watchtower society.

  • TweetieBird

    According to my family members, it's thriving and so are they (spiritually speaking). If anything, they are getting stronger and stronger "in the truth". However, they are dying financially (due to lack of education) and stressed out most of the time but to them it is just a sign of how much closer to the end we are.

  • outsmartthesystem

    But how long can they exist in their current form? (the borg). I ask that because I see a lot of similarities between the borg and say....a Bernie Madoff type Ponzi scheme. They've disbanded Gilead. They've gotten rid of book study because people just weren't going (but blaming it on gas prices and concern for the flock). They've cut down on magazines (without admitting that they are bleeding money). They are selling their $billion dollar Brooklyn facilties because they need cash. They started allowing people to report 15 minute increments for "service"....thus bumping up the number of "publishers".

    It all appears to be a facade. But just like a ponzi all has to come crashing down at some point doesn't it? How long can you pad numbers and cover things over before the real truth is just too obvious? Like a ponzi can only rob Peter to pay Paul so many times.

  • Mary
    Billy said: I never expected that they would have to discontinue Gilead

    OK. I missed that one. Somebody wanna fill me in?

  • Mary
    Is There A Nice Way To Say, 'It's Dying?'

    How about:

    "...The Organization is passing away and so its desire......."

  • wannabefree
    Donations aren't good. Magazines are cut back. Gilead is being phased out. Bethelites get laid off. Kids leave because the Organization has nothing for them. Meeting attendance is slack.

    This just shows how close to the end we must be. Don't give up now ... we are so close to the finish line!

  • sir82
    Billy said: I never expected that they would have to discontinue Gilead

    OK. I missed that one. Somebody wanna fill me in?

    There was a letter to all congregations read about 2-3 weeks ago. Gilead is not exactly being "discontinued" but instead "repurposed".

    A school named "Gilead" wil still exist & operate, but it will train current COs, DOs, and Bethelites to go into JW "problem areas" to "encourage" conregations full of lazy slackers the spiritually weak.

    There will no longer be any school with the specific purpose of training missionaries.

    There is also a new school named "Bible School for Christian Couples", to train married pioneers how to browbeat lazy slackers encourage the friends as the day draws near. Graduates will be sent wherever the Society dictates; the primary difference between this and Gilead is that formerly, missionaries were financially supported, albeit meagerly, by the Society. BSCC grads are fully 100% on their own financially.

    Pretty slick, huh?

  • leavingwt

    IF the total membership of the WT drops to six million, perhaps one could describe the organization as shrinking. Otherwise, they're going strong. Seven million people with suicide cards in their wallets.

  • stuckinamovement

    Why this religion is dying

    1. Despite aggressive recruiting, they have little growth to show for it. 1.5 billion hours devoted to preaching with a 2.5% increase? Most of the increase coming from children that become publishers
    2. The people within the organization are fearful and exhausted
    3. There is literally no way for an intelligent person to effect change- obedience is the only quality valued
    4. Donations are down- resulting in the need to liquidate assets
    5. People are encouraged to become less prosperous, by quitting work and pioneering. This further reduces the publishers donation potential
    6. The business model of a printing company is outmoded
    7. There is a form of social inbreeding. Witnesses must marry Witnesses. The gene pool is very shallow, resulting in many who are single and miserable with no prospects of marrying
    8. Married couples are discouraged from having children.
    9. Education is demonized, which means that the next generation (non overlapping) will be stupider than the previous generation.
    10. There is an arrogance combined with ignorance on the part of the leaders that prohibits honest admission of false doctrine and or prophecy. This will continue to propel intellectually honest ones out of the organization as they realize that the organization has lied to them.


  • leavingwt

    Regarding the cash flow, as has been previously discussed, they are poised to sell their Brooklyn properties for one billion dollars.

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