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  • vientotz

    I'm speechless-- (tsk tsk) xC if that is true since you guys already had an experienced with JWs. (teary eyes*) ;C i'm worried to my friend. she was baptized last year 2010 and she's a roman catholic before-- she decided to be a JW's coz' she realize that Jehovah is true..

    I'm always asking her why are there so many people criticizing your religion (back before I join here) not just on the internet but all the people i've known, they'll always remind me that their Bible is manipulated. Coz' of my curiousity since I dont want to offend my friend.. That's why I searched it on google 'Does the name Jehovah actually exist in the Bible?' then I found this forum with the topic "Does the name Jehovah actually exist in the original Hebrew language?" --

    Honestly I joined here coz I want to convince myself to believe Jehovah's words, for I thought that this site was made by faithful JW's XD

    I dunno what to say, how can I tell my friend about this facts? I can't dare myself to tell her all this info I get from this forum.

    Please guide me, I don't want to chase them away just because of this. I don't understand myself why I still like to listen to them!

    (sorry, double post)

  • vientotz

    @outsmartthesystem -- 'This is the problem with all new converts. They come to accept this teaching without having it PROVEN to them. If it progresses to this point....tell us. We will give you thought provoking questions to ask that they cannot answer.'

    I will surely post it here if it happens.

    thanks alot outsmartthesystem for sharing all of this, keep in touch to my post. Will be having Bible study tomorrow..

  • stillstuckcruz

    Just remember that if you EVER become a witness, you will be teaching others these same things. You would have to explain without hesitation why you cannot celebrate Birthdays. Any deviation from ANY teaching is equal to "apostacy", and you will be subsequently disfellowshipped. Just keep that in mind before making any rash decisions.

    Honestly I joined here coz I want to convince myself to believe Jehovah's words, for I thought that this site was made by faithful JW's XD

    ^Nope no faithful witnesses here. We have all been there or are even STILL there. Please do not FORCE yourself to believe it anything. Note these statement's by Raymod Franz(former GB member):

    Initially I was attracted by the appeal to reasoning made by
    many Watch Tower publications. Since these publications were
    often designed to encourage people of other religions to reexamine
    and reevaluate, even to question, the validity of their religion’s
    teachings, it was imperative that these publications stress the need
    to think for oneself, to do independent thinking. People in the beginning
    are regularly encouraged not to believe teachings without
    first testing them thoroughly according to Scripture. But the testing
    is restricted almost entirely to the individual’s previously held
    beliefs, and only certain of these are targeted for testing. Such
    teachings as the inherent immortality of the human soul, the belief
    in a hell of literal fire and physical torment or similar points
    are the focus of much of the “testing.” The argumentation is generally
    quite well developed on these points. Because of this the
    person is often sufficiently impressed that, as other presentations
    of teachings follow, he or she inclines to accept these more or less
    on trust, without requiring the same evidence.
    Remarkably, most Witnesses are so impressed by these initially
    targeted teachings about the soul’s mortality, hell’s being synonymous
    with the grave or the death state, and similar points that they
    think and speak of them as “the basic doctrines” of the Scriptures,
    teachings forming the principal criteria for identifying the one, true

    -----So if you wish to accept a few teachings here and there, that's ok. But don't accept everything at face vaule simply because you have noticed a few things that seem right :)

    Best of luck in your studies!

  • vientotz


    thanks XD i'll keep that in my mind =)

    So there's no active JW's here? =( Okey..

  • ScenicViewer

    So there's no active JW's here? =( Okey.

    Yes, there are some active JWs here, actually quite a few of them. But they have seen problems in the religion and come here to learn more, to learn things they are forbidden to know. They look in, read, learn, sometimes they have something to say and post remarks.

  • JAFO

    There are some active JW's here, though mostly they are trying to leave, without getting into a situation where their "still in" family members will be forced to shun them.

    Since you're in the Philippines, maybe it would help you to think of JW's as a little like the Iglesia ni Cristo, except much worse, and even more controlling.. (my GF is ex-Iglesia pinay, living in Manila)

  • factfinder


    That was the most reasonable and complete and fair explanation I have ever heard regarding why the wts is not correct in their reasoning on banning birthday celebrations! You presented this so thorouly and clearly! If only I had known you when I first began to study with the witnesses. My refusal to celebrate my wonderful, dear Mom's birthday (and Mother's Day) cuased her so much sadness and she did not feel the witnesses reasons for rejecting Birthday celebrations was reasonable.

    You have explained everything so well-what an excellent job! I never thought of the points you bring out. I wish I had. Thank you for this wonderful and reasonable OP on why we do not have to shun Birthday celebrations!


    and thank you for that qoute from Ray Franz. It is so true.


    Welcome and hi!

    There is a lot of good information presented here about jws. I hope it helps you.

    But as was already mentioned- don't mention to the ones you have your study with that you visit this site. Witnesses are taught to believe that ALL former witnesses are "apostates" under the control of Satan who are out to slander the wts and mislead you.

    Discover the truth for yourself!

    I wish you well.

  • vientotz

    Thank you guys :)

    I really want to know the truth myself :) hope you understand.. I really thought this forum was made for all faithful JWs X(

    I'm also ready to adjust myself, thanks for all the info's here! If ever i'll regret being JWs i'll let you know promise!

    (this will be my last post, thanks for all your time sharing this fact's especially to OutSmartTheSystem XD)


  • wasblind

    I totally agree with outsmartthesystem,

    and I second that, when he says the Jehovah's witnesses use twisted reasoning

    I know for a fact the JW's celebrate wedding anniversaries, and their reasoning is

    because Jesus attended a wedding, being married is something you choose to do

    because the bible in 1 Corinthians 7: 8 states it is better to remain single

    But they fail to mention that the gift of life is so precious, that Jesus went through

    hell (grave) and back just so we could another chance. The gift of life is the most

    important gift you can ever recieve, why not celebrate it

    In short, the Devil wanted you to lose the gift of life to start with

    it don't surprise me none, that he wouldn't want you to celebrate

    the greatest gift every given by God

  • wasblind

    I miss spoke in sayin' the Jehovah's witnesses fail to mention

    about the importance of Jesus sacrifice, I apologize

    they just fail to recognize, that the gift of life is such that it

    should be celebrated, and it was, cause the the angels rejoiced

    at the birth of Jesus, cause the knew what it meant for all mankind

    party on people!!!!!

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