Do you believe in hell? Why or Why not?

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  • tec

    I believe in Sheol/Hades where the good and the bad go. This hell is temporary and will be destroyed along with the horse it rides.
    I also believe in "Gehenna"/"lake of fire" which is a symbol for the second death or eternal destruction of the wicked

    I believe these... with a couple clarifications.

    - those who belong to Christ (call them annointed, saints, brothers, whatever) go 'under the altar'... not hades/sheol

    - none under the altar or in sheol/hades are conscious until their resurrection... "the dead are conscious of nothing"

    There would be no reason to torture a soul forever.

    No good reason. Agreed.



  • vientotz

    I don't believe in hell, the Father can't do such thing to suffer us.. Anyways, Hi all JWs, im new here =) but im not a JWs just want to learn the Bible and what does it really teaches!

  • NewChapter

    But the rest, come on! "For not learning about him"? Any one teaching that as truth is a zombie. Hell (if it exists) is for bad people. The kind of people who make other people suffer (on purpose).

    Okay N. Drew. I accept that is your take on it. However I'm not being hyperbolic for saying what I said. Many DO believe such things. So if such statements bother you, take it up with the believers not me for stating their beliefs.


  • Vanderhoven7

    - those who belong to Christ (call them anointed, saints, brothers, whatever) go 'under the altar'... not hades/sheol

    Jacob and sons, Job, David and Jesus went to Sheol/Hades (the latter for only 3 days, without seeing corruption). This Revelation 6 scene is a vision, the alter being figurative and not literal. About Revelation 6:9, Clarke says:

    I saw under the altar - A symbolical vision was exhibited, in which he saw an altar; and under it the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God - martyred for their attachment to Christianity, are represented as being newly slain as victims to idolatry and superstition.

    JFB says:

    under the altar — As the blood of sacrificial victims slain on the altar was poured at the bottom of the altar, so the souls of those sacrificed for Christ’s testimony are symbolically represented as under the altar

    - none under the altar or in sheol/hades are conscious until their resurrection... "the dead are conscious of nothing"

    Agreed, but if we take the scene as literal, the souls under the alter are indeed conscious and calling for vengeance. Figurativly speaking, unjustly spilled blood cries out for just punishment, unlike servants of Christ who literally cry out for forgiveness/grace/mercy for their oppressors.

  • N.drew

    Yes, I wonder if the people who hold that opinion, know they do???

  • NewChapter

    Oh they know N. Drew. I know some pretty hateful christians, and honestly, they seem to relish in the idea that they get to go to heaven and everyone else gets to go to hell.

    Some will make acceptions for children, but not all. because really then, if we believe like that, then isn't it better to die in childhood when you would be spared the horrors of a hell? For that matter, if heaven awaits, then why would we hang on to life so tightly? Perhaps this is what allows us to watch children starve.

    The Christian party, the republicans, have decided that we can't afford food stamps anymore. That's about 12 bil a year. Yet we can still afford 4 bil a year in subsidies to oil companies. Praise Jesus. And to prove they are on the right side of the issue---letting children go hungry while feeding money to the most successful companies in the history of the earth, they voted today to keep In God We Trust as our motto.

    I will never understand what these people think of as righteous and what gets a person to heaven. As far as I'm concerned, their consciences are seriously compromised, yet they think I'M going to hell. HUH!


  • clarity

    So let's get this straight ... if hell, lake of fire or gehenna actually exists, and we can be thrown in there to suffer forever, who made this place of eternal torment?

    Our Father The creator?

    When did he make it?

    Before Adam & Eve were created?


    I'd sure like to see proof of when.

    Maybe god forsaw that by testing mankind they would fail the test ... so created a burning pit to throw them in ... just in case!

    None of it makes sense, no more than a mommy& daddy digging a pit in the back yard in case their newborn won't behave!!

    Ugliest thing I've ever heard!


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