Dec.15th WT -WTS Expects JW's to Preach Despite Chronic Illness - Sick !

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  • flipper

    In the Dec.15th JW only version in an article titled " Do Not Let Illness Rob You of Joy " it promotes being a martyr in Jehovah's Witnesses preaching door to door in spite of debilitating and often life threatening illnesses . Ask yourself if Jesus would have stood with a whip to the back of HIS disciples if they had THESE illnesses or medical conditions ??

    Under the subheading entitled " They Keep Preaching Despite Chronic Illness " with pictures of these alleged sick people sharing how they " sacrifice " to spread the WT society's message I will share the quotes with my takes.

    Izabella who suffers depression states, " I like the door to door ministry , but when I am not feeling up to it , I engage in TELEPHONE WITNESSING. " How many people suffering from depression who don't want to talk to others in person normally wants to wear themselves out mentally and emotionally by talking for hours on the phone ? Not too many I've noticed.

    Barbara who has a brain tumor states, " I enjoy making return visits and helping out on Bible Studies . On my better days , I like to Witness from house to house. " Right. If you have a serious condition like a brain tumor - sounds like a healthy thing to be doing going out banging on doors and wearing yourself out physically ! Not.

    Then Zbigniew who has rheumatoid arthritis states, " I carry only a very light magazine bag. I stay out as long as my aching joints allow. " So this man is trained to earn points for eternal life in an alleged " Paradise " by making himself feel pain in his joints in the present life ? Uh-huh. Must be a very taxing God , er leader( s ) of the WT society that puts THAT into his brain or thought process.

    Then as if to add insult to injury the WT article makes this statement, " Jehovah can give you strength by means of his holy spirit, his word, and the Christian brotherhood. You WOULD NOT expect God to remove your infirmity miraculously. " No, really ?? !! Not unless of course you have these medical conditions and have been told you will LOSE these chronic medical conditions MIRACULOUSLY in the alleged " Paradise " once you get there and are healed instantly !!

    The dishonesty of the WT society to on the one hand speak out of one side of their mouth to manipulate JW's to believe in miracles like a " Paradise " that will heal them of horrific medical conditions - and yet in the here and now out of the other side of their mouth to tell them to NOT expect miracles in their everyday life to relieve these medical conditions is nothing more than doublespeak which creates confusion , and guilt ridden service by JW's for the WT society's needs. It's like telling a starving dog on a chain that he can eat food at a later date inside the house , but not until he stays on the chain for another few years or 10 or more years. By that time the dog dies and another dog takes his place in believing the lying, dishonest master !

    And that is EXACTLY what the WT society is to chronically sick JW's - a lying, dishonest taskmaster who will never deliver ANY Paradise ! How disgusting, barbaric, and twisted can one organization get ?? I'll let you answer that. As always I welcome any and all comments and observations you have. I have an older JW sibling who feels they have to suffer as a martyr like this to be approved by God. I think it's total dog doo doo. Peace out to you all, hope you are doing well. Mr. Flipper

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It is always hours, not quality of time. It is busy work. Certainly Jesus and then Paul wanted us to have private time to reflect on God and salvation. My grandmother was raised in the Witnesses. Her father was a remnant member. Her aunts went to jail in landmark Witness cases in Paterson, NJ. Living simply, her joy was her Jehovah's Witness card. She honed and honed her preaching skills. People met at her apartment well into her 70s. When she was well into her 80s, she deteriorated quickly and became bed bound. When she was hospitalized, she politely witnesses to the nurses. Her id card was revoked b/c she could not go door to door. We were furious. Family friends at Bethel were going to be contacted but she was too ashamed and forbid it.

    The brothers were total idiots. She was deeply hurt. They were around 40. First, I don't that they stayed active until her age. One was disfellowshipped. They were totally unreal. Wait until their bodies fall apart and they suffer agony as they die. I appreciate the posts here b/c I see more clearly than the problem with the Witnesses is not their bizarre and inaccurate Bible doctrines but a Nazi like imperative to just do busy work. The organization is all important. The quality of individual Christian lives and the quality of the community do not bother. Money is the prime directive.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    If she's got a brain tumor, she might be going through chemo or other imune suppresant treatment.

    It's the dumbest thing to be out and about in all those germs.

    I knew of a lady with cancer who was going through chemo.

    She'd go to church but sit in the back and leave right away to avoid getting a cold or any other deadly (to her) disease.

    My grandmother beats herself up all the time for not being able to do more more more.

    She's also disgusted with the stories of the walking dead going door to door.

    One sister said at an assembly, "If you can breathe, you can pioneer!"

    Cue thunderous applause.

    They are lying about almost dead people going door to door.

  • paladin

    Well that's it for me with this Borganization. I have ligit health problems and will not be coerced by any BOE's. I feel like telling them off.

  • Quarterback

    Wow, I must be a slacker, because I haven't read that Dec Mag. yet. I do have a chronic illness, but I have the soundness of mind to accept my limitations. Some unfortunately don't and you can see why. It's because of these experiences of such ones that give us the impression that you are not doing enough.

    However, I have worked in First Aid at assemblies, and I have seen so many that were so ill that ended up in the first aid department. These were regular ones that should have stayed home. Some attended the Assemblies and brought their medical chairs. The attendants tried to discourage them from setting them up, but these handicapped, injurred chronically ill people have attitude. Even the DO couldn't talk these ones to obey the fire regulations. Some are really dear, but some are really out to lunch.

    I have worked with too many grumpy individuals in FS and they really shouldn't be pushing themselves like this. They really are not happy. We had a dear older sister who lived in an Long Term Care who A/ pioneer one April. She died of Neumonia the next month. Some praised her for her faith, and dedication. But, some said we killed her. She always looked sad.

  • flipper

    BAND ON THE RUN- Very well put by you ! Your statement, " A Nazi like imperative to just do busy work . The organization is all important. The quality of individual Christian lives........ do not bother. " I'm so sorry your grandmother suffered so much. The WT society is definitely criminal and should be indicted on abusive hate crimes towards the sick and elderly among them.

    WHITE DOVE- Exactly. What is a woman with a brain tumor doing going door to door anyway ? Good point about the germs being picked up ! My 84 year old JW mom beats herself up also like your grandmother for " not doing enough ". It infuriates me towards the WT society. Hasn't this organization beaten up and guilted it's members enough ??

    PALADIN- Good for you ! Don't let the elders or the wT organization push you around anymore ! Especially if you have serious health problems. Even if you DON'T have health problems- don't let them push you around. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    That's a fairly tasteless article. If that wasn't a "let them eat cake" moment, please correct me.

  • flipper

    QUARTERBACK- Wow. Your examples prove the point I'm trying to make by posting this thread on this article. Essentially the WT society IS KILLING people. By guilting them so terribly that the chronically sick Witnesses don't feel they can even miss one meeting or they'll be disapproved by God, er the WT society someway. That is so terribly sad that the older JW woman you mentioned died from pneumonia after pushing herself too hard. In many JW's they lose any sense of a spirit of a sound mind and insanely push heir physical bodies beyond what is normal for human beings. It's sad and disgusting to me.

    WHA HAPPENED- You are correct - a very sad and tasteless article indeed. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Joliette

    I swear the watchtowers keep get worse and worse with every issue they print.

  • blondie

    I can remember a sister, a truly kind one, that developed kidney disease and was on regular dialysis, required a wheelchair. She was always used as an example that the "healthy" could DO MORE. They never did it when she was around. One day it got back to her that certain elders were browbeating others with her example. She said they had no right to use her as a weapon to make people feel guilty. She mentioned that these elders weren't regular pioneering and she whipped out experiences in the publications about elders who regular pioneered and that these or any elders had no excuse. Wow.

  • Mary

    Ah yes.....don't let little things like depression or life-threatening illnesses prevent you from banging on peoples doors Saturday mornings. Remember the sister with the iron lung who somehow 'preached' for years before she died? It's nothing but another scare & guilt tactic to try and get those numbers up.

    The only positive thing about field serve-us, is that it got people out of the house and got them a bit of exercise. In the nicer weather, I can understand how Service could help some, simply because it's a proven fact that both the sun and physical exercise can help eleviate depression. However, I find it disturbing that they are hinting that even if you have cancer, that's no excuse to stop Serve-Us. The fact that the patient is probably having chemo or radiation and should NOT be around alot of people since their immune system would be very low during this time, is totally ignored. Not to mention that the person would have no energy to be going out knocking on doors. Do these idiots have any functioning braincells at all?

  • designs

    Children in certain 3rd world countries are intentionally maimed and put out of the streets a beggars. My uncle was used in a JW film because he used crutches to walk.

    Using Illness to Manipulate is one of the signs you are in a Cult.

  • OnTheWayOut

    To be fair, if WTS encouraged the depressed not to preach but to take care of themselves first, that would be the majority of JW's not preaching. Let's face it- their preaching work is the depressing part.

    But yeah, if anyone ever did any telemarketing, they know that is no activity to cheer up the depressed.

  • 00DAD

    We had a brother in our hall that had broken both of this feet and ankles by falling off of the roof of a kingdom hall during a remodel. For the rest of his life he could never stand or walk for very long. Because of that he could not go Door-to-door for more than about 1/2 hour at a time.

    In spite of his other amazing QUALITIES as a loving, caring human being and kind, gentle, considerate person, our elder body--in it's wisdom (and yes, I was one of the idiots that went along with this stupid, unfeeling decision)--would never appoint him as an elder because his field service hours were always low. It's depressing in retrospect to think about how unloving the overall "theocratic arrangement" is. And I have to say, from what I've read here, it appears that I was in one of the BETTER congregations than the rest of y'all!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    In the end, the article has nothing to do with preaching despite brain tumors, arthritis, whatever. For all we know, that stuff is just made up.

    What this article is designed to do is infect the reader with inappropriate guilt about not spending enough time in the ministry.

    The society are the ones guilty of using 19th century technology to give people busy work rather than fully exploiting modern media to get the word out.

    But well know why they don't use the Internet as much as they should...

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    00DAD your post breaks my heart. How unloving can they be?

    Well flipper I was wondering how they can post such uncarring grabage after they had the question box in the Novermeber KM telling us not to send in the coupons or internet requests because they are just getting complaints by people thinking that the JW's have them on a some soft of mailing list and (gasp) some who have called on these people have been put in the awkward position when individual expressed irritation.

    How do those at the branch think I feel when I have went door to door with the Schizophrenic's those who are so mentally ill that they are hearing voices while we are going door to door and they insist that they take their share of the doors. The householder are looking at us like what the heck are you doing here. OMG I have been with so many JW's that are truly crazy and the ooze their craziness, they are unclean they will not SHOWER (like water might kill them), they reek with body odor, etc and these ones are not Schizophrenic just crazy JW's. I do not know why I have been so lucky but evey hall I have been in we have had so many mentally ill in the hall. Every householder looks at us with pity or they are just plain mad that we are bugging them.

    These articles do nothing to help the rank and file it only pushes the mentally ill to do more and like OTWO said that then prevents them from getting the true help they really need.

    But we all need to keep in mind not to send in any those pesky requests slips because God forbid we inconvenience the GB and those at Bethel, as their time is to important to handle those who are irritated by our door to door work.


  • WTWizard

    Hey, they want to snake on doing the hassle work by honoring those coupons. Why shouldn't the regular preachers also snake-preach? Those at the top should be setting the example--snake at the top, it should be acceptable for those at the bottom to snake as well.

    I bet most of these experiences in the rags are embellished or totally fake. I do not advocate wearing oneself out doing crap that one doesn't enjoy--especially when one is sick. If you are going to wear yourself out when terminally ill, it should be doing something you truly enjoy doing. That way, at least you will die enjoying what you are doing. Field circus is hardly my idea of what is enjoyable. And, healthy people should not be wasting their healthy time doing field circus, since it accomplishes precisely nothing.

    As bad as depriving terminally ill people the right to do what they enjoy during their last years, it is worse when you deprive healthy people. In that case, the person might be able to do much more. Putting up Christmas decorations, taking a holiday to the other side of the world, doing genuine volunteer work, and other enjoyable work is much better. And, if one is healthy enough to pious-sneer, they are healthy enough to start their own business and earn some money that will come in handy later. The worst part is that they are deprived, not just for a few weeks or months, but often 30 to 50 years or more of prime enjoying time by wasting it in field circus.


    Good Morning Flipper..

    Actually the WBT$ has fixed it so JW`s can count time in a Coma..

    If some one is in the hospital..Uconcious..

    A card with WBT$ information can be placed on the Hospital bed table beside them..

    Theres no excuse for JW`s not Preach the WBT$ message..

    Even in a Coma..

    What else would you expect from a cult that uses JW Funerals as a WBT$ Infomercial..

    The WBT$ doesn`t stop using JW`s until they`re actually Buried..


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I remember once, when an elderly brother had passed away. He had been severely ill toward the end of his life, to the point where he couldn't leave the house. And when they announced his death at the service meeting, the brother made a point of stating that he had still managed to put in about 5 hours of field service from his death bed.

  • Cadellin

    Her id card was revoked b/c she could not go door to door.

    Band on the Run, I'm curious--what "id card" do you mean? Witnesses don't issue id cards. Was your grandmother a pioneer? Was it her pioneer card?

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