Do you feel moved or obligated to check in on JW family?

by mamalove 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • AvocadoJake

    After reading Blondies post, a simple thought almost escaped my head!

    The most hate filled relationships are, with family members who are bubbling forth, with righteous indignation! There are those who decide to 'mark' you, because you don't live up to their high moral (Double, Pharsiee, Hypocrital.) standards. Do you miss the association and fun times you had with your siblings, extended family or were they few if any? Human beings with kind hearts will be quick to forget, time spent with their family, was not good for their health (Instant onset high blood pressure, ulcers, panick attacks, depression). If we examine our lives now, we might be overlooking the wealth we have in our own circle of friends and replacement family. It's not hard to walk away from poison like a sister who is a hag, a jerk of a brother, who bashes you at every oppertunity? A nagging Mother who played each sibling against each other, like some wicked Dungeon and Dragon game. Just a few thoughts, you might have had the loving "Brady Bunch Family" and miss Jan or Marsha? Cheers!

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