Question for atheists and nonbelievers

by pressman 56 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • _Morpheus
    Sorry dude, im not kissing hanks ass with you today if he wants to give the million dollars he knows my bank account #
  • azor
    I just finished viewing a tremendous breakdown of a former believers journey. I couldn't stop listening. It took all day and well worth it. It has been the most comprehensive and sensitive address I have considered so far. If any are interested I highly recommend going to his YouTube channel. The name of the channel is Evid3nc3. Go to his playlist and consider his articulate breakdown with many references for yourself.
  • Village Idiot
  • GrreatTeacher

    Pressman "I just want you to believe and find the lord."

    I just want you to investigate rationally and then decide what to believe.

  • steve2

    I see posters have been sucked into the gooey honey trap. Nice one!

  • Crazyguy
    The word Faith should be replaced with the correct word Delusion. Jehovah hasn't done a damn thing for mankind and neither has this guy named Jesus. Science has done a lot for mankind but no god, so take your delusion and go elsewhere with it I had that affliction for 40 years but now I have left the cave.
  • cofty
    I profess to ... get you to all to think and believe. - Pressman

    You have to decide. Do you want us to think or do you want us to believe?

  • Louise

    pressman: you said: Do you all realize that every time you are victorious and receive something of value through your hard work and sweat, it was our holy God who blessed you.

    I totally disagree with that. It is YOU that has blessed yourself and it is because of YOU and YOUR hard work that you get whatever you set out to get. It amazes me that people will hand that over to some 'god' that they haven't met / seen / heard from.

    There is no god. There is no father being that looks down on his creation and is filled with love. There is no going anywhere when you die.

    The quicker people accept and realise that they are responsible for their actions and are accountable for their actions and accept that there are consequences, the better.

  • Bonsai
    Pressman, where was god when the great tsunami of 04' struck and killed a quarter million people. Where was he during the great China earthquake a few years back that flattened elementary schools and squished innocent children like bugs. Where was your Great God during the Touhoku earthquake that sent a tsunami to wipe out coastal towns as if they had never existedz? JWs died. Babies and children died horrifically. Where was your God Pressman? Your God, the only one in this universe WHO KNEW what was going to happen... Where was he you arrogant, condescending know-it-all? Where was the divine warning? I'm waiting for the answer and will no doubt be kept waiting to my grave when I die an old old man.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    what was the question ?

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