When Did You Stop Saying Amen

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  • cult classic
    cult classic

    About 8 years before I left. Just didn't feel right. But I didn't think I was gonna leave the org at the time.

  • oppostate

    I stopped saying Amen to prayers at the KH when just about every brother who came back from the Patterson's Schools, or sat through the latest CO talks seemed to always remember to mention the Governing Body in the prayers. It's almost spooky how mentally washed some expressions sound after waking up and seeing the WTS for what it really is, a high control religious group that doesn't much care about the individuals it draws it's own livelihood from.

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    I am surprised we don't pray in the gb name. Yikes! after all they are our mediator. hehe

  • MrMonroe

    In the last few months, I guess. Weird thing was that sometimes at work if there was a small staff meeting I'd be half-expecting someone to say at the outset, "Well, first we'll just ask Jehovah's blessing ..."

    What's that mean? It's a habit and nothing more. I doubt that anyone much listens to the prayers said from the platform. It's just a chance for the brother to give an example of how righteous he is, which is kind of what Jesus taught his followers NOT to do. Those droning prayers to close the DC were a prime example.

    Prayers before meals were equally a sham. My kids ribbed me a year or so back about how all my pre-dinner prayers were always the same. But I just couldn't think of any way to vary them. Years ago I was at someone's place for dinner and we'd all had many beers before we ate. The guy whose place we were at picked me to "ask Jehovah's blessing" on the meal and I thought, "Hell, I'm half-pissed." The prayer was very incoherent, but I didn't want to make it too short. Since it was a pretty big gathering you have to turn it on a bit. They all said "Amen" to it, but I reckon most of them would have been wondering what the hell I was going on about and why I kept going round in circles. I felt pretty embarrassed.

  • sizemik
    Those droning prayers to close the DC were a prime example.

    God they were awful weren't they! It was usually one of the Brothers that had dominated the stage anyway . . . and they just wouldn't end. All you want to do is duck any duties and get the hell out of there. I was often halfway home in my mind before the droning finally stopped.

    Looking back I often felt really depressed on the last day of a convention . . . that drive home felt like an escape from alcatraz. Nobody in the car would even mention what took place. It was mostly meeting friends . . . the rest was on autopilot.

    I can't remember when I stopped saying the amen . . . but I switched off completely during prayer for several years . . . and absolutely hated taking them but never admitted it to myself, let alone anyone else. I recall vividly the scales finally falling away . . . sitting where I am now . . . the relief in that moment was an absolute rush.

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    I make it a point to always listen closely to the prayers. If it's about good things such as love, thanking god for life and for his forgiveness I always say "Amen" but if there is praise given to the GB in any way I make it a point NOT so say "Amen". It's that simple.


  • undercover

    Never really did it... I may have mumbled it, but I never gave a rousing shout to the heavens. I figured if God could read hearts, I didn't need to make a big show of agreeing with the prayer. Sometimes I didn't agree. But most times, I didn't pay attention. I zoned out somewhere after, "Our Father in heaven..."

  • EXMS

    I never said Amen unless I was giving the prayer on stage, at bookstudy, or service meeting.

  • scooterspank

    Yesterday at my sister-in-law's memorial service (or whatever the hell they call it). It was my first time in a Kingdom Hall in at least 16-18 years. The man who gave the closing prayer actually began by pointing out how people were putting grave stones and skulls in their yards and celebrating death today but today we were celebrating life (it was halloween). Yeah right. While you speak of this wicked system of things and armageddon and how, while not spoken but you know what they are thinking, you unbelievers in the audience will soon die and we will be cleaning up your remains after the glorious fury of god kills you all. Really, the closing prayer starts with a jab at people celebrating haloween? It wasn't a celebration of life. It was a disgusting 2 min. honoring my 38 year old sister in law and 30 min. of doctrinal bullshit. I think witnesses celebrate the anticipated death of people with a sick sort of blood lust. But halloween is sooooo evil. Anyway there was no Amen and I bolted out of that Kingdom Hall and will never set foot in one again.

  • artemis.design

    I was never "in", but I played along even as a young teen, going so far as to answer up at meetings and even going door to door. I knew I would never truly in, and of all the playing along, I found saying Amen the end of the prayer the hardest. Arte :)

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