Seeking Reinstatement

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  • DesirousOfChange

    He also said that because I have been out for this length of time I have had ample opportunity to be involved in bad things.

    Unless that can easily be confirmed, I think I would deny it. Why would he assume this. You easily could have gotten married, started a family, gotten divorced (that happens) or widowed and married a second time, and life goes on. He's an asshole by assuming that every "worldly" person is out the whoring around in the back room of bars and opium dens.

    Of course, if you were doing those things and it's public knowledge, don't worsen things by blatantly lying. I think the best road to quicker reinstatement would be if you had "life-changing" event that helped you see the need to return to Jehovah's Loving Congregation. Death. Birth. Illness. Etc. The reality is that most of it depends on the attitude of the 3 Elders who will handle your case (in the original Cong where you DAd), as that is who has the authority to reinstate. Your new Cong elders will simply make a recommendation to the old Cong. If you DAd without meeting with the elders or "making a scene" then I would expect you having to attend for a year, but less than two years.

    Good luck.


  • JWdaughter

    Disassociated lady,

    Welcome. Sounds like the Christian custom of welcoming the prodigal is not part of the org. It also seems the elder wants to get dirt, details of your dissolute life as an apostate. Even if you were just a soccer mom. They need to believe/teach we are all degenerates to sucker doubters to stay in.

    Do you think it is truth now or do you want your folks back? Why are you seeking reinstatement?

  • Disassociated Lady
    Disassociated Lady
    Ok thank you I will do that :-) x

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