I've Run Out of Stuff

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  • Farkel

    Can you believe this? I have no more steam, and no more passion.

    I've run out of stuff to write about. What is left to write about a religion that is so fucked up that everyting is already written about how fucked up they are?

    I don't think anyone can trump my article about Berta and Bonnie. That was pretty explosive and had about a jillion page views. It must make the WT pukes in Brooklyn nervious that their slaves may read that one. hahahahaha!

    That one had more views that the population of many Capitol cities in our States, not to mention the very important non-USA views.

    Sorry. That was a shamefully puffery about a piece I did a while ago.

    I won't even provide a link. You must do a little work to find it!

    Farkel, Puffery CLASS

  • talesin

    I want to offer you a challenge.

    No, I don't.

    Maybe not difficult, but you know what? You could help a lot with the human rights issue,,, if I'm going to the gov't with this, I would feel much more secure with you at my back.


  • talesin

    holy jeebus! my screen just went all fucky-wacky and I had to shut down... ahahaha,,,

    have a good one...:)

  • talesin

    umm, sorry, hard to let this go ... philosophical thought never gets old ...

    NO ... you haven't run out of stuff.

    ciao, time to say "good nite gracie"

  • wobble

    Farkel, I believe you have run out of stuff as much as I believe Mrs Wobble when she says "I'm not saying a word"...............wait for it, yes ! half a nano-second later her mouth moves and more than "a" word pops out !

    I do empathise with how you are feeling, it is for us as it was for the great John Cleese, when asked why he no longer bothered to satirise the U.K Government he said, "You cannot satirise this lot, they have gone beyond that, they are beyond silly "

    I like using that phrase about the WT/JDubs, they are "Beyond Silly"

  • ReallyTrulyAthena

    Farkel - I lurrrrrrrked for a very long time and just signed on this board (all 'ficial-like n' stuff) last year. I've read posts of yours over the years and by gawd, you are scary smart and witty. Yes! - Berta & Bonnie was especially well-written. And, er....eye-opening. I think I popped a bowl of popcorn to accompany my reading of that particular post! Dang, but The Judge was somethin' else!

    Well, maybe no-one will trump that article - except you. I hope that someone of your writing caliber will keep on a-scribblin'.............pretty please with a cherry on top?

    But instead of posting the link to B&B, I'm going to be a slightly contrary ex-JW and post another piece you penned that I also loved - and LAUGHED....



    ~ RTA (of the (a) I Couldn't Wait for Thursday Night's TMS to End So I Could Go Afterwards to Perkin's Restaurant Class, and (b) The Admiring of Farkel's Style Class)

    PS - OK, I'm slightly in fear of you. Here's the link to the Bertha and Bonnie post: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/scandals/77915/1/Rutherford-Exposed-The-Story-of-Berta-and-Bonnie To those of y'all who haven't read this...please do!

  • Heaven

    Wait! What? Does this mean "Genital Times" is not coming after all? Farkel.... dang! I was so looking forward to that.

  • kurtbethel

    Errr....Farkel, you just need to take a short break and get some lead reloaded into your pencil, then start writing again.

    Farkel needs lead in his pencil

  • nateb

    Sounds like you need to look at some testoterone treatments.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Try revising some of your early works and posting it again for the benefit of newbies! Do a George Lucas "Starwars"....add an extra 4 minutes and re-sell it!

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