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  • zengalileo

    AJWRB is back with a new attitude and focus. Please come visit site and join the forum. I have zero legitimate forum members at this time, so come and be the first. My name is Zen Shawn Dean. I am the current director of AJWRB. Most people knew me as Shawn Dean back at the Compound.

    My goal is to create an activist organization. I am looking for not just volunteers, but soldiers to join in positive actions to help save the lives of our families and friends still in the cult.

    We will be planning blood drives where blood will be earmarked for use by JWs and JW accepted products like hemoglobion and cryo-poor plasma.. We are looking for donors of time money and energy. I want this project to be positive. It is the best thing I've ever done and I'm very proud of what we are doing. Now I need a team, an army who is willing to devote much time energy, money and resources.

    We are not looking to convert any JWs 9although I can't say I don't hope in my heart.) I just want to stop the madness of dying over this blood thing.

    young people with fresh ideas is who I want to work with, but old people with young ideas is good too. People who believe in what I am doing is a must. It's something that has never been tried before in the Freed Jehovah's Witnwess community. I want to build my own Hospital Liaison Committee to be hospital greeters of the Watchtower Liaison committee. My team will serve hospitals to keep HLC members from having access to the patient until the patient is stablized. I want to start with one hospital exactly like JWs did and build from there.

    My life is 100% dedicated toi this work right now, thanks to support from Randy Watters. So if you've ever wnated to give back to people who helped you leave, or make a loving gesture towards the friends and family still in, this would be the thing to do. nobody can poo-poo an effort to save lives.

    Come join the forum and start talking about this. that will be a start.


  • Dogpatch

    Thanks Zen. We have most of the old links working already so they will remain, but if you have linked to a specific article on www.ajwrb.org in the past, the URL will have changed. Things had to be cleaned up a bit.

    In the days ahead we will be doing things quite differently there. It will be more "Witness friendly" and come join one of our four forums already set up. One is for Doctors Only, one for JWs only, and a public and a Bible forum.

    Lots more public and professional connections to come on the site!

    Since AJWRB.org was never a non-profit organization, but Free Minds, Inc. is, all donations are now tax deductible, so we are also seeking grants from foundations or sponsors. Help spread the word!

    Randy Watters

  • sweet pea

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