Why have there been changes over the years in the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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  • ScenicViewer

    The way the 'light' of new understanding works today among JWs makes little sense, and has really become a loaded expression. The explanation of 'new light' from decades ago was more logical.

    The Watchtower once explained by an illustration that it was like lighting up a building, that if there were 7 lights that it took to light a building, when the first light came on you could see so much of the bldg. When the second light came on, you could see more, and so on until all 7 lights lit the entire bldg.

    The point was that 'new light' should always add to the light you had before, not abolish it. If you turned on a new light, but turned off a previous light at the same time, what have you gained? You still have the same amount of light as before, and have simply changed your beliefs.

    Today we can see many beliefs that have been abandoned by the Watchtower in the name of gaining 'new light'. A good example is the ever-changing explanation of the 'generation that will not pass away.' Each new explanation effectively abolishes the previous one, rather than adding to it.

    (Interesting, even the explanation of how 'new light' works has been changed. In todays Watchtower, claiming 'new light' is simply a way to avoid saying, 'We were wrong before.' It's loaded, loaded, loaded.)

  • nateb

    If there's one thing a student of the history of Jehovah's Witnesses can be sure of it's that they will not believe the same twenty years on from any given moment in time. Will some of these doctrinal changes be related to matters of life and death like the blood issue or questions about selective service, etc? Those that make up and change the rules at their whim are playing with the lives of a captive audience- people that have been conditioned to view them as a divine representative. The most insulting part of all of this is that when obedient followers wlater lament what could have been their leaders spit on them by telling them that they had some choice in the matter.

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