The "Fundies" aren't making many friends . . .

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  • sizemik

    28th passed with no earthquake or tsunami for Chch

    A woman from a fundamentalist religious group, who weren't named in the report, distributed pamphlets to households in Eastern Christchurch which created fright and panic when picked up and read by young children.

    Many children were so upset by the pamphlets that families left town for the day, or allowed their children to remain at home.

    The Eastern suburbs near the coast, have suffered the most damage in the recent earthquakes, with many homes being demolished and entire neighbourhoods being abandoned.

    According to a pamphlet drop and predictions on Christian websites, Christchurch was supposed to have suffered another devastating quake yesterday - and a giant tsunami.

    They were very specific about the date from their Bible based prediction - the 28th Sept.

    You probably don't need us to tell you the 28th has come and gone and it didn't happen, but the scaremongering had an impact.

    There are people who took the day off work, who took their children out of school, who didn't sleep easy last night.

    A TV3 news crew managed to track down the source of the pamphlets, and accompanied a woman and her son who had been frightened by the contents of the pamphlet, to her address. The woman was seeking an apology for her son for the unneccesary upset it caused.

    They were denied access to the property and and so made a cellphone call from the gate. The woman identified herself but when invited to apologise, simply hung up.

    Many residents are equally upset by the pamphlet, but the Police determined that while disturbing, no crime had been committed.


    It doesn't do much for the tolerance levels of those who might be "tarred with the same brush"

  • designs

    You wonder if Dooms-day groups like Fundies and Witnesses should be issued Restraining Orders by the Courts to keep them away from children.

  • cantleave

    Well! Well! Another prediction fails!

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