Is the WT a "spiritual paradise"?

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  • Fernando

    Why is it near impossible to find a person in this "spiritual paradise" that has the "good news according to Paul" in their hearts and on their lips?

    Not a big deal?

    To Paul it was!

    More than half the Bible's 152-odd references to the "good news" are by Paul!

  • Dr. J
    Dr. J

    There are people that don't know it was that much , but the word good news was mentioned more than twice.

  • fokyc
  • wobble

    Thanks for that link ,fokyc, Ozziepost was a perceptive poster.

    It is quite a laugh really, my Dubbie family go on about the importance of the preaching work, but how can it be important when it does not contain the Good News as found in scripture ? Working to promote an American publishing company is not important work.

    As for the whole religion, it is a totally dry desert spiritually, as arid as can be, I felt this more and more as I gradually became convinced that I had to leave, every meeting I attended I tried to inject a bit of spirituality in to, if I commented, but without that it was bereft of anything that you could call spiritual.

    Watchtower World, a land for the totally deluded spiritually dead.

  • cantleave

    Thanks for posting the link Fokyc.

  • Cagefighter

    Lack of critical thinking skills. You tell some people they are eating steak when feeding them sh*t and they ask for seconds.

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