Can we make a list? What does the WT really teach me about Jesus?

by Fernando 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • TimothyT

    The WT also teach that your life should still be filled with rules, regulations and principles which arnt found in the bible. Jesus asks his followers to follow only 2 laws.

  • WontLeave

    Jesus has been fired by the WBTS for failing to follow orders from the Watchtower for the last 100 years. 7 old men now hold his job.

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    They teach incorrectly that the preincarnate Word was created, not eternal, not God the Son, but a created angel. That Jesus on earth was just a man, nothing more. That he is mediator of the New Covenant which is temporary, not eternal, and is soon to expire, and applies only to the so-called 144,000 anointed JWs. They claim the Second of Coming of Christ occurred invisibly in 1914. They teach that Jesus is, and was, not God, the God-man which is the hypostatic union.

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