No real religion! We just need to be different than any and everyone else!

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  • Silent_Scream

    This must be a memo from a GB meeting:

    They say: Jesus died on a cross We say: He died on a stake

    They show: Jesus having long hair We show: Him with short curly hair

    They say: December 25th We say: August something

    They say: Priests, deacons, pastors We say: Elders and ministerial servants

    They say: Beards are losing negative stigma We say: (Nothing, but its wrong anyway!)

    They have: Big fancy buildings We say: Small humble buildings

    They say: Church We say: Kingdom Halls

    They say: Women can teach We say: Nah

    They say: Party We say: Christian gathering, and music has to be to a whisper and everyone home by 9.

    They say: Music and dancing at weddings is fun We say: Just eat and play Kingdom Melodies

    They say: Recreation should be fun We say: Recreation should only allow you to be ready for meetings and service again

    They say: Vacation is a break to relax and unwind We say: God-approved vacations are seldom worked territory and conventions

    The list never ends! Feel free to add more!

    Is it me, or does it seems like instead of following Bible, GB goal is just to make members opposite everyone else?

  • Silent_Scream

    Please excuse format, Im still getting adjusted.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I agree. One of the things that actually attracted me to JWs was the idea (at least in my mind) that this was the 'anti-religion religion.' They pulled apart all other religion's weird beliefs and contradictions, and exposed their hypocrisy.

    Unfortunately (for them), I pulled apart all of THEIR weird beliefs and contradictions, and exposed THEIR hypocrisy!

  • Fernando

    They say: clergy vs laity

    We say: "GB/FDS/The Anointed/Elders" vs "Other Sheep/Great Crowd"

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