So i was talking to my Jdub coworker today...

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  • shakyground

    He asked me about the place i moved to last year. I told him it was ok, maintenence are a little slow fixing problems, and there has been crime lately. I said most of the developments around here are nice and peaceful except one up the road which is considered the hood lol. Pizza guys don't even deliver there. I told him how there have been a few robberies lately and one where the guy was beat with a pipe really bad. he goes man that's crazy are you worried? I say not now cuz I went out and bought a 9mm pistol for home protection. When I said that he looked at me like I was the D.C sniper or something lol. he goes man i don't think that's a good idea.... I said why not? i'm not taking it out the house and I don't ever want to have to use it. He said jah hates a lover of violence and I should trust in him for protection. I get agitated at this point and say to him, how am I a lover of violence just because I bought a weapon to for home protection? I hate violence and hope I don't ever have to even take it out the nightstand. I then go on to say ok, god allows bad things to happen even to good people and even to his servants because of the soverignty issue and Satans challange, ok so if I take the initiative to stop a bad thing from happening and and protect myself from a bad person I'm wrong? It's like your damned if you do and damned if you don't. i don't think god is like ok because of satans challenge i'm not going to intervene and stop this horrible thing from happening to this good man, but I'm not going to allow this good man from being proactive and wanting to help and protect himself from this bad guy either.... does that make sense guys? On the one hand your supposed to trust that you will be protected, but on the other hand your told that he does not always intevene and allows bad things to happen even to good people and his servants because of the soverignty issue and Satans challenge...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Letting yourself die in a home invasion is not Watchtower policy. Like most JWs, your friend has the facts about his own organization wrong.

    If you're persecuted for being a JW then you're supposed to grin and bear it. If your family is in danger then you are supposed to protect them.

    JWs are nuts. If you had purchased a rifle or shotgun you'd have been ok. Because it is a handgun you're looked at as a sinner. They're nuts but it isn't their fault. They're mental captives.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    MS: "If you had purchased a rifle or shotgun you'd have been ok. Because it is a handgun you're looked at as a sinner. "

    Mad, is this your opinion, or did the WT actually say something to the effect?

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One "The situation may be such that the only thing a person can do is to use whatever is at hand to protect himself or others. As a result, the attacker may receive afatal blow. From the Scriptural standpoint, the one acting in self-defense would not thereby incur bloodguilt." Awake 1975 Sep. 8 p.28 Should You Defend Yourself?

  • LostGeneration

    Ask him to read Numbers chapter 31 tonight and explain to you tomorrow how in the world "Jehovah hates violence"

  • Scully

    I wonder what he thinks of his fellow JWs who own rifles and shotguns for hunting, and how he justifies that kind of violence against other species that Jehovah Created™.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I'm no gun fanatic, but NEVER rely on Jehovah for protection! You'll end up dead on your kitchen floor.

  • ssn587

    Another instance of one not thinking for themselves, and opening themselves up for being a target a defenseless one at that. I have 5 handguns and am buying 2 more this weekend. You cant have enough in my opinion. I have a 22, 22mag, 2 9mm, and 1 40cal. and i love to go shooting at the range. If one comes into my house they will be in for a hell of surprise, I sleep with the 40 cal. Have the others spaced out in the house, so not far from a weapon an any time while at home. Also have 4 rifles, .17, 22, 22mag, 3030.

  • Paralipomenon

    Last time I relied on Jah for protection he sent 2 she-bears that ended up killing all the kids in the neighbourhood.

    ... I still got mugged.

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