GOD: An Imaginary friend?

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  • Qcmbr

    Yes I agree with the OP. When I was 5ish I still believed in Santa and he was pretty synonymous with God, he did the same sorts of things to my childish mind, wanted me to be good, punished me if I was bad, could do magic stuff like squeeze down chimneys (that well known trick of God's!) and had a way of watching whether I was good or bad, he even had his non-human angel style helpers called Elves, heck they even both have big White beards ( though God clearly works out while Santa eats mince pies and is drink driving over Christmas ). I even remember puzzling over starving African kids and wondering why Santa treated them differently.

    God(s) / magic beings / magic forces seem all to emanate from a core desire to be grandly rewarded for relatively small efforts (pot of gold for finding a rainbows end - eternal life for finding Jesus) , to inflict justice on a largely unjust world and to have an all powerful, never leaving best bud / father / mother / brother.

    It's odd that we quickly let go of Santas but we continue to tie ourselves even closer to the equally plausible fish and loaf multiplier.

  • finallysomepride

    My Imaginary friend is on this site somewhere, won't show himself tho

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    neverhadanypride....this is your imaginary friend speaking...*typing*....I finally found you LOL

  • punkofnice

    I have many thoughts on this. Since leaving the JW's after a life 'in' I couldn't suddenly jump from Jar Hoover exists to *poooof!* nothing.

    My thoughts.

    God is real as per mainstream Christianity.

    God is imaginary and we evolved.

    We are about to be invaded by aliens or already have been and we are their cross bred children.

    God is imaginary as we are all ther esult of genetic engineering. So did the genetic engineers evolve or were they created or are THEY imaginary.

    God died or left us to fend for ourselves.

    I think too much and would be better spending cash in a brothel.

    What IS clear is the Jehovah's Witness corporation IS NOT the true faith.

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