Could the JW's survive another 1975?

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  • i_drank_the_wine

    The only years that I'm aware of in recent history that the JW's lost numbers was after the 1975 debacle. Someone posted on another thread about the damage control they're doing with the new "generation" nonsense with an assembly part where one person explains the "new light" to another that isn't too sure of it.

    If they're having to do damage control like this over something relatively minor in comparison to 1975 (just some more "new light" as always), how do you think they would hold up under another 1975-level "oopsy"? People seem to get less and less willing to be locked into religious systems that just don't conform with the modern world as it is.

    If the internet was around, how many more people do you think would have google'd "jehovahs witnesses" at some point in 1976, perhaps while alone on the computer after the world didn't end? News and information wasn't as widespread back then either. Look at all the eyeballs that recent loon got when he was predicting the end of the world based on the bible. He was all over the news.

    Granted, the Washtowel Wizards won't make that mistake again, but they are faltering already on a smaller scale. Who's not to say that they'll actually be nothing more than a footnote in history if the already slowing growth doesn't improve and the mid 2000's roll around with the second of the overlapping generations starting to die off en masse? I don't think that they could survive another hit like that in the Internet age.

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    I sometimes think the WT thinks there are too many "social JWs" - those who just go through the motions for scial or family reasons. They don't contribute much in the way of time or money to the cause.

    I think they'd rather have 3 or 4 million uber-loyal followers than 7 million, among whom the "hangers on" might be dragging the "loyal" ones down.

    If they do feel that way, one way to weed such ones out would be to push a particular date, or at least hint broadly at one. The inevitable disappointment would likely have an effect similar to what happened in 1976-78 when about 10% of the JW population left.

    But as far as "surviving" - yes absolutely. JWs fill a need. There is a big market out there for tyrannical, controlling, pseudo-religious organizations out there. There are 10's if not 100's of millions of people who don't want to think for themselves, or are too lazy to do so. JWs have a big share of that market, but by no means do they have the monopoly on it.

    If somehow the WTS up and completely disappeared tomorrow, 80% or more of the current JW population would join some other cult / high control group within a year: Mormons, Moonies, Scientologists, fundy-Christian, etc.

  • Ding

    If they do start hyping another day, I think we need to take a put-up-or-shut-up stance, asking JWs to tell us what exactly is going to happen and what excuses they are going to swallow this time when it doesn't.

    For example, we can say things like:

    -- "After 1975, the GB blamed rank and file JWs for running ahead of Jehovah. Are you going to accept the blame again when this date turns out to be nothing?"

    -- "After 1975, the WT said that the problem was the Adam-Eve creation gap. Can we eliminate that explanation at the outset, or are they going to trot that one out again?"

    -- "After 1975, JWs said, `My service to Jehovah isn't tied to a date.' If that's true, then why is the WT always trying to get us to accept another new date?"

    -- "When this new date comes and goes and nothing happens, will the WT be telling us it happened invisibly -- as they did with 1914?"

  • i_drank_the_wine

    You guys make good points.

    I just came accross this, which is another reason to believe they're not going anywhere:

    3/4 of the way down the page the WTBTS is mentioned... raking in a cool $951,000,000 a year. I'm sure they have their other corporations making money as well, nevermind all their property and holdings. Billionaires don't usually go bankrupt so easily :-(

    I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.

  • DesirousOfChange

    They are enduring another "1975" each and every year that passes.

    That's why there is the exodus now going on.

    2/3 of all born ins leave the religion and they don't even remember 1975.

    Look at the 40, 50, 60 year olds (and older) on here who have left (at least mentally).

    We are the ones who remember 1975.

    WT is too smart to publish another such definitive date.

    From now on it will always just be "tomorrow" (maybe); and imminent; and very, very soon.....etc


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    The decreases were small.

    1977= 1%


  • factfinder

    I began to study with the witnesses in the summer of 1976. I had never heard about the 1975 predictions. Even after I was told about it I became a witness anyway! the 1975 thing meant nothing to me, just like the 1925 date.

  • scotoma

    1914 is a bigger deal than all their predictions. 1914 is the keystone of their claim to being the "faithful slave" who were appointed after Christ's parousia. No 1914 - no faithful and discreet slave. No "special" governing class and there is no reason to read their garbage.

    They have no more dates. They are running on fumes.

    In 2015 the centenial of Christs' arrival will be history.

    Parking at the KH will not be a problem anymore.

  • mamalove

    As time goes on, the numbers will dwindle. I believe the information gathered points to the fact that more born ins leave than stay for the balance of their lives. My opinion is that the numbers will eventually get lower regardless of rogue teachings. Most are no in for the teachings. It is a way of life. Network of friends.

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