If you were the Creator what would you differently?

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  • jam

    I would appear to mankind periodical, maybe

    every 100yrs. What would this accomplish,

    there would be no doubt where we came from.

    No doubt there would be one Religion, no Satan

    influence. And no tobacco plant, what is that plant

    good for other then killing people.

  • jam

    Sorry, what would you do differently?

  • FollowedMyHeart


    I had the same thought. I would make it clear to the world that I existed. If I had any requirements of them, I would make them clear-cut, straightforward, and obvious that they came from me. If anything cropped up that caused my most intelligent creation to speculate about me, mislead them into believing untruths, cause confusion or harm, I would swiftly eradicate whatever it was.

    I would also create things with a variety of foundations. DNA is the building block for all life from plants to humans. I would use my infinite abilities to make things that are completely different from each other, but still work well together. Creativity!


  • jam

    FH; Yes, life would be A lot simpler for mankind.

  • jwfacts

    ditto jam.

    1. I wouldn't put the sewerage plant next to the amusement park.
    2. I would have limited free will to what is acceptable in the first place, rather than say humans have free will, let people sin and kill them - that is hardly free will.
    3. Made animals peaceful and not die.
  • tec

    If I were the creator, then I would know what the creator knows, and then I would do things the same way.

  • Greybeard

    I would make the world religion Atheism and then every few thousand years jump out and go BOOOOO! J/K

    There are men who actually do create little worlds all the time. They are called Video games. The ones that sell the best are the ones full of excitement and chance. They give the player many life's. Could this all be a huge video game that God has created? Speaking about animals, HOW do we know they have not lived before? It sure appears many have as they build homes and care for their young without any training at all. There are many animals that have unbelievable instincts. WHERE did they get it? Maybe this isn't their first life. Who knows, maybe we chose to come here ourselves to be born for the life lessons. I know this sounds crazy to many of you but didn't Christ say, "I have many things to tell you but you can not bear to hear them." What couldn't we not bear to hear? I believe the Bible teaches universal salvation. For a great read on this go here and download the pdf's or watch the videos: http://hopebeyondhell.net/

    I don't know if I believe this or not but these people really seam to be honest IMO. It sure sounds compelling... Whatever the case, something super natural is going on here IMO, I just don't know. What do you think?:





  • jam

    Greybeard; Yes, how do we know this is not the 3rd or

    4th time around for mankind. What you said doesn,t

    sound crazy, in fact it make more sense then Adam and Eve.

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