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  • agonus

    stuckinamovement... read the WT in question and you'll find your "real" answer ;-)

  • i_drank_the_wine

    The comments section there is a minefield lol. I love this one JW's argument against Atheism:

    " Why is there somthing and not nothing?" - he basically pimpsmacked science with that one lol

    Also digging the fact that this is the most popular article on this newspaper's website at the moment.

    Just thinking out loud: there's 7 million JW's now. I wonder how many exJW's there are now? and if/when that number will excede the JW's numbers? Could it have happened already?

  • stuckinamovement

    This is a really really big deal. Congrats to Angus and Cedars for publicizing this.


  • clarity



    I am OneGoddess over there."


    Seems to me you had some input into this idea didn't you? ... 'cause sometimes not having one of those penis thingys can get you completely overlooked!!

    Just saying


  • agent zero
    agent zero

    this is good stuff!!

  • i_drank_the_wine

    This from the comments section sums it up:

    "If a person changes their mind about Bible-based teachings they once held dear, we recognise their right to leave."

    That's kind of like throwing someone out of a window and saying, "we recognise their right to fall to the ground".

  • cofty

    I am OneGoddess over there.

    I'm Bill Blyth who commented on your post - HI

  • flipper

    The WT society spokesman Rick Fenton said, " we recognize their right to leave . " What a liar ! No they don't ! There IS NO acceptable way to exit Jehovah's Witnesses without being shunned by former JW family & friends. And that's true whether you are DFed, DAed, OR just become inactive and stop attending. Ridiculous

  • unshackled

    Great work Cedars, Angus and Amelia for getting this attention. YOu guys are awesome.

  • LV101

    hopefully someone will point out this Fenton is lying and they are pros at it. they're always lying using this same line that it's up to the individual witness. the individual witness has no rights and are afraid of being shunned/excluded/marked.

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